Stylish Backyard Decorating Tips

Tips for the styling yard

With summer just around the corner, we know you’re looking for handy, stylish garden decorating tips to get the most out of your outdoor spaces while reflecting any tough but successful interior design improvements you’ve already tackled. We have put together a quick guide to enhance your outdoor spaces and bring your personal style outside with ease.

Here are 10 stylish backyard decorating tips so you can create a getaway that reflects your personal and decorative style while also beautifying your outdoor spaces to help you become an exterior decorator.

Play but watch out for color

Color scheme for outdoor decoration

Choose colors, patterns and themes that refer to and complement the living spaces in the house. Define the whole story behind your home decor by implementing some key colors and choosing matching shades for your outdoor furniture, plants, and decorative extras. or lights.

While you shouldn’t mistake the eye for too much bold color, some luscious hues are sure to help you create eye-catching surprises in your garden. If you stick to the interior themes of your home and take a creative and unique approach to decorating your garden, you can maximize space with little effort.

Get creative with flooring

creative terrace floor

While the above inspiration features classic, if non-standard, contrasting geometry, note how the floor instantly elevates the patio with a sense of drama and elegance. Approach the foundation of your garden with a similar vibe by considering flooring alternatives outside of wood or stone.

Construct a mixture of elements

versatile backyard decor advice

When creating a cohesive outdoor space, use components that blend seamlessly with the outside world from the inside of your home. The joy of decorating your back yard or patio should be creating a diverse mix of furniture, eras and inventions, just like you would inside. While the above inspiration is a little too free spirited for our tastes, there is something to be said about how visually compatible all the different elements are together.

Everything doesn’t have to be restricted to inside / outside

Vases outdoors

Think outside the box and furnish your outdoor space with elements that are usually reserved for indoor use. Modern outdoor furniture can be a little too minimal and boring. We love the idea of ​​taking this wrought iron console table outdoors as it can withstand various elements and temperatures and is full of charm.

Include art

modern ideas for terrace art

Unexpectedly outdoors, framed works of art and prints frame interesting focal points, are easy to obtain and bring aspects of your personality to your garden.

Create table vignettes

Advice on decorating the backyard

As inside, create interesting table vignettes with decorative items like vases, unexpected figurines, and planters as this is an easy way to add charm and personality while being outdoors while reflecting your tastes.

Source Sculptural Elements

modern backyard sculptures

Highlight your garden or patio with large, state-of-the-art conversation starters that are minimal yet meaningful. Although the above inspiration shows a sculpture that is basically just a large stone, note how it elevates the outdoors so without taking over while adding a subtle drama.

Consider a fire pit

Backyard fire pit ideas

Since there’s nothing more fascinating than gathering a group of friends and loved ones around the classic campfire, we recommend sourcing a more contemporary version of fire pits as updated versions are easier to maintain and come at different prices on budget.

Create conversation areas

stylish backyard decorating tips

Since people often forget that their living spaces can be expanded outdoors, create an atmosphere in the backyard that serves a purpose and is also aesthetically pleasing. Cluster seats in groups in which the guests can comfortably and comfortably stand opposite each other.

For more stylish tips on how to decorate backyards, we recommend reading Décor Mag, as there are dozen of outdoor space planning guides out there that will tell you best practices straight from our interior designers.

Images via Pinterest