Monday , 12 September 2022
Metallic Home Accesories

Metallic Home Accesories

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In addition to our love of mirrors to bring light and shine into every room, we also rely on metallics to give a project just the right glamor. Our designers recommend using metallics to bring extra light into a room. While metallics are used sparingly, they can feel luxurious, but too much shine can transform your space into a home that only Liberace would be comfortable in. Here are their tips to get it right, and below are some examples.

In the picture: our airy urban retreat in Manhattan

Using Metallics at Home

Use a light hand

Keep your metallics at home with the accent pieces and not the large pieces of furniture. So metallic lamps are great, while a large metallic dining table feels a bit over the top.

Don’t be afraid to try a little DIY

With so many awesome spray paint options, you can add a touch of bling to almost any piece. Keep other furniture neutral. Your other furniture should act as a backdrop for your metallic accents that don’t rival them. So keep the large parts neutral so that they don’t overwhelm the space.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals

If you’re nervous about mixing metals, stick with similar tones – stick silver and chrome together if you like cool metals or brass, copper and gold for a warmer look.

Decide on your goal

You can change the feel of the metal in the room depending on the surface style. Brightly polished metals feel more glamorous, while brushed metals have a more casual rustic look.