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Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

stylish modern small living room ideas

Not everyone is gifted with a great living room, and if you are one of those unfortunate souls, take note of these little living room decorating ideas told by the interior designers at Décor Aid. There are plenty of little living room design ideas out there in 2019 that can help you create extra space in your living room and help it feel more expansive.

Whether you are looking for small living room ideas on a budget or clever ideas to save space, these hacks should definitely help you transform your space with ease.

Don’t skip the art

small living room ideas art

Whether you’re getting art prints online, finally framing cherished pieces, or bringing in unexpected sculptural elements, no room will ever feel complete without meaningful artwork, and your small living room is no exception.

And to really bring your living room to life, go for bold colors and an oversized gamut for extra personality. Just think of how much smaller the living room shown above would feel without these room-defining framed textiles.

Consider an accent wall

Accent wall small living room ideas

Just like art, an accent wall is a great idea when looking to transform a small living room. For one thing, it has a lively focus, but what’s even better is the fact that it gives your living room the depth and personality it needs.

From a freshly painted accent wall to a wall covered in an adorable print, let your accent wall speak for itself by opting for unique, eye-catching colors. And since it’s a small part of a wall, you can easily repaint or restore it when trends and your mood change, without working too much or spending a small fortune – that’s a smart hack!

Windows in focus

inspiring little living room ideas

Since light makes a huge difference to the size and size of a room, take advantage of the windows you have and let the light in. That means you shouldn’t be doing anything to make your windows feel covered, such as putting a large piece of furniture right in front of them.

And when it comes to window treatments, sheer and layered floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your ceilings feel much higher than they really are. And if there are few windows in your living room, you can easily fake the look of a whole bunch of windows by covering an entire wall with darker curtain panels for a sophisticated and enviable look.

Get Transitional

Transitional ideas for small living rooms

For a rich and elegant look that keeps the eye moving, a transitional mix of decorative elements is the ultimate savior when it comes to developing small decorating ideas for living rooms. Instead of going for an all-encompassing look that challenges you, bring a mix of dynamic goods that are full of adorable personality.

Think eclectic, far removed, and get creative with what you need to work with to get an unforgettable boost.

Strive for symmetry

Furniture placement small living room ideas

When it comes to furniture placement, take a symmetrical approach that creates a calming and deliberate effect. And make sure you don’t put your furniture flush against the walls of your small living room, as this will make the space feel smaller and less cozy and intimate.

Go minimal

minimal small living room ideas

While we just praised the transitional decor when we were thinking about the best small living room decorating ideas to try, the pursuit of minimalism is also fail-safe. To get the look, go for a simple, straightforward color scheme and keep things together and pattern free.

This way you create a concise feeling that will never go out of style and help you make the most of the space with stylish, practical design elements and a subtle spirit.


small living room ideas mirror

Mirrors are often one of the first port of call when it comes to making a small living room feel bigger. Mirrors are great for getting the eye to make a room look bigger than it is, reflecting light in the room, and conveying the feeling of brightness and glamor.

The brighter a room, the bigger it will feel, which is why mirrors are great ideas for small living rooms. Set up all mirrors so that they can easily reflect natural light (e.g. in front of a window). And get hold of other high-gloss and metallic parts to follow suit. Best of all, you can get stylish mirrors easily and inexpensively.

Vertical space

Book art display living room wall decor ideas

One of our best ideas for small living rooms is to use vertical space to your advantage. Pulling your eye up towards the ceiling gives your room a sense of height (a clever take on small living room decorating ideas).

Whether you’re using floor-to-ceiling curtains, interesting lights, or a vertical gallery wall, all of these hacks make it possible to pull the eye up. Using your vertical space is a simple trick that will make your space feel a lot more spacious, and it’s a hack that is rarely used – which makes it a unique feature in your home. You can also opt for slim image rails that allow you to display valuable art prints, coffee table books, and record covers in style for visual interest.

Bright colors

small apartment living room ideas

Pale colors will make your space feel bright and bright. The brighter and lighter your room, the bigger it will look and feel. Small living room design ideas are about creating the feeling of space, and white or light-colored wallcoverings and furniture will make your space feel much more expansive.

A bright color scheme allows your walls and furniture to blend in, making it harder for the eye to see where things end and start, which in turn makes your living room feel bigger. Soothing neutral wall paint, floors, wall coverings, home furnishings and furniture will come together to expand your living room.

Visible floor space

small living room ideas flooring

The more of your floor you can see, the better when it comes to perfecting small living room ideas. Remove any furniture that you don’t need. This frees up space and makes your room look bigger.

Choose furniture with slender legs to create even more space, and choose glass or acrylic table tops so you can see all the way through. Furniture like this will keep your space from being cut off and create more available space.

Light furniture

inspiring little living room ideas

When it comes to design ideas for small living rooms, the less space your furniture takes up, the better. Smaller pieces of furniture create more physical space in your living room and make you feel
much bigger.

Slender legged pieces create more exposed floor and wall space in your living room and make your living room feel more expansive. Tripod lamps, sofas without armrests, slim coffee tables and side tables create space together and help you get the most out of small living room ideas.

Accept the size

simple little living room ideas

Sometimes when decorating a small living room it is better to take advantage of the small space that you have to work with and be realistic about its shortcomings. Work on how small your space is by making it cozy and inviting. A small pocket-sized living room can feel bigger by encouraging constant movement of the eye.

The more objects, patterns, and interesting pieces there are in your living room, the bigger it will feel. Introduce a lot of patterns and play with your little living room ideas and take on the small size. You can also opt for a curated, salon-inspired feel in your dainty living room to keep the conversations going.

Large carpet

large carpet small living room ideas

A large carpet in a small space makes a room appear larger – this may seem contradictory. However, when you have a small rug in a small space it breaks up the floor space, making the room feel smaller.

If you put a large rug on the floor instead, the visual appeal of the room won’t be affected as much as a smaller rug, which will free up space. Large rugs are easy to get hold of and are great if you’re looking for ideas for small living rooms on a budget. Even better if you can bring in a few differently patterned carpets and put them aside for the required texture and visual play. Plus, the comfort underfoot is undeniable.

Play with Scale

small living room ideas scale

Using oversized items to bring your small living room decorating ideas together can add to the sense of space. Lots of small items in a small space can make your living room feel even smaller as it creates a cluttered feeling.

Large items work well in a small space, just as a large rug helps a room look and feel bigger. Large pieces of furniture and interesting objects help make a room feel larger.

Multipurpose furniture

Ideas for small multipurpose living room

One easy way to help a small living room feel more spacious is to reduce the amount of furniture in it. But if you need all of your furniture, how is that possible? Well, with multipurpose
furniture , this is how it works. Multipurpose furniture is one of our favorite ideas for small living rooms as it allows you to be creative with your furniture and have fun coming up with those ideas.

A coffee table with storage space underneath, an ottoman that also serves as additional seating, storage space, footstool and coffee table. Stacking bins that can be stacked and hold less used items, used as a side table, plant stand or lamp stand – the possibilities are endless.

Linear Design

small living room ideas decor

Linear designs provide structure when it comes to small living room ideas. Linear arrangements support the allusion to length and width, so that your room feels bigger than it actually is.

This can be done through a large statement piece or something more subtle. Think of bold striped wallpaper, a neutrally striped rug, or furniture that is positioned linearly – small decorating ideas for living rooms like these are easy to implement and implement properly.

Limit shelf

elegant little living room ideas

An outdoor shelf is a stylish way to add a sense of space when you consider ideas for small living rooms. If you value decorative collectibles that you want to display but want to reduce a cluttered feeling in your living room, an outdoor shelf is a great solution.

This prevents your items from entering your room as it makes your space feel smaller. Plus, it’s great for small living room ideas at great prices because it’s easy and inexpensive to run.

Floating storage

Shelf small living room ideas

Floating storage is an effective way to free up otherwise wasted space in your small living room. Simply put, it creates the feeling of space by providing it. When your furniture doesn’t reach the floor, you immediately have a lot more floor space, making your space feel as big as possible.

Floating shelves allow you to use the wall space to your advantage and help you make the most of small living room ideas. They provide a spacious feeling and at the same time reduce the clutter in your living room.

Nesting tables

small living room interior design ideas

Nested side tables are great for making the most of a small and challenging space. You might even be able to get rid of your coffee table and replace it with a couple of small end tables. Nesting tables can save you a lot of valuable space by sliding them back into their nesting position to free up space on your floor.

Best of all is the fact that you can easily move them around to accommodate whatever you need right now. Such small living room ideas are easy to implement and with a little research you can effortlessly master small living room ideas on such a budget.

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