Miami Interior Design

Miami Interior Design

Bathtub master bath

Miami is a city where you want to dress up, look good and, overall, just bring it with you. This elevated stance extends to interior design too, where chic elegance outperforms relaxed comfort every day. This effortlessly nifty Miami design could make you want to upgrade your home decor … and sit up a little straighter while you’re at it.

The best of Miami’s modern interior design combines the city’s elegant, artistic vibe while highlighting the city’s beautiful scenery. White walls, neutral pallets, and warm wood accents let the homeowners’ art collections and ocean views shine.

Morning room

white morning room

A gallery wall made of black and white fashion photos appears in the polished white room and sets a glamorous tone in the room. The modern white chair leather is the standout piece, and the glossy floors beautifully reflect the sculptural chrome legs. Shades of blue and oranges keep the room from looking too cold and add some Miami flair to the room. About Haus Schön


tufted bench bedroom

Sometimes the rooms that appear deceptively simple are the most richly layered and cleverly designed. In this master bedroom in Miami, gold textured wallpaper gives the room a luxurious richness while highlighting the vaulted ceiling. The texture of the wall cladding is enhanced by the various points of light in the room, which include a pendant lamp, two side tables and a recessed lamp above the bed. The dramatic tufted bench at the foot of the bed contrasts with the clean lines of the other furniture in the room. About dominoes

dining room

Dining room with white painted walls

The décor of the dining room of this high-rise in Miami is an impressive combination of traditional and modern design elements. The classic white upholstered wooden armchairs contrast with the minimalist dining table. Lacquered walls and a large piece of mirror art reflect the light and further illuminate the already sunny room. Over the porch

living room

double high windows living room

The floor-to-ceiling windows of this double-height living room maximize the property’s breathtaking ocean views. Plants, a tree trunk side table and a coffee table made of reclaimed wood integrate organic elements into the design. The color palette of the room highlights the outdoor environment, like the cushions on the ivory sofas, which come in a variety of shades of green. About luxury.


white kitchen wood floors

Stainless steel appliances and minimalist white cabinets add a modern touch to this penthouse kitchen. Light from the wall of the floor-to-ceiling windows reflects off the gleaming cabinets and modern tables and chairs. Wooden floors add some warmth to the room. Via Architectural Digest


Master bath with tub

An elegant bathtub sits on a wooden platform and creates a calm, spa-like atmosphere in this elegant bathroom. The neutral palette focuses on the incredible water views outside of the bathroom. A mid-century-inspired floating vanity adds to the sleek, minimalist look of the room. About Home Adore