Pool House Plans

Pool house plans

If you are lucky enough to have a pool and space for a pool house, you are already envied around the world – so why not grab the gold and build a stunning pool house? A beautifully designed pool house is sure to evoke elegance and is a great way to complement your home and create an enviable garden.

Unlike your main house, a pool house can be as big or small as you want it to be, and lead to many inspired design directions. You can use your pool house plans to juxtapose a differently designed structure in the mix while ensuring that it compliments your pool perfectly. And if you are lucky enough to have enough space, you may only be able to include essential elements that you think your main residential structure is missing.

In order to design your dream pool house, you need to know which direction you want your pool house plans to go. Hence, the designers at Décor Aid suggest that you need to know exactly what you are going to use it for. Because you’re not just designing a pool house to relax by the pool. Do you need a changing room? Do you need a bedroom? A bathroom? A fun area? Maybe even a bar? Pool houses are often used as guest houses as well, so carefully selected and placed furniture and decorations are crucial in creating a relaxing and livable space. To inspire your pool alignment here, 15 fascinating pool houses ensure that your creative juices flow.

The glass house

Glass pool house plans

Include the greenhouse – design your pool house to let in as much natural light as possible, especially if you love to catch the sun. Fill your pool house with plants and you will soon feel like lazing around the pool in the tropics.

If you want ideas for a tropical pool house interior, equip it with comfy wicker patio furniture so you really bring in the exterior. A large sofa is also perfect for gazing at the stars through your glass ceiling, and lanterns add the perfect glow to this room.


rustic pool house plans

If your idea of ​​the perfect pool house is a little less fancy and a little livelier, how about pool house plans with a more rustic flair? Think about wood, a comfortable environment and a space to relax with family and friends.

A large table to relax and dine at with a view of the pool is perfect, and big wide doors for your family to run the pool house. You can also consider plans for a pool house with an attic so your whole family can relax together after a long day in the pool.

Luxury resort

modern minimal pool house plans

Make your afternoon by the pool a vacation with pool house plans suitable for a mini luxury resort. Think billowing white curtains, white walls and minimal furniture and feel like you are in a 5-star poolside villa. Pool house plans with a bar are essential here.

And a cocktail station wouldn’t look out of place so you can enjoy cocktails on your sundeck by the pool. All that’s missing is your personal waiter and a few canapés.


inspiring classic pool house plans

Think of dramatic columns and symmetry, French doors to the pool, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Having space for a classic style pool house can provide your guests with a large, airy space to entertain your guests. Ideas for furnishing a luxury pool house are a must here – you want the inside to do the outside justice. Think Versailles for inspiration and indulge in a beautiful classic style pool house.

Increase the romance factor with lanterns outside to bathe your pool in a warm glow. Add lots of greenery to the entrances and consider investing in a dramatic fountain to make an even bigger statement.

Mediterranean Sea-

Mediterranean pool house plans

A Mediterranean pool house is perfect for entertaining guests in a relaxed atmosphere. Think gorgeous open plan pool house plans with a large kitchen area so you can serve up delicious snacks for an evening by the pool. Fill your pool house with relaxed, eclectic Mediterranean decor, pops of color, and lots of neutral colors to make it feel like a calming oasis.

And when you have enough space, consider bedroom pool house plans to serve guests after a day at the pool. Additionally, this is a great addition to your home when you want guests to stay overnight as your pool house can serve as an elegant guest house.

Go boho

bohemian pool house plans

Relaxed boho vibe is perfect for a pool house; whether you need small ideas for pool houses, plans for pool houses with living areas or plans for pool houses with bathrooms. Fortunately, a boho vibe is flexible when it comes to what to do with your pool house.

Don’t hesitate to bring in lots of color, texture, and multicultural juxtapositions, as well as plenty of space to relax and unwind, for ideas on how to furnish a boho pool house.

Traditional country house

Country house pool house plans

A quaint little cottage at the end of your yard next to your pool is one of the coziest pool house plans when comfort is key. This is a great idea when thinking of pool house plans with guest living quarters. Make your guests feel like a home away from home by adding warm, soothing color schemes to your bedroom pool house plans.

And just think about how quaint flower beds with garden plants surrounding your pool and pool house create a quintessentially British cottage feel.

Open to elements

open pool house plans

A pool house that is open to the elements is great when you have room for small pool house ideas or when you are focused on having more room for entertainment. If you keep the sides open, you have great views of the pool and plenty of space for evening drinks.

While an open floor plan won’t work when you are considering pool house plans with bathrooms, it’s perfect if you are on a budget. You can also create a stylish wood structure with climbing ivy that will blend in seamlessly with your garden and provide the perfect indoor and outdoor space.

Small but beautifully shaped

small pool house plans

Don’t worry if your pool house plans are small. There is a lot you can do in a small space while still getting a great, functional pool house. Pool house plans with living spaces won’t work if you only have a small work area, but there’s no reason you can’t create a space with a bathroom and locker room and seating and storage.

Glass doors open up a small room, as do light colors and well thought-out furniture. You may even be able to edit small pool house plans with a bar – albeit with a microbar.

Corner pool house

contemporary pool house plans

Pool house plans that extend around the corner of your pool rather than just one side are great if you’re into entertainment. Located on the corner, your pool house has a breathtaking view of the pool and the space is suitable for pool house plans with a bar.

You can center your bar in the middle of the room and have areas to relax, eat and relax. Pool house plans with a bathroom in the back will work well here too, with your dressing room right around the way. If you love barbecuing, why not consider pool house plans with an outdoor kitchen?

A multifunctional hub

Multi Hub Pool House Plans 2019

When it comes to dynamic and thoroughly modern pool house plans, the sky’s the limit, but the reality is that the best settings for pool house living are those with the most advanced design concepts that are sure to benefit everyday life.

While the lighting of the pool house shown above may be a bit too clumsy, our interior designers found that it probably has the best concept of all due to its multi-wing feel that allows for certain activities in a beautifully realized zone. There are enough areas for cooking and eating, for entertaining and lazing around, and for playing. And with an open floor plan, everything flows together wonderfully. When it comes to your own clever pool house ideas, follow this lead and rinse out areas that will stylishly house any activities you want to introduce outdoors.

The source of the water features

Water play pool house plans 2019

Increase the value of your investment by adding some exceptional water features that will captivate guests with their breathtaking beauty. To preserve the look, study historical landmarks from water features for inspiration and examine which features will benefit your everyday life without requiring too much maintenance or overall cost.

Whether you want to add pool houses or something similar like a simple gazebo or pergola, a water feature like a fountain, spout or a dramatic waterfall is sure to make your yard and pool house more memorable.

A reused shipping container

Shipping container pool house plans

If you are looking for affordable pool house plans that are sure to be unique to your home, consider using a shipping container for a state-of-the-art variant that is less polluting when installed.

Repurposed shipping container pool house ideas make a great forward-looking design addition to even the most traditional of homes, are cheaper to build and build, are faster to work on than regular construction, and best of all, mostly a tremendous amount of extra space to store your house Making pool house plans large enough to boast guest rooms while also functioning as a guest house.

A small pool house

small pool house plans 2019

While our team of interior designers don’t deserve to keep talking about tiny houses taking over traditional homes, they make for extraordinary pool house designs when working with smaller gardens. Note that the one shown above is just the right size for the size of the pool it surrounds while also having enough space to function as a covered seating area and guest suite.

Take a cue and explore smart ways to make sure every style of pool house will work for your yard and home. We also recommend that you note how the exterior of the pool house mirrors the rest of the main house as well as the walkway surrounding the pool for a unified look that overall makes everything appear much larger than it is while still remaining nifty to boot.

Flanked by pergolas

two pergola pool house plans

If you’re looking for stylish pool house plans that have a touch of old-world romantic everyday elegance, the addition of a pergola or two will make all the visual difference.

By adding two pergolas to your small pool house designs, you’re instantly adding the symmetry you need while creating the perfect area to bring in grape vines for a real nod to the glamor of the Mediterranean.

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