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Small Bedroom Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas

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Facing a dainty bedroom but not sure where to start when thinking about small bedroom ideas to get the most out of your space without sacrificing style? So your bedroom is tiny – nothing you can do to change that, but you can create the illusion of more space to use your space and add extra storage space with these ingenious small bedroom design ideas.

Floating shelves

small bedroom decorating ideas

Floating shelves are a great way to display valuable personal items so you don’t have to keep them hidden so that you’ll never see them again or spend most of their life with you in a storage box.

Graphic shelves like the one shown here provide a subtle yet powerful effect when appropriately decorated. Another trick on the eye is to get shelves the same color as your walls so that they blend in seamlessly with your bedroom decor ideas.

Shelves as art

Bedroom shelves decoration ideas

Your bedroom is small, you have limited storage space and you have run out of space to put things away. Sound familiar? A great solution is to turn shelves and storage into works of art for your bedroom design. Choose interesting and unique shelf designs and display your items in a curated, artistic way.

Whether it’s books, toiletries, plants, perfumes or makeup, with a little thought, color and scale matching, your collectibles and everyday items can be carefully displayed for all to see.

Reduce clutter

stylish small bedroom ideas

Be strict and get rid of what you really don’t need. If you haven’t used anything in 6 months or a year, do you really need it? Good cleaning is a great way to reduce the amount of material in your bedroom and give you more space to explore small bedroom design.

It’s also completely free, and you might even be able to make extra cash by going online and selling unwanted finds to help fund small bedroom design ideas.

Use light colors

bright small bedroom decorating ideas

One of the oldest design tricks in the book for bedroom decorating ideas. Painting your bedroom a light color will make it feel more spacious, brighter and more calming.

For small rooms, dark colors can make them feel even smaller. However, if you want your space to feel a lot bigger than it is, go for light and airy colors like white.

Hanging rails

clever small bedroom decorating ideas

Hanging rails suspended from ceilings are a smart way to create storage space for your clothes without taking up valuable space in your small bedroom.

You can also add a dresser underneath to create extra storage space that you can’t get with a traditional wardrobe. Arranging your clothes by color is a great way to add visual appeal to your clothes on a clothes rail (a great idea for decorating a small bedroom).

Built-in memory

small bedroom storage ideas

Don’t waste wall space when considering a chic design for small bedrooms – choose built-in storage space above and around your bed to create lots of closet space. It doesn’t have to look old-fashioned; There are many modern bedroom wardrobe ideas out there that look contemporary, stylish and give you the extra space you need to store everything.

Familiarize yourself with storing your bedroom design ideas and making the most of every inch of the available space. Take a sheet of paper from the Scandinavian design book and take a look at the timelessly built-in memory.

Wall lighting

small bedroom lighting ideas

Table lamps can take up a lot of unnecessary space in a small bedroom, but a wall lamp on a swing arm that you can easily move is a good solution for decorators.

This allows for a smaller bedside table while still being easy to read in bed. They also look seductively stylish, especially if you prefer a more Scandinavian or minimalist look for your bedroom decorating ideas.

Hanging lighting

small bedroom space saving ideas

If you invest in a few pendant lights for your ceiling, you may no longer need table and floor lamps (another perfect bedroom decor idea). While you’re still illuminating your entire room, you can position these lights so that you can read by the light in bed too.

Having these on a dimmer allows you to turn the light all the way up to illuminate the entire room and go quiet when you’re just relaxing.

Floating desks

small bedroom desk ideas

A large wall shelf can easily be used as a desk in a small bedroom. Just make sure it’s securely mounted on the wall and you can work distraction free.

With no desk legs on the floor, your room will feel less cluttered and there won’t be a large piece of furniture to influence your bedroom design.

Thin legs

space-saving bedroom furniture

If you choose furniture with thin legs, the floor space is much more visible, making you feel like you have a lot more space than you really have.

Floor space is your friend in a petite bedroom, and the more of it you can see, the better when it comes to small space ideas.

Nesting tables

small bedroom table ideas

Glass top box tables are a smart way to free up more table space when needed, while tucking them away when you don’t. This works especially well for bedside tables and bedside tables in a smaller bedroom design.

You can store them away day after day, but when the time comes they can be pulled out and rearranged as needed. This can be for reading materials while you work, for placing your laptop, or just for extra space.

Get out of your bed

modern folding bed small bedroom ideas

If you are really short on space and urgently need space-saving ideas for small rooms, maybe it is time to rethink your sleeping situation? Getting rid of your bed (not entirely) will save you a ton of space in your room.

Having a day bed in your bedroom can save you space. The frames are smaller than your standard bed and often come with storage space underneath and a double bed for additional seating.

You could even consider a Murphy bed (one that folds out of the wall) so you can take advantage of the extra space during the day. You can also purchase kits to convert your current bed into a Murphy bed – perfect if you live in a small studio and are struggling with tiny bedroom ideas.

Vertical storage

Ideas for small bedroom shelves

Do you no longer have enough storage space at lower and eye level and need more ideas for designing bedrooms? Then you have to go up! Add shelves at the top of your walls to store less frequently used items.

Because it’s so high up, it often goes unnoticed, making your room feel less cluttered. Just make sure you have a stool or step handy so you can grab items when needed.

Leaning ladders

small bedroom decoration solutions

Leaning ladders are great small bedroom decorating ideas for storing recently used clothes, purses, and belts, especially items that you don’t necessarily want to include in your small bedroom design.

They hardly take up space and look great when artistically stylized.

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