Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

Retro kitchen ideas

Although there is inspiration for ultra-modern kitchen designs, the inviting charm of a beautifully realized retro kitchen cannot be denied in any home. After all, there is always joy in the familiar and the tried and tested. However, once you’re on board, you can easily create your own retro kitchen using these clever retro kitchen design ideas that will blow your mind.

And better yet, we reached out to the interior designers at Décor Aid to share their wisdom and help you create the retro kitchen of your dreams with some wise advice. Discover our views on the best retro styles so you can create the perfect retro kitchen design with ease. From going back to wood paneling, to graphic checkerboard kitchen floors, to the best colors to add a vintage feel, here is an overview of everything to consider when creating your own unique retro kitchen in your home you will enjoy for years. Come on.

Checkerboard floor

Retro kitchen checkerboard floor

When you think of old Hollywood movies and the rockabilly era, it should come as no surprise that a graphical checkerboard floor is one of the first things you think of when you think of a stylish retro kitchen design. One of the best things is that a checkerboard floor looks timeless.

Checkerboard floors are becoming increasingly popular, but in general they always offer a fresh look. And since it’s always best to start with the flooring in a room that will serve as the foundation for the room, consider how to make it unique to you. Checkerboard floors don’t always have to be black and white. So think of interesting color combinations to make yours different. A combination of muted pastel tones will create a fresh feeling for years.

Pastel kitchen cabinets

Pastel pink retro kitchen

You can’t claim to have a retro kitchen without pastel kitchen cabinets that really evoke the romanticized spirit of a bygone era. Pastel-colored kitchen units and cabinets give your kitchen area a vintage flair, regardless of whether you choose blue, green, yellow or pink. Don’t be afraid of more subtle, feminine colors as this is a recurring theme as you explore retro kitchen decorating ideas.

That said, if you think it’s too far away for you, or if you want to make sure your property retains its value, you can always paint an accent wall a pretty pastel shade or opt for a contrasting kitchen island with it You don’t have to take it too seriously. This way you also save yourself the risk of fatigue of a single shade used all over a room.

Chrome surfaces and details

Chrome retro kitchen

Chrome is often overlooked in retro kitchen design, but it’s a great way to bring in that much-needed glitz for some seriously enviable everyday glamor. Chrome chair legs and table legs are an integral part of retro design, as well as chrome detailing on your devices and accessories.

For a more modern and luxurious twist, we love how the cabinets in the kitchen shown above are carefully lined with sleek chrome for a lovely, adult look. This will also help strengthen the pastel colors and saccharine prints that give a retro kitchen its spirit.

Vintage devices

Retro kitchen vintage appliances

If you like the idea of ​​a retro kitchen but aren’t sure it’s worth the long-term commitment, or are looking for a transition direction for the design, choosing vintage-style appliances is a smart compromise. Make vintage-inspired appliances a main feature of your kitchen and design the rest of your kitchen so that your appliances are the center of attention.

Dark kitchen units look great with a colorful, retro-inspired refrigerator and checkerboard floor. We particularly like Smeg’s iconic selection of kitchen appliances from the 1950s, which come in a variety of unique, inspiring colors with matte finishes.

Retro lighting

Retro kitchen lighting

If you want your retro kitchen decor to really sing, invest in well-designed quality lighting that is timelessly appealing in case you want to freshen up your kitchen with a different style. Retro lighting is the perfect way to add a real vintage flair to your home.

And while modern lighting will look great alongside retro-inspired found pieces, right now there are plenty of retro-inspired lighting options that are affordable if you are able to find styles that are inspired by iconic vintage designs. For that authentic feel, browse local thrift stores, antique markets, and online retailers for vintage pendant lights in vibrant colors and styles from the ’60s and’ 70s. Remember that a retro kitchen requires ultra-bright lighting. So make sure your kitchen isn’t too moody and yet not too clinical either.

Pink accents

pink retro kitchen

Pink isn’t often a color that you see in kitchens, but when you think of a retro kitchen, salmon and sand pink make for stunning hues of kitchen wall paint. A refreshment goes well with retro kitchen tile to set a tone that reflects mid-century charm.

Pink also goes well with many other colors and is timeless even when it’s not bright. It looks great when combined with light cabinets and a checkerboard floor.

Wood paneling

paneled wood retro kitchen

Wood paneling was so popular in the 1940s to 1970s and is a great way to channel retro kitchen decor. The wood paneling is still a cult favorite and looks retro. Choose a medium-sized wood (nothing too light and nothing too dark) and dress up the walls, kitchen island, and matching cabinet doors for a complete look.

When it comes to designing a retro kitchen, do the research on materials, colors, and finishes to truly create a complete look and feel and story with authority.

Small retro kitchen appliances

Small retro kitchen appliances

With stylish small appliances, you can still create a spirited retro kitchen without sacrificing old-fashioned decor. Equip with a vintage radio and retro-inspired little kitchen gadgets like the chic ones pictured above from Smeg.

Retro-style coffee machines, kettles and toasters are a great addition to your retro kitchen decor – you can even easily purchase retro-style mixers and stand mixers online. Best of all, they go well with just about any design style, from the minimal to the traditional.

Retro kitchen cabinets

Retro kitchen cabinets

Retro kitchen cabinets can bring back memories in grandmother’s, and yet, thanks to their naive simplicity, they look timeless. And while they may seem straightforward and a bit simple, they often have clever amenities like built-in lazy susans, sliding doors, and kitchen linings. Make retro kitchen cabinets the perfect option to easily access your most frequently used kitchen items.

Recreate the look with kitchen furniture that has a retro spirit in matte lacquered colors like mint and a delicate pink for the ultimate take on retro kitchen design ideas.

Muted yellow

yellow retro kitchen

Soothing muted yellow is definitely a color that doesn’t lock you into certain retro kitchen ideas that dictate how you design your kitchen. From muted yellow tiles to accessories and kitchen appliances, there are endless ways to introduce the color.

Introducing a lemon yellow vintage-inspired refrigerator and accessories is a great way to add retro touches without going overboard with retro design. It also goes well with almost any color and creates a timeless, energetic look.

A refreshing muted green

Mint retro kitchen

A popular color in the 50s to 70s, muted and lime green is a color that was standard colors at the time due to its vibrancy and boldness and is the perfect choice for a kitchen. Muted green cabinets go well with a black or white countertop with polished chrome edges and white tiles. This makes for pinpoint retro kitchen decor, as does a terrazzo countertop with contrasting white kitchen cabinets.

They can also bring extra color through bedding and decorative accessories for extra personality.

Retro kitchen appliances

Retro kitchen appliances

By now, you must have noticed that sleek retro kitchen refrigerators are growing in popularity and adding a seriously chic and well-judged touch to any home. Retro-inspired flair doesn’t just end with refrigerators, however.

You can also easily source affordable retro microwaves, cookers, hoods, and even dishwashers to create the perfect retro kitchen design. And they look even better in unexpected colors to make a seriously stylish statement, and they will serve as conversation starters.

Cherry red

red retro kitchen

Whenever we see a leather bar stool or dining room chair in bright cherry red, we have to think of vintage inspiration. Adding these to your dining area creates an undeniably unique retro feel in your kitchen. There’s nothing quite like cherry red leather and chrome, especially when laid out on a classic checkerboard kitchen floor.

And since it’s a bright, energetic color again, you can opt for a quieter setting by bringing cherry-red accessories like mixing bowls, pots and pans.

Retro kitchen accessories

Retro kitchen accessories

Sourcing real vintage kitchen accessories is a surefire way to create an enviable retro kitchen – you’ve got all the big items sorted, but now it’s time for the little ones. Be on the lookout for vintage bread baskets, tea and coffee storage tanks, scales, cake pans, cookie jars, and anything else you can think of to get that real retro feel.

Also keep an eye out for retro dishes and dishes so you can entertain in great, well-judged vintage style. Make sure you have space to display your retro tableware, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a full set of elegant vintage china.

Vintage-inspired patterned wallpaper

Retro kitchen vintage wallpaper

You may not know yet, but thanks to technological updates, the printed wallpaper is on the right track. And for your retro kitchen, we recommend a charming printed wallpaper on just one accent wall for extra personality. Wallpaper was very fashionable back then and when creating a retro inspired kitchen decor, it is good to try to be as specific as possible.

The great thing about wallpapers now is that you can coat them with Teflon to make them tough and easy to clean. Available in so many styles, you can find the perfect vibrant retro print for your kitchen. And since it is an investment that costs time and money, you should also make sure that you will be happy with your choice for years to come.

Pastel countertop

Retro kitchen countertop

Pastels have been everywhere when it comes to retro kitchen design, and a countertop is a great area to introduce soft colors for a modern look. Ditch predictable white marble and solid wood countertops to make your kitchen feel even more unique.

Make your kitchen unforgettable with a calming pastel plate that can be easily combined with almost any color or surface.

Pull out cutting boards

Retro kitchen pull-out cutting board

We have no idea why they’re no longer around as this is certainly a great idea to save space and take advantage of neglected areas, but the retractable cutting board seems to have stuck in the past. Bring this idea to life in your own retro kitchen ideas – you can’t deny how pleasant it is to slide a cutting board out from under the countertop.

Just make sure you can easily remove it for cleaning so you can avoid unsightly mold and the like.

Kitchen cabinet curtains

Retro kitchen cabinet curtains

Kitchen cabinet curtains are the epitome of charming vintage allure and are a much cheaper option than cabinet doors when it comes to inspiring retro kitchen decor ideas – they’re a fun way to update your kitchen, and they can be done on a budget.

Choose a vintage fabric for your closet curtains, e.g. B. a plaid material or a busy floral print. And best of all, as the seasons and your tastes change, you can update them for a quick room update that only takes a few minutes. They also save space as you can open them to get all the information you need.

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