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Outdoor Summer Decor Ideas

Outdoor Summer Decor Ideas

Outdoor summer decor ideas 2019

With summer approaching, it’s time to think about and plan your summer outdoor decorations. Summer decor ideas for the outdoors are a great way to make the most of your space during the summer months and to make your garden a luxurious place to play and enjoy, where you can spend time with your friends and family and still sit back and relax can be more refined style.

And according to the interior designers at Décor Aid, these are some of the best outdoor summer decor ideas for 2019 to consider for your home and future outdoor upgrade. So much so that we bet you will enjoy them for years to come.

Bohemian luxe

Outdoor summer decor ideas bohemian style

When it comes to creating the perfectly stylish outdoor space, orientate yourself towards your own taste in interior design and bring your favorite design style outdoors. From a lusciously decadent version of bohemian grandeur filled with chic, ethnically inspired garb, to a subtle, minimal moment, there’s no reason not to add personality to your own garden.

Just make sure to bring these decorative accessories with you when you are not using them so that you can better avoid sun and water damage.

Custom built-in components

Outdoor Summer Decor Ideas Custom Built Ins

If you have a decent budget for outdoor summer decorations, consider investing in an forever-chic set of built-in outdoor furniture. The setup is unique to your home and increases the potential resale value. Even better is the fact that everything is safe so you don’t have to worry about things falling over or flying away.

In addition, choosing custom-made patio furniture will make it easier for you to fit whatever you want into the room, no matter how small – there are smart solutions available from a trusted home renovation expert.

An affordable multipurpose structure

Outdoor Summer Decor Ideas Brick Shed

A first look at this stunning perforated brick structure triggers two immediate reactions: the first is how amazing and unique it looks, the second is how easy and affordable it must have been to create.

So if you have enough space to work, consider creating your own multipurpose structure with a similar simplicity. Thanks to its general design, it can be used for almost anything. From additional storage to the perfect place to host events, stay in the know.

Water feature

Outdoor summer decor ideas water feature

Elevate your summer outdoor decor ideas with a classic water feature with modern materials and colors like a flat, black, matte finish. Not only will it feel soothing every day, but it will also be a luxurious addition to any well-reviewed garden. And it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

Our interior designers loved how simple, yet visually bold and effective the aforementioned outdoor water feature is.

Classic pergola

Outdoor summer decor ideas Classic pergola

Nothing beats the romantic, Mediterranean-inspired feel of a classic wooden pergola hanging over you. Use yours to block out the sun’s rays and keep the fun outdoors feeling polished and intimate.

And make sure you bring plenty of dramatic vines to grow and wrap around.

Open plan

Outdoor summer decor ideas open plan

If you live in an area that has a warm year-round climate, invest in sliding or accordion glass doors to make your outdoor space appear larger while enjoying the best of both worlds.

Glass pergola

Outdoor summer decor ideas glass pergola

While the idea of ​​a pergola is nothing entirely new when it comes to summer outdoor decor, opting for a weatherproof glass alternative that while not blocking the sun still helps keep leaves and dirt out is infinitely cool.

Planters group

Outdoor summer decor ideas planter group

For a visually appealing feeling of consistency, grouping plants in different scales in matching containers gives your summer outdoor decor a sense of uniformity. And it will keep the eye calm and moving.

Rattan hammock

Outdoor summer decor ideas rattan hammock

Enjoying a balmy afternoon in a hammock is a surefire way to enjoy your time outdoors, and even better when you get one with a sturdy rattan construction. Because at some point we were all mutilated at least once and fell out of woven hammocks.

Charming courtyard

Outdoor summer decor ideas courtyard

If you have a big budget for summer outdoor decor, investing in a memorable courtyard feel will infinitely increase the resale value of your home. And at the end of the day you will never want to leave the idyllic borders.

Glass tree house

Outdoor summer decor ideas glass tree house

This innovative glass tree house with majestic simplicity was an all-time favorite of the Décor Aid team. It looks absolutely cool and inspiring to say the least.

That said, there’s no denying that this will be a costly addition to your outdoor space and one that will be difficult to find – so leave it to the professionals you bring along to get it right with their wisdom.

Fully equipped outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Summer Decor Ideas Fully Equipped Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens with a wide range of appliances and work areas are sure to help you have the most pleasant time outdoors. And again, a bespoke unit will cost a lot, but one that will pay off for years to come.

glass wall

Outdoor summer decor ideas glass wall

Glass walls are a stunning alternative to wooden privacy fences that don’t block view or light but keep pesky intruders like animals and rodents out.

Diverse, lush garden

Outdoor summer decor ideas garden

Take a cue from fashion designer Dries Van Noten’s lush botanical gardens and add a wild mix of blooms to your outdoor summer decor must-dos.

Convertible structure

Outdoor summer decor ideas convertible structure

Whether as a guest house or just for entertainment – the cool charm of this modern convertible exterior structure with retractable roof and glass walls is undisputed.

Wooden pavilion

Outdoor summer decor ideas wood gazebo

Another summer decor outdoors, a classic wooden pavilion or a classic wooden construction, withstands all kinds of weather and is inexpensive to manufacture.

Smart tents

Outdoor summer decor ideas tents

If you’re looking for something less durable that is easier to move around, consider sleek tents as a great alternative to your summer outdoor decor. 

Take those inside, outside

Outdoor summer decor ideas furniture

There is no reason why your garden or patio area doesn’t feel like a comfortable living room. So don’t be shy when it comes to outdoor summer decor and you want to take the indoor spaces outside with you. This idea is really simple and easy to replicate. All you have to do is imagine an outdoor version of a living room – think waterproof, comfortable sofas, armchairs, outdoor rugs, and end tables.

If your outdoor space is covered, such ideas for summer outdoor decorations are very easy (since you don’t have to worry as much about the weather and sun). If it’s not covered up then don’t worry, there are plenty of weatherproof options that don’t miss out on great style.

Coastal theme   

Outdoor summer decor ideas seaside theme

Okay, this idea isn’t brand new. We will admit that it is not a new style for outdoor summer decor ideas 2019, but it is still one of the best and most timeless. A coastal theme with colors inspired by the sea has been a perfect idea for decorating porches for decades, and there are good reasons for it.

There is something about the coastal design that is inherently relaxing and perfect for any outdoor space. The mix of blue and white will take you to the beach and nautical accessories will transform your outdoor summer decorating ideas into an oasis.


Outdoor summer decor ideas terrazzo

Terrazzo is making a comeback. Don’t worry, you won’t be transported back to the 70s – terrazzo keeps it stylish and is sneaking back into fashion. We believe it will have a firm place in 2019 when it comes to summer outdoor decor ideas. It’s something a little different and it lives up to the need for texture and almost replicates a mosaic design.

Terrazzo is great for patio floors or a tiled area of ​​your outdoor space. There are also some great terrazzo flower pots and outdoor accessories that are the perfect base to brighten up your outdoor summer decor with plants and flowers.

Color, color, color

colorful outdoor summer decor ideas

For a while, outdoor summer decor has relied heavily on a muted color palette and soft hues. If neutral and soft colors are not your inspiration, consider the trendiest decorating ideas for summer. Hits of bold, unforgettable color. It’s time to step on board with bright and bold patio furniture, vibrant patterned cushions, and punchy hues in the form of textiles, flower pots, and flowers.

Once you are comfortable with a paintbrush, you can try updating your current patio furniture with a bold coat of paint to create a vibrant summer outdoor decor that is sure to be energized.

Chic lantern lighting

Outdoor summer decor ideas lanterns

Once the sun has set, every outdoor space needs to be lit, and there is no better way to do it than with charming lantern lighting. The great thing about lanterns is that you can get them in all shapes and sizes, and in pretty much any color you want. That means you can perfectly combine your lantern lighting with your current summer outdoor decor.

Lanterns are a fun and stylish way to light up your outdoor space. You can go for an all white look for a chic and classic look, or a rainbow of colors for something more vibrant and playful. They’re also great for those big summer barbecues you plan on and are perfect for decorating ideas for summer outdoor parties.

Fairy lights

Outdoor summer decor ideas fairy lights

Fairy lights are another great way to light up your outdoor space. The fairy lights look more delicate than lanterns in the evening when the lightbulbs are on and everyone is sitting around laughing. Plus, they look great during the day too. Fairy lights come in all sorts of colors, with bulbs of different sizes and shapes, and soft or bright light.

Whatever works best with your other outdoor summer decor ideas, string lights lighting is an inexpensive way to light up any outdoor space. They’re also great for creating an intimate dining area or setting around a porch.

Hanging bed swing

Swing outdoor summer decor ideas

If you love relaxing in the warmth of the garden with a good book, a swing with a hanging bed should be a must. A hanging bed swing adds a special touch of luxury to your outdoor summer decor and provides a space where you can relax and take a moment from a busy day. Hang your hanging bed on the ceiling of your porch, out of the sun, for a calming spot in the shade.

Or hang it somewhere to soak up some sun so you can bask in the glorious warmth – wherever you hang your bed, we guarantee this will be one of your favorite outdoor decorating ideas for the summer.

Cozy fireplace

modern outdoor summer decor ideas fireplace

Those summer nights can still get a little chilly as they end, and there’s no better way to fend off the evening chill than with a fire pit. Fire pits are ideal for both extra warmth and light, so you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company late into the night. A fireplace is a good way to be surrounded by plenty of comfortable seating. So choose some luxury outdoor sofas and chairs to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible.

There are tons of great fire pit designs that will blend in perfectly with your summer outdoor decor, from cast iron to brick, rock to concrete – you can easily find one that is perfect for your yard.   

Build a tree house

Outdoor summer decor ideas modern tree house

There is no addition to your outdoor summer decor more fun than a tree house. Kids and adults will have hours of fun relaxing and playing in a tree house, and it’s a great place to hang out with your family in the evenings. Tree houses can look as good as they are fun. So you have plenty of opportunity to combine them with the rest of the decoration ideas for summer outdoors.

Paint your tree house an exciting color or choose a neutral or pastel color to keep the space calm. Allow your children to get involved in creating the summer outdoor decor of your new tree house by developing the perfect tree house design.

Chic shed

modern outdoor summer decor ideas shed

Just because your shed is a place to work and practical doesn’t mean it can’t be part of your summer outdoor decor. Dandruff usually takes up a lot of space. So why not paint your shed a stunning shade to make it part of your summer outdoor decor ideas? For example, we love the visual strength of this matte black shed that looks completely contemporary and intriguingly cool.

Hang outside mirrors on the side of your shed to make a feature of it to make your yard feel bigger and look brighter. You can even use your shed to display plants and flowers by hanging up small, quirky pots with pretty blooms.

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