Living Room Paint Ideas

Living Room Paint Ideas

contemporary ideas for living room colors

If you want to beautify your living room with a fresh coat of paint and are looking for interior design ideas, you’ve come to the right place – we have 9 great living room color ideas for you. A fresh coat of paint will give your living room a new life and we all know how big the difference that coat of paint makes.

Your living room is one of the most visible and most used rooms in your home. Here you host guests and can pass on your personality and taste to friends and family. Whether you’re looking for a bold, vibrant sense of design or something more calming and minimal, your living room color ideas should be unique to you.

The great thing about color is that it’s affordable and easy to make yourself. This makes them an inexpensive option if you are on a budget. You can opt for something bold and bright, something calm and collected, or something completely unexpected. Whatever your plans, take a look at these 9 amazing ideas for a DIY living room paint.

Get inspiration from these clever living room color ideas that will make it easy to transform one of the most important rooms in your home.

Painted a mural

modern mural living room paint ideas

Painting a mural on your wall is a great way to update your living room paintwork with something different. If you already have your own design, have it recreated on your wall or ask an artist to come up with something. If there is a particular piece of art that you like, you can base your mural on it, or even have a photo that you took recreate in color.

The possibilities are endless. Let the mural reflect your personality. If you’re interested in comics, why not have a comic strip painted on your wall. Or a giant unicorn? Whatever you choose, make sure the mural matches the rest of the room and doesn’t look out of place – you don’t want it to become the focal point of your room for the wrong reasons.

Geometric shapes

geometric living room paint ideas

Geometric living room color is all the rage right now. From a wall with bold geometric blocks of color to a subtle gray and white Tetris atmosphere. Ideas for geometric living room colors are exploding on the scene. Popular living room colors for geometric color designs are gray and white, pastel and contrasting colors.

Your design doesn’t have to be loud. It could be subtle light gray chevrons on a white wall or a few free shades of color painted in large blocks. If you want your design to really make noise, try bold colors broken up by white lines. Take the time to plan your design on paper before you even think about getting your brush out.

Color blocking

Color block living room interior design guide

Color blocking is a great way to introduce modern color schemes for living room designs. That way, you can bring in some bright pops of color to make your space more lively, or introduce contrasting deep tones for a touch of luxury. You can introduce blocks of color around the art to highlight the parts hanging on the wall.

You can color a focal point around a focal point in the room, e.g. B. an archway or a fireplace. Or you can make something more mundane like shelves, lighting, and even furniture an interesting point. This doesn’t have to be done in an obvious or prominent way, you can do it with neutral, less aggressive colors. Popular living room colors for color blocking range from gray to mailbox red – your living room is your oyster.

Ombre walls

Ombre living room color ideas

When you think of “modern living room color schemes”, ombre might be the answer. Just like with ombre hair or decorating ombre cakes, ombre living room color starts with one color and continues into the next and the next and so on. There are a few ways you can deal with this. You can choose two colors and fade from dark below and light above – let’s say pink to white?

Or you can choose multiple colors and fade from one to the other – maybe more of a sunset mood? It may seem like your ombre living room color ideas could potentially materialize, but with a little thought and planning, you can achieve what ombre look you have when shopping for living room colors. Cut off your wall, pick your colors, and make sure you mix the transition between colors well. Easy right?

Bright colors

bright living room paint ideas

Brights are always popular living room colors. Happy tones do wonders for brightening up a dull room and creating a more playful atmosphere. Living room color doesn’t have to be neutral and harmless, it can be on your face and loud.

Paint walls in bold tones and be sure to split the color with contrasting furniture and floors. Blue and white make for a dramatic look, and splashes of orange bring it all together.

Dark colours

dark living room paint ideas

When it comes to small living room colors, you’d be surprised to hear that the darker they are, the better. We’re not saying all walls should be painted black, but painting a wall a dark, luxurious color can make your space feel bigger by adding depth.

Stripes in bold

striped living room color ideas

Bold stripes add focus to a room and pop up everywhere in living room color ideas. Horizontal stripes make a wall appear wider, while a vertical stripe makes it appear longer.

If you have art, why not opt ​​for a large strip on the wall to hang your art on? Use contrasting living room colors for this so it really pops.

Feature wall

Accent wall living room color ideas

You might think a feature wall sounds like an old-fashioned idea, but think again. Gone are the stencils of the 90s and the popular living room colors magnolia and mocha. A feature wall can be loud and proud and can have any of the living room color ideas on our list.

Feature walls draw attention to them. So place one at the opposite end of a room to make the room appear longer, or use it to draw attention away from something you want to hide.

White, white, white

white living room ideas

White should be high on your list of colors for small living room colors. White makes even the smallest rooms look spacious. While white living room color doesn’t really make your room look bigger, it certainly does help make your room look bigger. When a room is painted white it becomes more difficult for the eye to see where one wall ends and another wall begins, making the room appear larger than it is.

White is also excellent at reflecting light, making rooms appear larger. Just make sure you add some color with accessories so your space doesn’t look clinical.

Accent wall

Living room colors accentuate wall ideas

If you’re looking for a bold hue that can overwhelm a room when used on all walls, an accent wall is a great alternative when you’re considering the best living room color ideas to instantly add color and a dramatic focal point in to create any space.

The walls with the best accents highlight architectural elements or a well-reviewed collection of artwork. Plus, an accent wall doesn’t have to be limited to one solid hue, as you can create patterns that do a great job of blending the colors of a room.

Contrast ceiling

Living room color paints ceiling

We bet you’ve never thought of updating your ceiling when you consider living room color ideas an often overlooked surface. By painting a statement shade over your head, you can make any room look more dynamic by contrasting it with your walls for the ultimate effect.

If settling on a boldly tinted blanket seems too daunting, go down a softer route and consider a more subtle, sobering hue. Or you can brighten an all-white room with a vibrant, highly effective color. However, if your ceiling is low, choose a calming tone like powdery gray or blue to make them look taller by tricking the eye into believing the room is bigger than it really is.

Painted floors

Living room color colors flooring

When thinking about memorable living room color ideas, it can sometimes be unique to think outside the box to produce unexpected but fascinating results. Do you have wooden or concrete floors that could use an inexpensive update? Why not paint your floors with popular living room colors to really make them stand out?

Painting your floors can open up endless, inspiring design options, especially if you choose a color that isn’t neutral when you want to paint or stain your concrete floors with popular living room colors. When it comes to living room color ideas, a bold, solid, or energetic color can work wonders. You can also create the feeling of hitting black and white checkerboard tiles with a two-tone combination for living rooms . Concrete floors can also look more sophisticated with a glossy layer of epoxy that also reflects light throughout the room. You can also color concrete to subtly mimick the look of structural stone or marble for a more impressive and natural feel.

As you can see, there are effective ways to add personality to your living room with a simple coat of paint. Paint is an affordable, versatile medium that is an easy way to improve your general approach to interior design without breaking your budget.

Whether you live in a small apartment or in a large house, your living room is probably one of the largest and most challenging rooms to decorate. Before shopping for furniture, don’t forget to consider the basic design feature of the room: your walls. Choosing paint color can help you set the tone in your living room while influencing every element from the lighting to the installation of your artwork. Good for you,There is no wrong or right color when it comes to living room color ideas. And with each color there is a range of shades that you can use to enhance the mood and energy of the room. For example, you can go for an intense green to make a statement or try a subtle, watery pink for a muted, calming, and calm look.

When choosing a living room color to define the space, it is important to study how much natural light the room receives throughout the day and think about different light sources. Natural, fluorescent and incandescent light can change the look of your painted walls. This is why it is important to see how the color will appear in your room before you start painting.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the colors, it’s time to think about how and where to best use them. Take an experimental approach and consider painting unexpected details like moldings and siding, or, as mentioned, your ceiling. For one of our projects in Los Angeles, the interior designer from Décor Aid, Lilly M. painted our client’s ceilingA brilliant metallic gold tone, the optical decoration black and the walls classic white to create a radiant aura in the entire open space. The glossy sheen of the paint took the view to another level while the space was broken up. Its high gloss finish immediately added drama, while if it were a matte or semi-gloss color it would be best kept for casual spaces.

House color experts are on the lookout for new color trends and are inspired and inspired by the art and fashion world, pop culture and the architecture industry, among other things.

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