Sophisticated Interior Design

Sophisticated Interior Design

Small apartment space

A few weeks ago the New York Times published a style piece about a design trend that makes us jump up and down with joy! We’ve been fans of this new style for a while – it’s a departure from the heavy taxidermy style of the turn of the century that had become so popular a few years ago when you couldn’t go to a Brooklyn restaurant without it to see evidence of it. (Think Freeman on New York’s Lower East Side). Instead, this new modern vibe is cleaner, more refined, and more polished. So far, it’s a style with an appearance but no name. The New York Times suggested “New Modernism” or “Post-Vintage”. And while neither feels right to us, when we see it we definitely know. So let’s leave the naming to the journalists and roll up our sleeves and get to work! Below are some of our favorite examples of this new trend.

Aura lights

Bulb pendant lamp

This pendant light from the Ladies & Gentlemen Studio of Seattle and Brooklyn is an exercise in simplicity. The design team says they reduced the light to two basic components: the source (the lightbulb) and the lighting (highlighted by a brass ring). “

Black Outline Key Target

Dartboard eclectic wall art


Oak hangers

Crescent mirror

Crescent mirror fringes

Rod and Weave Chair

Armchair made of copper and leather

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