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Portfolio Highlights

Decor Help San Francisco Portfolio Highlights

Looking ahead to the coming year, let’s take a look at our most-viewed portfolio highlights and favorite projects from 2018, carried out as inspiration by interior designers and renovation specialists at Décor Aid.

To celebrate, here’s a quick recap of our most popular projects, which you can browse for design hints and more.

1. A revitalized old Greenwich house

Decor help Greenwich Connecticut Portfolio Highlights

Where: Greenwich, Connecticut

With a sprawling home in Connecticut’s charming, chic, and historic Old Greenwich neighborhood, our client leaned on Décor Aid interior designer Urszula D. to give her young family home a warm and modern update.

Urszula offered a well-considered, inviting feeling that is unique thanks to subtle nuances and a sophisticated, stylish, contemporary design and easily withstood all passing trends for years.

2. A modern, high-touch residence in the San Francisco Four Seasons

Decor help San Francisco highlights

Where: San Francisco, CA.

Our clients, blessed with breathtaking views and a bright, open floor plan, wanted help creating a luxurious sanctuary of the highest style, away from the noise of the city, at the Four Seasons Residences in San Francisco.

Our client, an innovative developer in town, had hoped to design this house himself, but eventually realized he needed the wisdom of Decor Aid to create a look that fluted the mid-century with upscale updates that included are rich and seductive.

3. A dynamic makeover in Westchester

Decor help Westchester portfolio highlights

Where: Westchester, Connecticut

When our client’s family left Manhattan and moved to a much larger house, they turned to Decor Aid for help with furnishing and decorating the family’s new residence in Westchester.

Although she had already mastered decorating some of the rooms herself, she needed help sourcing and decorating the entire first floor of her sprawling home and wanted the family’s new home to reflect their tastes and lifestyle while remaining warm and minimal in spirit.

4. A second home for a New York executive on the go

Decor help New York City highlights

Where: New York City

After taking inspiration from her reinvented San Francisco Pied à Terre (below), a bicoastal executive returned to Décor Aid to build her new second home in New York City.

To keep her busy schedule a little more consistent, we’ve created a similar feel of the everyday transitional glamor so she can be comforted with great style on either coast.

5. Add an enviable charm to a San Francisco retreat

Decor Help San Francisco Portfolio Highlights

Where: San Francisco, CA.

With characterless residential buildings being built from coast to coast, Décor Aid interior designers are increasingly being asked to create a lavish, visually striking, and inspiring home than ever before.

To add a luxurious feel of personality and warmth to this boring and spartan San Francisco home compared to other generic apartments in the heart of the city, our designer was able to focus almost entirely on aesthetics and comfort as this is a less-used third home. Here the look has been kept clean and refreshing, with personalized notes being introduced throughout.

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