Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

white marble bathroom New York

Real Conversation: Your bathroom will never really feel like a spa (unless you have a facial doctor and masseur on staff). However, it should feel like a refuge. After all, nothing kills the buzz of a relaxing hot shower faster than stepping into a cramped, crowded bathroom. Even if there is nothing you can do about your space, you can use a few simple tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger, airier and more elegant.

Pictured: Bathroom from our New York Cooperative

1. Lighten

The most effective way to brighten up your bathroom and make it look bigger is to paint it white. However, if you don’t feel a purely white bathroom, introduce another soft shade like light gray as an accent color.

2. Build In Storage

The key to creating a quiet bathroom is keeping the surfaces clear and the products out of sight. Instead of simple mirrors and pedestal sinks, opt for built-in storage space like a medicine cabinet and a sink with drawers or cupboards underneath.

3. Eliminate clutter

Even as you add storage, you wonder what you really need. channel Marie Kondo and work hard on your hair, skin, and makeup products and equipment. Keep only the items you use regularly and remove the rest.

4. Light the room

Good bathroom lighting is like a good mirror: you just feel better. If possible, layer the lighting so that you don’t get it from just one source on one level, as with the dreaded single ceiling light. If you have a window (and can see the neighbors), choose a window treatment that will keep light coming in.

5. Pamper wisely

The nice thing about a small bathroom (yes, there is something good about it) is that you can afford high quality materials that would otherwise be too expensive if your space was bigger. So don’t be afraid of decorative tiles and Carrara marble – they may only be included in your budget.