Living Room Remodel Ideas

Living Room Remodel Ideas

Living room remodel ideas 2019

If you’re looking to get your home updated in 2019, the interior designers at Décor Aid recently shared their favorite living room remodeling ideas so we can inspire your next room freshen up with confidence and ease.

If upgrading one of your most used common spaces is one of your New Year design resolutions, you’re sure to find plenty of alluring inspirational pointers here that include the top living room remodeling trends of 2019 to fuel your creative energy.

Living room remodel ideas

Make it look as big as possible

sustainable living room remodel ideas

If you have a large group of common spaces to work with, our renovation specialists recommend investing in advantageous building works to make the area feel much bigger than ever. If you open up the floor plan and remove some walls, for example to combine your living and dining room with or without a kitchen, your home will be bigger and brighter.

Update where you type

Entrance living room remodel ideas

Go into your living room for inspiration and look at the first impression it gives and how it makes you feel about what you like, dislike and want to see instead.

Since first impressions are often made within seconds, this is a good starting point for thinking about remodeling living spaces.

Update Windows and Treatments

Window treatment living room ideas

Since window treatments are expensive investments that feel tired over time, consider what to see in their place and go for a timeless style like the one in the room pictured above.

Opting for a more classic route will help you make better use of your window treatments over time. Since they are such an important feature in any living room, the slimmer and slimmer they are, the better.

Add stamped tin plates

Ceiling living room remodel ideas

Add a touch of vintage everyday glamor to your home with a luxuriously decadent and decorative sheet metal ceiling that will make your home unique while also increasing its resale value.

You can also use sheet metal panels to create sound games throughout the living room that never look out of date on an accent wall or border, for example.

Update your color palette

Color palette living room remodel ideas

When it comes to key ideas for freshening up the living room, start with a color palette that you instinctively feel like living with for years to come. Our interior designers recommend timeless neutral colors and color schemes with no more than four colors.

When you start with a timeless neutrality, you can go in any design direction that feels right without fear of being dictated by a particular scheme or style.

Create the look of extra space

Mirror living room remodel ideas

When it comes to a room, it’s always worth making it look bigger than it really is. And when it comes to smart home remodeling ideas, there are a few different ways to make your living room feel as big as possible.

To do this, paint your ceiling white, bring a large area rug, and statement pieces like beautifully detailed mirrors or a chandelier to make it feel gorgeous and more memorable. Mirrors are also an affordable and easy-to-source alternative that you can easily swap out as the trends progress. Plus, you can put mirrors in interesting places to work as conversation starters that will make your home all the more unique to you.

Living room decor updates

Sliding doors

Decorating guide living room remodel ideas

Interior doors are one of the best living room remodel ideas in 2019 for a reason. When opened, they take up less space than your traditional double door, making your space look cleaner and “put together”.

Traditional doors often don’t offer much expression for design, but sliding doors are different. If you want, they can become a feature or blend seamlessly into the background. Even better if it’s glass, so that your living room appears larger and doesn’t block light.

Metallic side tables

Living room remodel ideas side tables

Easily movable metal side tables are a great way to introduce high-gloss reflective surfaces and add glamor to any living room. They’re a great way to create a stunning impact in a luxurious way, and they’re also an essential way to add a touch of elegance and luxury to a small living room remodel, especially if you’re not redesigning the entire space.

Metal side tables with glass or marble tops also help keep areas from feeling blocked, for a much brighter look. Best of all, you can easily get an inexpensive one for a quick living room freshener.

70s retro inspired

70's retro living room remodel ideas

By now, it should come as no surprise that the retro-inspired mid-century modern trend of the 70s continues to rule in 2019 as the timeless design direction continues to inspire. You can experience the 70s for a real retro feel or just add a few retro touches and accessories to your living room remodel.

Choose wallpaper with a retro pattern and combine it with accessories and furniture that are reminiscent of that time. Complete the look with a vintage wooden sideboard and some orange or green velvet upholstery.

Velvet upholstery

Redesign your living room with ideas

Ah, velvet, where would we be without you? Certainly not in 2019, that’s for sure. Velvet didn’t let up in 2018 and that won’t change. It’s decadent, luxurious, and there is no better fabric for upholstery than rich velvet.

Although neutral velvet creates an extremely polished look, elegant, shimmering velvet jewel tones give your living room the depth and color it needs. Whether you prefer a large sofa and comfy chairs or just a couple of pillows for a small living room remodeling, consider velvet making as a stylish destination that is well worth the investment.

Blush tones

blush tone living room remodel ideas

Think of 2019 as the year of the calming and timeless blush. They were trending over the course of 2018 and will adopt them by the beginning of 2019.

If you fill a room with several pink-blushing hues, this is a foolproof alternative to bold colors that never go out of style. Blush tones are effective and soft at the same time, but without ever being overbearing. And our interior designers expect more and more blush tones to appear in many living room remodeling trends in 2019.


chic living room remodel ideas

Biophilia essentially means “bringing in the outside”. The ideas for remodeling the living room 2019 are full of inspiring homages to nature and nature. Whether by using a natural material, an earthy tone, or adding plants to your living room, biophilia is sure to have an impact.

Choose natural, sustainable fabrics and furniture to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also master the trend cost-effectively by using easy-care plants that also purify the air in your living room and recharge the energy at the same time.

Earthy tones

Earth tone living room remodel ideas

Earthy tones couldn’t look better for a life-enhancing remodel of the living room. They are soft, warm, calming and cozy and no room is better suited for this than the living room. Autumnal hues – browns, greens, oranges, purples and reds come together with neutral colors to create an autumnal fantasy of an oasis.

The more natural and earthy you can go the better – take a welcome break from the cool tones of the past while keeping minimal in mind for the perfect starting point for starting a living room refreshment.

Geometric pattern

colorful living room remodel ideas

Geometric patterns are a great way to bring timeless statement patterns to any room in your home – wallpaper, carpets, mirrors, art, prints and furniture are giving in and taking on the geometric trend. Obvious, low key, bold, or subtle geometric patterns work well in large and small living rooms for reshaping ideas alike.

Metallic accents in geometric wallpaper are also a surefire way to create stunning walls, accompanied by a contrasting geometric rug for a juxtaposition of brilliant patterns.

Soothing pastel tones

Pastel living room remodel ideas

This trend is super comforting; They’re bolder than pastel shades and will add an extra level of depth and color to your living room remodeling ideas. For a deliciously decorated living room, use multiple colors of makeup in a room, separated with a little white or a light neutrality.

Oranges, pinks, greens and blues are combined to help you create a living room that is boldly original without appearing stubborn or aggressive.

Floral wallpaper

Flower wallpaper living room remodel ideas

Who is still looking forward to a comeback of the floral wallpaper? We were beginning to worry that, thanks to today’s climate for spartan interiors and restrained design, we would never see it again. The braver the better when it comes to floral wallpapers for your living room remodeling.

Don’t be afraid of floral wallpaper when looking for small living room remodeling ideas, as there are stylish wallpaper that will make any living room remodel feel more lively while adding the personality of the space.

Deep, dark color

dark color living room remodel ideas

We see ever darker colors in living room design and in infinitely inspiring ways. Not just a shiny black or deep blue accessory here and there, but extensive walls in deep, strong colors.

We enjoy how these dark colors can be surprisingly soft and calming while being powerful and aggressive at the same time. In addition, dark walls create a great contrast to white furniture and patterns.


sustainable living room remodel ideas

Sustainability is high on the list when it comes to living room remodeling in 2019, and for good reason. Our customers are increasingly concerned about where materials and products come from, how they are made and what impact these processes have on the environment. The more you focus on sustainability, the less negative you will have on the environment.

That means not only choosing items that are sustainably sourced, but also carefully choosing where to buy your furniture and thinking about the kind of shopping experiences and handcrafted items that you want available to you in the future.

Memphis design

Living room remodel ideas Memphis

The return of bright, graphic and often playful Memphis design has been something our interior designers have been looking forward to when it comes to living room remodeling, as this has long been forgotten since the ’80s. We are excited to see how the primary colors, graphic shapes and smooth lines of Memphis design explode and set a distinctive mark for home remodeling in 2019.

Due to the colorful hues and fascinating shapes of the era, it is perfect for large and small living rooms to redesign ideas equally. Add a sense of inflammatory personality with Memphis-inspired finds that will make your home even more unique.

Maximalist art

Minimal art living room remodel ideas

2019 will be the year of maximalist art and we look forward to seeing it more and more in modern living room remodel trends. Imagine bright colors and patterns and large format art. Graphics covering an entire wall would have been considered invasive and intrusive in the past, but no longer with this trend.

Go bold and bring in works of art that will spark conversation and add a new sense of originality and personality to your living room.

Jewel tones

Jewel clay living room remodel ideas

We love a jewel tone as much as the next person and where better to install jewel tones than in your living room? Jewel tones have a permanent place in living room remodeling trends 2019, and for good reason. They give every room a touch of luxury and have the unique spirit with which you feel comfortable, cozy and cocooned even in a traditionally cooler color.

They also go well with almost any design style, from rustic to minimal.

Acrylic coffee tables

Living room remodel ideas coffee table

Acrylic furniture gives your living room the practical functionality it needs without taking up the available visual space. An acrylic coffee table fits well in a small living room – the clear material opens up your room and makes the space feel less cluttered.

If you want your space to be less busy, acrylic tables are a great way to make your living room look bigger and brighter than it is.

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