Reading Chair Ideas

Reading Chair Ideas

best reading chair

Because there is nothing more romantic than an afternoon at home alone curled up with your favorite book or fascinating new reading, a reading chair and / or corner remains an important feature in any home. But when it comes to finding the right reading chair for you, it’s important that you choose a calming, welcoming, comfortable, and most importantly, stylish option – but how do you go about it and get it right? Once you’ve immersed yourself in a good book, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending most of your time in this chair.

What makes a good reading chair? A great reading chair offers the right amount of cushioning and support so that you instantly feel cozy and comfortable, even after sitting in it for hours. To help you choose the right reading chair for every room in your home, we hired the interior designers at Décor Aid to illuminate the most practical, stylish reading chairs on the market.

Before we go through a variety of stylish options for each design style, here are some things to consider:

  • Size and size compared to the room and the adjacent furniture
  • Manufacturing and convenience
  • Style compared to the room it will be housed in
  • Features such as an ottoman, a leaned back as well as robust workmanship and cushioning
  • And of course cost

Pillow Top Chaise

modern pillow-top deck chair

This oversized reading chair allows you to stretch out comfortably while immersed in your favorite book without sacrificing support for your back and neck. This synthetic leather lounger also includes two support pillows for extra comfort and support.

Unlike a chaise longue, this comfy reading chair has a curved design that provides elevation and comfort to your lower body and great relief for those suffering from lower back pain. With its neutral color and elegant appearance, this reading chair should go well with any interior style.

Oversized round cuddly chair

comfortable reading chair

If you love to cuddle your children or pet while you enjoy a good read, the Cuddler is the perfect choice. This oversized reading chair has a deep, rounded design so that you can feel cozy even when you’re alone. This comfortable reading chair is made from a combination of velvet and microfiber and allows you to read without distraction.

And because this comfortable reading chair is on a rotating system, you have 360-degree access to the areas around you without having to leave the chair.

Acacia leather chair

stylish leather reading chair

If you prefer to sit up straight while reading a book, our designers recommend the Acacia Leather Chair. Made from brown leather with quilted accents and wooden legs, this comfy reading chair is both durable and stylish.

It will look great in your living room too and can serve as a seating area for your guests. For additional comfort and support, the chair is supplied with armrests and a matching support cushion.

Tufted Chaiselongue

modern tufted chaise longue chair

If you need a comfortable reading chair for the bedroom, this tufted daybed is the ideal choice. This chaise longue consists of a polyester material in an elaborate quilted pattern and is not only functional but also highly fashionable.

The lounger’s curved feature also conforms well to your body, so you can take a comfortable position while reading. There are tufted lounge chairs available at different prices depending on the brand, making them some of the best affordable reading chair options on the market.

Pod hanging chair

best hanging reading chair options

If you are looking for unique reading chair ideas you will love this egg shaped hanging chair as it would look great on your deck or patio. This chair is made of a wickerwork with a cutout in the middle so you can snuggle inward while you enjoy your book.

Just fill it with pillows and cushions of your choice and you have a comfortable reading chair that is truly unique and stylish. And since this hanging chair is made from weatherproof materials, it’s perfect for those who want to read outdoors most of the time. It also comes with a hook and metal chain so you can hang it anywhere.

Corner chair

trendy modern reading chair from the middle of the century

Another choice for stylized and unique reading chair ideas is the Bryant corner chair. This oversized reading chair is comfortable and spacious. In addition, it is topped with soft pillows and pillows, which makes for an extremely comfortable reading experience.

The Bryant corner chair is also a perfect reading chair for bedrooms. Thanks to its triangular shape, you can fit it in any corner of your room, saving you space. This is especially recommended for those who need reading chairs for small spaces.

Plush tufted chaise

modern deck chair

This is another great option for a bedroom lounge reading chair. However, unlike the previous design, which is raised, this reading chair is a flat lounger. It can work well for those who tend to change their position all the time because they are engrossed in their reading.

The material has a quilted design that adds a bit of detail to an otherwise simple aesthetic. In addition, this comfortable reading chair has a one-sided armrest, which further increases comfort.

Nook Armchair

stylish corner reading chair

If you need a comfortable but cheap reading chair, the library chair is a great choice. This option costs around $ 300 and is perfect for a personal library or home office. It also looks great when placed next to a corner window that can serve as a reading corner.

The design of this comfortable chair may be simple, but it is definitely not generic. The legs are finished in a darker shade that goes well with light upholstery. Plus, this chair is only 26 inches wide and 32 inches high, making it one of the best reading chairs for small spaces.

Wegner wing chair

best reading chair in classic style

Another stylish reading chair that will look great in your living room. It has an elegant mid-century design with clean lines made of strong black leather, so that regardless of your furnishing style, your room looks elegant and timeless. And at over 36 inches wide, this oversized reading chair is incredibly spacious.

It also features armrests for full functionality and a comfortable reading experience. In addition, the chair’s stainless steel legs and solid beech frame can withstand daily wear and tear. And while this isn’t a cheap reading chair, it is worth investing in in the long run.

Haotian rocking lounger

best reading chair options

This rocking lounger is another great option if you’re considering a bedroom reading chair. It’s a perfect rocking chair and lounger combo designed with a stylized silhouette in mind. This rocking reading chair has an elaborately designed wooden frame and a slim seat that is perfectly angled for a more comfortable sitting position.

The position can be adjusted to five different settings, so you can choose the best position that you feel most comfortable in. Best of all, this comfy reading chair has a built-in footrest so you can sit back with your feet up and enjoy your last reading.

Nubby Tweed Jack chair

best reading chairs tweed daybed

The Jack Chair from Schoolhouse impresses with its stylishly modern yet subtle everyday elegance and offers a spirited sophistication that defies its inconspicuous stature in every room – even better in picturesque corners (hello, reading corner!).

A carefully considered reproduction of an iconic vintage silhouette from the mid-century modern design movement, every detail – from the splayed dark hardwood legs and low-lying arms to the delicately tufted back cushion – conjures an ode to the hallmarks of the design style. The Jack chair has a sturdy wooden frame and ample upholstery. Thanks to its effortless and lasting beauty and comfort, it is the best reading chair for lovers of mid-century modern design.

Pompidou chair

affordable reading chair

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to create a wonderfully chic, yet playful, rounded chair that is perfect for a modern reading corner.

His Pompidou chair with canal tufts made of light and soothing Lucerne azure blue bouclé velvet, which is silky to the touch, will envelop you in irresistible comfort. High-gloss brass legs are reminiscent of a streamlined ode to Hollywood Regency styling and leave a smooth footprint. Make it a perfect reading chair for the compact corner that you found difficult to get the most out of.

William Chair

comfortable reading chair

The William chair is a beautifully tufted armchair in a subtle and unexpected, striped tobacco color designed by Kristen Buckingham and manufactured in Los Angeles. He also has to consider a matching ottoman.

A familiar heritage silhouette, high back, twisted legs with brass castors and down pillows ensure that it is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Heritage lounge chair

comfortable chairs

Although it looks completely contemporary, the timeless appeal of the Heritage Lounge Chair dates back to 1930 and signals it as a true masterpiece of modern design. The dusty, pale pink shade offers the highest level of comfort and organic construction and gives every reading corner a special charm. The unmistakable warm tone and the elegantly curved lines of the Heritage Chair testify to Frits Henningsen’s forward-looking silhouettes and his well-considered design. His Heritage chair is known to be inspired by natural materials. It immediately gives a calming calm, making it an excellent option for creating the perfect reading nook with an intimate feel.

Our designers were keen to suggest that the Heritage Chair’s beautiful silhouette should not be left in a restrictive corner, as it is best placed where its flowing lines and stately shape can be seen from all angles. With its beautiful details, feminine curves and the highest level of comfort, you will spend more time doing more than just reading as it is more than just an ordinary reading chair.

Hughes Apartment chair

comfortable chairs

Joybird’s little Hughes armchair with its classic button placket and stylishly tapered legs has an irresistibly modern sense of sophistication that challenges you to get up and out of it.

Irving armchair

stylish comfortable chairs

Pottery Barn is a true classic and a future heirloom. The dainty version of the traditional club chair reflects all of the comfort of the original, but on a smaller scale is perfect for a library, reading nook, den, or corner in a small room.

Combine it with a cozy, thickly knitted cream throw, a cashmere pillow and enough light, and you’re good to go.

Dries leather swing

elegant comfortable chairs

A mix of mid-century modern meets industrial chic, West Elm’s Dries leather rocking chair features supple chestnut-colored leather that is cleverly wrapped around a round metal frame to create a deeply comfortable seat.

Best of all, the premium leather chairs age beautifully with wear and tear and have an enviable patina for the perfect vintage-meets-industrial hybrid to ensure they go well with just about any design style or direction.

Capri swivel chair

small comfortable chair

From ABC Carpet & Home comes the timeless Capri swivel chair, which thanks to its light proportions, swiveling and nubby cream-colored upholstery is the perfect antidote to a flexible, low-lying reading corner.

Let the cream-colored upholstery serve as a stylish base to introduce color and needed accessories for reading nooks like vibrant throws, patterned pillows, and a handy side table or floor lamp.

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