Mission Style Furniture

Mission Style Furniture

Mission style furniture is a design that puts stress on simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that make more noticeable wood grain, especially often oak or quarter sawn oak. Stickley produced furniture for arts and crafts called mission furniture. Quarter sawn Oak is the signature wood for mission furniture. This exclusive furniture is made for ordering and available in solid oak, maple, walnut and cherry wood. Another type of oak used for this piece of furniture is French oak. This is hardwood furniture and lasts for many years. Cherry furniture when exposed to sun change changes color. There are countless agencies, furniture, bedside tables for sale. Walnut is dark brown wood that is used to make mission furniture. The furniture lasts a long time but is expensive.

What is the use of Mission Furniture?

Mission style furniture is generally designed for bungalow type houses that have woodwork that is simple and common. Common walls are ideal for mission furniture. Simple patterns of furniture in furniture templates complement the natural grain of the wood and produce beautiful furniture that is perfect for any room in the house. It is attractive and compliments all the furnishings.

Disadvantages of Mission Style furniture

The biggest drawback of this furniture is the cost that is due to the resources dropping. It requires care and maintenance. It must be polished regularly after a few years to maintain its beauty. The benefits do not exceed the disadvantages, the biggest problem is the high cost.