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Shaggy Rug Design Ideas

Shaggy Rug Design Ideas

Among all the carpets out there, the rich carpet belongs to the modern and modern category of carpets. Carpets are versatile and are from the modern category, the straight carpet is designed to meet more than one purpose in a house. These rugs provide a neat and elegant look to the houses. They are generally quite soft and fluffy in appearance, which works well for their comfort. These rugs have different types based on their design and the type of material used. Here is a list of their types.

Woolen carpets

This type of shaggy rug is made of wool but has different designs. For example, one of the variants called Flokati has ultrasounds on a backrest. This rug is considered the softest among all. The second variant has wool trains in the form of high construction. The wool trains that are woven can vary in thickness, which also varies the softness of the mat itself. Flokati variants are more expensive than the other variants.

leather Rugs

Leather rugs are made of leather piles. They are not very attractive to look at, nor are they soft. But they are easiest to clean among all other varieties of carpets. This type of rug is more suitable for homes that provide a very nice view.

Synthetic rugs

One of the best and cheaper varieties of shaggy carpet and the most commonly found carpet are synthetic carpets. They are made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, etc. They also vary in high thickness and density. The biggest advantage of these rugs is the ease with which they can be cleaned. They come in a large number of designs that can be used in all household styles.