Room Decor Ideas

Room Decor Ideas

modern room decor ideas

Ask any interior designer how they come up with the best room decorating ideas, including ours at Décor Aid, and they’ll be sure to tell you the obvious. It all depends on your tastes, your lifestyle and of course the space you have to work with.

How does a room feel stylish and practical at the same time? Trust us, even for beginners it can be a lot easier than you think. All it takes is a little planning and making a list of key pieces that bring a room to life. To begin with, our interior designers quickly suggested a thorough overview of your home. What do you have that you can reuse? What had better days with you And what would you like to see in his place?

From there you can go from room to room and think about what makes sense for your room from our ideas for room decorating ideas.

General room decor:

inspiring modern room decor ideas

Here you will find decorative extras and furniture that no home should be without, from living rooms to guest rooms.

Gray walls never fail

Sure, white walls are great for maintaining a modern feel without sacrificing a home’s potential resale value. But for a more sophisticated take that’s just as neutral, consider a pale, almost colorless, water gray as an ultra-chic alternative. Going for the unexpected, but just as universally appealing, will make it easier for you to improve on the room décor ideas you bring in. A light gray also helps hide everyday wear and tear and stains better than flat white.

Pops of colorful furniture and accessories

Even when it comes to room decorating ideas for small spaces, a touch of bold and surprising color here and there is sure to add energy to a dainty room. This can be done via an upholstered side chair, a living work of art, or even inexpensive pillows and blankets that you can easily swap out from season to season.

Geometric fields

A DIY project that you can easily do yourself, contrasting graphic boards add a modern, well-judged touch and visual interest to any space. Geometrically painted panels also provide an eye-catching accent wall as an alternative to solid color or printed wallpaper.

A wall wall

A custom mural or printed wall decals are perfect for a kitchen backsplash or for covering a large wall in a public area, and bring any room to life while you work as instant conversation starters. Just make sure you bring trustworthy and skilled craftsmen or high quality decals that are timeless in design as you don’t want to run the risk of your room decor ideas appearing too homemade or poorly thought out.

Living wall

A living plant wall provides texture, visual play and a natural feeling for a sustainable implementation of room decor ideas. And best of all, when you source the right plants for the job, they can also do double duty as they have the power to purify and purify the air around them. Even better is the fact that you can create your own inexpensively while taking pride in a job well done.

Gallery wall

Gallery wall room decor ideas

No matter how large the space you have to work with, when it comes to personalized room decorating ideas on a budget, there is nothing quite like a striking gallery wall. For starters, they can be fun to create, they don’t have to cost a small fortune, and even better is the fact that they add a memorable, individual feel to any room. Play around with scaling, placement, and side-by-side printing for a lively feel. Move the pieces around from season to season to quickly freshen up the room.

Sculptural cell phone

A mesmerizing, colorful cell phone is perfect for a mid-century modern and minimalist home, adding a playful and visually eye-catching artful sensibility in every corner. It will also result in a unique and unexpected take on room decor ideas that most people overlook.

Quirky extras

If you are looking for stylish room decorating ideas for small spaces, there is nothing quite like affordable decorative accessories and extras like a group of small vases and three portraits with charming minds.

Textile wall hanging

Another effortlessly elegant but often neglected room decorating idea is an embroidered tapestry or textile wall hanging that will add a charming feel to a room without costing a fortune. You can get the same feeling with the trendy macrame wall art too. Just make sure your size is big to make it look more luxurious.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are another inexpensive way to take up space-saving room decorating ideas. They are a smart way to take advantage of dead wall space without taking up the space you have to work with. They are also suitable as stylish storage boxes, or you can use them as purely decorative surfaces to display valuable collectibles and works of art.

Large format art

If you’re looking to add personality and conversation starter to a room, there’s nothing like the seductive and emotional appeal of large-format artwork. Even a single piece in a completely empty room can help redefine it and give it character.

Statement mirror

Mirror room decor ideas

Mirrors are affordable, easy to source, and make a room appear bigger, brighter, and more luxurious when it comes to room decorating ideas for small spaces. In fact, you will be surprised how easy it is to find unique and expensive looking mirrors for little money in local discounters and thrift stores.

Plays on patterns

In order to use room decor ideas for the required depth, an appealing juxtaposition of playful patterns and colors ensures a multi-layered look that also corresponds to today’s preference for everything maximum.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

For a dramatic feel in a living room, study, or bedroom, consider a built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcase as the ultimate touch. From storing books to housing well-reviewed decorative displays and vignettes, a well-made bookcase will never go out of style.

Metallic accents

If you’re looking for room decorating ideas on a budget that are far from budget conscious, high-gloss metallic accents will do the job as you capture light and reflect it around a room.


Unfortunately, most people aren’t gifted with a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add plants to their room decorating ideas. As we said before, plants are great for uplifting spirits and purifying the air around them. And like I said, they don’t always require a hardcore green thumb as there are tons of styles that require little maintenance or natural light.

Entrance room decor:

Entrance area decor ideas

Since it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting first impression, here’s how to revive your entrance area so that guests can be greeted in a thoughtfully decorated space.

Striking carpet

A graphic rug is one of the best room decorating ideas for small spaces, as it is often worth starting with flooring – which interior designers consider the starting point of a room. A lush woven carpet with a classic pattern gives even the smallest of rooms warmth and personality and ties everything together.

Console table

When it comes to decorating ideas for entrance rooms, a slim console table should be seen as a prerequisite. They’re great for storing mail, keys, purses, change, and collection bowls in one convenient place.

Umbrella good

Another must-have to keep tidy: with an umbrella fountain, you’ll never have to look for an umbrella around your house the next time it rains, and you have a safe place to keep it when you come home wet.

Big mirror

As in any room, mirrors are one of the most affordable and effective room decorating ideas of all. And don’t forget, you can find chic anywhere, at any cost.

Living + dining room decoration:

Living room decor ideas

Here’s what can make all the difference in making your living room or den, one of your most frequently used guest entertaining spaces, feel all the more defined.

Curved sofas

Based on the flowing designs of the 1960s, curved sofas are in vogue, but their timeless appeal cannot be denied. To keep them from looking out of date at some point, stick to solid neutral fabrications.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Long, sluggish curtains gathering on the floor always immediately evoke a dramatic sense of everyday glamor and will never go out of style. Even better if you put several curtain panels on top of each other to better control the daylight while keeping your windows extra insulated.

Stool and ottoman

When you don’t have enough seating, eclectic stools and smart storage stools make for effective room decorating ideas that serve a dual purpose.

Console table

Just like in an entryway, a sleek console is a great surface to display valuable books and chic collectibles for a nuanced touch in your living room.


Home bar room decor ideas

Ask someone about the ideal room decorating ideas for a man and they will most likely point out the infinite allure of either having a bespoke home bar or even a mini mar cart. And opting for a custom creation will most likely increase the resale value of your home too, as long as you keep the traditional design.

Start of conversation Art

Nothing beats the energy that room decorating ideas like oversized art can add to any room. Take the risk for your living room that unexpected statement makers keep their eyes moving and at the same time act as a room-defining feature.

Movable side chairs

If you are looking for useful room decorating ideas on a budget, it pays to bring extra moveable chairs that you can place anywhere in your house for extra guests if needed.

Wall sculptures

Metal, enamel, or plaster of paris, whatever the material, like a hanging cellphone, 3D wall sculptures are rarely seen in modern homes, which means yours look all the more unique when you have one as an alternative to framed art.

Sitting comfortably

When it comes to decorating ideas for living rooms, it should go without saying that nothing stands in front of stylish and comfortable seating. Make sure your options are soft and lush, yet feel sturdy.

Invigorating contrasts

contrasting room decor ideas

When looking for modern girls’ room decorating ideas, think of dramatic juxtapositions like a dark accent wall, ultra-bright rug, and play with patterns and prints.

Covert television

If you need to have a television in your living room, as many men’s room decorating ideas require, it is best to either hide it in a covered structure like a closet, or to use it to your entertainment advantage by using visually stimulating briefs Art films play and clips on a loop.

Big carpet

As mentioned earlier, use a large area rug to better define a room while making it cozier and more stylish with a bold pattern or solid color.

Fireplace display

Emphasize your living room decor ideas by redesigning your mantelpiece with decorative items of different heights, materials and scales for a varied mix that will keep the eye moving.

Conversation seating

Another key component when it comes to important room decorating ideas for men is creating conversation areas through seating arrangements that make conversation all the more fun.

Bedroom room decor:

Bedroom decor ideas

To create your own private sanctuary, stick with these must-have room decorating ideas.

Calming colors

Whether or not you are looking for girl room decorating ideas or not, the relaxing feeling of calm and sobering colors will not add anything to your bedroom.

Color scheme

In addition to soothing colors, keep the look of your room decor ideas in tune with a range of hues and a lavish play with textures. This also works with room decor ideas for men, as the colors should differ from the classic.

Unique headboard

If you’re looking for bold room decorating ideas on a budget, a uniquely designed headboard can make all the difference. Think differently and unexpectedly to keep guests interested.

Mirrored dresser

Another great idea for girl room decorations is to bring high gloss reflective dressers and tables to make the room feel bigger and brighter and more luxurious every day.

Cozy lounger

Room decor ideas 2019

If you have room for large room decorating ideas, you are sure to enjoy the calm quality of a stylish chaise longue in your bedroom.

Stylish valet parking

Instead of tossing your clothes on the floor at the end of a long day, bring a sturdy valet parking service to store everything and regularly tidy up your men’s room decorating ideas.

Antique cabinet

A beautiful closet is sure to bring daily joy when it comes to room decorating ideas for girls – of all ages.

Vintage storage suitcase

A vintage trunk works wonders when it comes to room decorating ideas for men, as its pretty facade can easily store items when not in use, while doubling as an extra tabletop or seat when needed.