Staircase Ideas

Staircase Ideas

best stair ideas 2019

When it comes to well-judged staircase ideas, our interior designers often find that they have been completely overlooked in many of our clients’ homes. This is a shame as stairs can be used to add a sense of classy, ​​everyday glamor to any home or workplace. Think about it so; In dozens of classic films, someone is always dramatically sweeping down a grand staircase. So why not create your own stunning staircase to make the most of this busy area?

Whether you have a large staircase to work with or something smaller and more traditional, there are plenty of clever decorating ideas for stairs and hallways that are anything but boring. To inspire you, we interviewed Décor Aid interior designers to find out which stairwell ideas and updates would work best for each room.

A wine cellar below

Wine cellar stairs ideas

If you’re an avid wine connoisseur or collector, take advantage of the space below to create your own cellar for your most precious bottles.

Remember to use that space below to your advantage when it comes to seriously smart stair ideas. We also like how the cellar pictured here has been designed with glass walls that make the area appear light and airy.

A modern gold railing

Gold railing stair ideas

If you’re looking to update your staircase, go for a modern look with a matte gold railing, which will be on trend for years to come as it is a chic alternative to the wooden railings commonly seen. Keep the look of the railing minimal and combine it with something essential and unexpected, like the matte black walls that these stairs feature.

Floating staircase ideas

Ideas for floating stairs

Maintain the look of your staircase lighting by considering modern floating steps that have an almost invisible attraction and make your space look bright and open. Remember, however, that floating stairs are better served in a home without children or older family members.

A sculptural band

sculptural staircase ideas

When it comes to dramatic staircase ideas, a curved sculptural ribbon creates an unforgettable effect on anyone who walks into your home. Plus, it is sure to add value to your home and make it all the more unique.

Built-in shelves

built-in bookcases staircase ideas

If you have wider steps than the usual home, you can use multiple bookcases to make the most of the space while creating a comfortable library feel. Even better if you are able to create an intimate reading nook on the landing. And if your stairs aren’t wide enough, you can also use ledges to display your favorite albums, art books, and prints.

Illuminated stairs

illuminated staircase ideas

Another take on dramatic stair ideas that add value to your home while being absolutely practical. Lighting every step gives you a cool, ultra-modern look.

Painted stairs

painted staircase ideas

If you want to inexpensively update your stairs every couple of years, you can easily do so by using a permanent floor paint for a quick freshen up of your home that you can do yourself.

Paper steps

Ideas for wallpapered stairs

Another inexpensive DIY version of stairwell ideas is to source sophisticated contact paper that you can place yourself in under an hour. And to keep the look unique we love how different prints have been used for each step on the staircase pictured above.

A hanging cell phone

artistic staircase ideas

A wide stairwell is also a great place to display any art and sculpture that you want to highlight from your collection. We love how a sleek and minimalist cell phone was sourced for the stairs pictured here.

Ideas for paneled wall stairs

Ideas for paneled wall stairs

For a more traditional take on modern stair ideas, a paneled wall gives any home a sense of timeless, everyday elegance. Plus, the symmetry becomes soothing when the walls are left blank.

Concrete stairwell

concrete stair ideas

Another modern take on staircase design, durable concrete, will add visual interest to your home. The trick is to combine concrete surfaces with both organic elements such as wood and high-gloss materials.

Children’s gallery wall

Children's gallery wall stair ideas

Having trouble finding a place to highlight your children’s artistic works? Then a gallery wall makes for a great staircase decoration that they regularly proud and inspire. If you are running out of space on the front of your refrigerator and shelves and you want to expand the display of your children’s artwork, this is a great way to do it.

It’s a fun idea that can be used to make your child’s art visible to everyone. Make the look even more playful by choosing picture frames of different colors, sizes and shapes to contrast the different pieces of art.

Family photo gallery

Gallery wall stair ideas

Finding a stylish way to display your favorite family photos can be tough, but framing them and hanging them on a gallery-inspired wall that lines your stairs is a tasteful approach. Have them printed in different sizes and framed in the appropriate frames for a unified staircase design idea. If you want a more traditional approach, print photos of the same sizes and hang them linearly on the wall in symmetrical lines, which makes for an appealing feature.

Stair stencils

Template staircase ideas

While there are plenty of unsightly stencils out there, with proper research, you will most likely come across an arresting and well-designed option for your home. Stencils are a fun way to add a pattern to your stairs, and they’re relatively affordable too. And you can use stencils to draw attention to your stairwell design.

Travel up the stairs

modern staircase ideas

If you take tons of photos while traveling, using photos from your travels to display on your stairs is an effective way to showcase your vacation pictures while also creating wanderlust.

Pick a selection of your favorite vacation photos to capture a visually stimulating staircase design idea, have it printed and framed, and then display it so you can remember all of the great times you had when you went upstairs went.

Get on a rainbow

colorful staircase ideas

Decorating ideas for stairs are not just about what’s hanging on the walls. Painting your stairs is a great way to add color and an unexpected feel to your home.

For a versatile approach, paint and paint each step a different color, but stick to just a handful of shades to keep the eye relaxed. You can start with a dark color at the bottom and gradually get lighter as you climb (blue and gray work well for this) or mix and match colors that you think will work well together.

Bold wall lights

Wall lamp staircase ideas

Light up your stair decoration ideas with well-designed wall lights to accentuate the space. These will help brighten up your stairs with a stylized effect. To keep the look interesting, consider using sconces with fascinating silhouettes and scales. 

Atmospheric blue

blue staircase ideas

A deep blue staircase gives your home a shimmering Mediterranean flair. Since an atmospheric blue is dark, bathe your staircase in a warm light by framing it with white trim so that your staircase design looks as bright as possible in contrast to the blue.

Nautical theme

Ideas for sea stairs

Ideas for nautical themed stairs are great if you live by the ocean or just have a love of all things nautical. A piece of rope attached to the wall is a fun alternative to the usual handrail, and an anchor attached to the wall just enhances the look and creates an adorable effect.

You can even paint the interior stair railings a navy blue, which would look great against a white staircase and walls. For a more unique portrayal of a nautical theme, we love how the stairs pictured above only have three single-painted strips that probably only took a few minutes to implement. 

Decorative panels

decorative panels staircase ideas

When it comes to decorative plates, where better to display them than on your stairs? They add a retro-inspired and timeless vintage feel to your home and are a stunning alternative to framed art. Choose panels of a similar style and scale for a more symmetrical look, or combine them for a more versatile, casual staircase design.

Layers of the pattern

patterned staircase ideas

When it comes to patterns, don’t be shy when thinking about vibrant stair decoration ideas. Be brave and get yourself a patterned runner up the stairs and patterned wallpaper. Do not hesitate to combine different patterns to create a seductive contrast on your stairs.

A richly patterned staircase will look great, especially if it’s the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.

Statement lighting

Statement lighting staircase ideas

Who doesn’t like to make a statement with lighting and where can you do that better than with stair decorations? A large, impactful pendant light creates a sophisticated effect, either up or down the stairs – something bold or bright and colorful will make your home feel all the more inviting.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key that still leaves a lasting impression, how about a dainty vintage chandelier? As with lighting ideas, there are an infinite number of directions that you can go.

Black and white  

Black and white staircase ideas

If you want decoration ideas for stairs and hallways that are timelessly elegant without looking too imposing, a black and white design ensures a breathtaking and impressive look. Opt for white walls and interior banisters painted black to add depth and a sense of everyday glamor.

Team up white walls with minimal black accessories and a black and white print to bring the look to life.

Vibrant wallpaper

versatile staircase ideas

Make a unique and fascinating effect with a unique, bold, large format wallpaper. There is no better place for this than in stairwell design; It’s a small transition area so a wild and full-bodied print can be created with ease.

Go for an intricate geometric design with metallics or a bold floral design with lots of color. How about a wallpaper full of jungle animals? Or an abstract paper like the one shown above?

The strength of gold

golden stair ideas

For an elegant interpretation of modern staircase ideas, a high-gloss golden staircase will inspire you. There is nothing like warm gold to make a room inviting, and your staircase decorations will be all the more glamorous. Go for a soft, neutral wall color and decorate it with artwork framed in gold.

A gold framed mirror would look just as good as a gold chandelier. Keep the rest of the room silent so that the focus is on the accessories. Or, opt for an extremely impressive route by investing in a brass staircase.

Steel riser

Ideas for steel stairs

Affordable and easy-to-obtain steel-coated risers add an industrial touch to your staircase design while protecting it from abrasion and everyday wear and tear.

A mirrored niche

Mirror niche staircase ideas

A mirror makes the alcove above your landing appear larger and lighter in an otherwise cold, dark, and dead room.

A work area below

Ideas for stairs in the work area

When it comes to useful ideas for stairs, creating a work area underneath makes smart use of space and gives you a somewhat private work zone.

Eclectic staircase ideas

versatile staircase ideas

Another unusual take on staircase ideas is to create a completely eclectic and unusual feel by perfectly coordinating each step with a contrasting pattern. The trick to making the look work is to limit the color scheme to no more than three shades as you don’t want to confuse the eye and cut off as stubborn.

A sculptural niche

Ideas for niche stairs

With a small investment, you should be able to call in local contractors and home renovation specialists to create an elegant alcove where you can effortlessly display your favorite sculpture.

Mirrored staircase ideas

mirrored staircase ideas

Take a cue from Coco Chanel’s legendary Parisian apartment and line your stairs with floor-to-ceiling mirrors for the ultimate in brilliant elegance.

A glass railing

Glass railing stair ideas

Another interpretation of modern stair ideas that leave your home open is to build a glass railing that will have a cool appeal for years to come.

A room for plants

Plants stairwell ideas

Even if your landing isn’t lit with natural light, this is a great area to add easy-to-manage plants for a cozy atmosphere.

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