Tuesday , 12 September 2023

Steven Alan

Steve Alan's home shop

Steven Alan is one of our favorite stores to look for new, emerging designers. The boutique of the same name was opened in 1994 with a focus on versatile fashion. Then, just two years ago, Steven Alan opened Home in New York’s Tribeca, and it wasn’t until that summer that they packed up their stores and moved to the Boreum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. The lights in the Tribeca store were designed by the New York design studio Fort Standard. While some of these pieces made the journey across the East River, the new store is stocked with pieces made by a local carpenter for the Brooklyn location.

Whether in Manhattan or Brooklyn, the store is still one of our favorite places to buy everything from pillows to handcrafted ceramics. Inside, it’s not just about small decorative items. Steven Alan worked with designer Jason Pickens to create pieces of furniture such as made-to-order sofas and small tables. The shop is full of great finds! Below are the favorites from our designers by Steven Alan.

Minimal shelf styling

minimal wooden shelves retail store design

Image above via @StevenAlan

Granite bookends

Black granite bookends

We have already determined that we are going for triangles – both for creating triangular design patterns and for using triangles in the design. These sturdy granite bookends are machine-carved from a single piece of granite. They were designed by Field, an American brand that works with a network of designers to create Made in the USA objects.

Cross cover

Black and white cross cover

This large cross ceiling is the perfect way to add a little graphic touch to a room, and it’s a stylists favorite. This organic cotton blanket designed by Pia Wallén is featured in magazines and design blogs. We love it too! In the Swedish folk art tradition, the cross has become a powerful symbol of hope and a characteristic motif for Pia Wallén.

Cutting board

minimalistic wooden cutting board

This Rowan Wood cutting board was designed by Samuji, a creative studio and design house in Helsinki, Finland that focuses on creating functional, yet timeless and sustainable design.

Glass watering bulb

Glass watering bulb

Also made by the Finnish design company Samuji, this is a creative object that we keep discovering at Steven Alan. This is a glass watering bulb – fill it up and it will water your houseplants slowly and elegantly!

Ceramic bowl

Ceramic bowl

Our designers love the structural quality of these naturally glazed stacking bowls. Each bowl, handcrafted by Eric Bonnin Ceramics in New York City, is hand-thrown and then shaped into an oval shape. Each piece is unique.

Candle holder

Copper candle holder

This simple, modern wire candle holder was designed by Shane Schneck, an American-born, Stockholm-based designer whose architectural background is evident in the form-based pieces he designed.

Copper kettle

Copper tea kettle

This copper kettle designed by Sohdo in Japan makes you want to have a tea drinking ritual. It has a wax finish and develops a beautiful amber patina with age.