Pink Color Trend

Pink Color Trend

Pink and brass sofa

It is difficult to imagine a color that is more divisive than pink. For a hue known for its lightness comes a surprising amount of baggage – vehement supporters and critics, knee-jerk associations (some good and others bad), and a meaning that always seems to be in flux. Despite its filthy history – or perhaps because of it – pink seems to have become the color of the day that graces the pages of avant-garde decoration magazines, the walls of overstylish homes, and the designs of some of today’s most promising manufacturers. What used to be considered a downright “soft” choice is now the boldest statement of the year. From furniture to wall colors, these are fourteen of our favorite ways to incorporate pink into your own interior design plans.

Pink and marble walls

Pink and marble living room design

Paired with high-quality materials such as marble and copper, the color pink creates a calming, luxurious look. Styled by Jessica Hanson. Photo by Sam McAdam-Cooper. About imagination.

Pink steel watch

pink round clock

Pink side chair

pink side chair gray walls

Pink Wire side table

pink wire side table

Pink and brass sofa

modern sofa made of pink and brass

Pink glass vase

pink glass vase

Pink knitted sofa

pink knit sofa

Pink tray

pink and brass tray

Pink grasshopper lamp

pink grasshopper lamp

Pink swatches

pink wall paint pattern

Pink armchair

pink chair white living room design

Pink tray table

Mid-century pink rolling table

Rosa Jacobsen chair

Rosa Jacobsen chair modern living room design

Dusty pink chairs

round, powdery pink chairs

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