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Royal Couple Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Gift Ideas

Royal Couple Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Gift Ideas

Dream wedding gift ideas

Since you’ve had to live under a rock for the past few weeks to avoid coverage of the royal couple’s wedding, we hired interior designers and team members from Décor Aid to distribute their favorite fantasy gifts for Meghan and Harry and almost every royal couple.

From cute ceramics reminiscent of Elizabeth Price’s Americana to Val Saint Lambert’s updated decanters, remember that not only do they have some kind of regal register, but they also have the ultimate gift giving obsession.

David Hammon’s basketball hoop

royal couple dream gifts

“Because I like to see them as more relaxed and playful than Kate and William and because I would kill for one myself, I would give them something as outrageous and magical as the ‘Basketball Chandelier’ by artist David Hammons, who also suggests Meghan Markle’s roots and America’s fascination with symbology and sports. “- Décor Aid interior designer Shannon T.

Robert Longo works

Meghan Harry Royal wedding favors

“As a couple who I suspect have spent a lot of time sitting under chandeliers and looking up at them, imagine their breathtaking reaction to the technically brilliant, eye-catching charcoal masterpiece“ Crystal Chandelier ”by artist Robert Longo that is big enough to hold a whole piece of palace wall. “- Décor Aid interior designer Maite M.

Pierre Cardin furniture

“Since I like a mix of ancient, retro and modern, I’d love to see the royal couple inject wonders from the ’60s like these highly collectable Pierre Cardin chairs that add the right amount of fascinating play to their home that looks like a pretty normal English estate. “- Décor Aid interior designer Raul L.

Antoine Philippon / Jacqueline Lecoq furniture

“Since this is a fantasy list and I’m thinking more of what I would wish for, who wouldn’t love to unwrap this amazing, forever cool L-shaped glass desk from the early 60s?” – Project manager for decor aid Renta O.

Gio Ponti vases

Gio Ponti vases

“Since they’re likely a couple that has and can buy whatever they want, I’d think outside the box and look for something that is truly heirloom, like rare porcelain items by Gio Ponti.” – Décor Aid Account Coordinator Christine H.

Elizabeth Price Pottery

“To me, Mehgan and Harry look like they love to have fun and have a subtle but rebellious lead between the two of them. I would like to see the decorative figures of the artist Elizabeth Price in peace among the Queen’s tea sets. I also like that they associate Meghan’s roots with a touch of Americana. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Maxwell W.

Vilbert chairs Verner Panton

Pair of Verner Panton Vilbert chairs

“I would get the royal couple something they may not already have, like Verner Panton’s iconic Vilbur chairs, which make a great, eye-catching backdrop for future family portraits.” – Décor Aid project manager Mike J.

Val St. Lambert decanter

Meghan Harry wedding favors

“I love the fact that even established old school brands like Limgés and Val Saint Lambert are stepping up their game with classic silhouettes reinterpreted with meaningful, avant-garde twists like these decanters that start conversations.” – Interior designer Courtney L. from Décor Aid.

Cire Trudon cameo

Prince Harry Meghan wedding favors

“Even though it has jewelry and is under $ 50, I want to give them something that reminds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of the elegant, aristocratic roots of the royal family, like this fragrant cameo that is also a bit ironic.” – Décor Aid interior designer Mark A.

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