Wednesday , 21 February 2024

Ideas Make Small Room Look Bigger

Room look bigger floating couch

If you live in a big city, you may be short of housing. And since your home won’t get any bigger, consider ways to make it appear more expansive. Our expert designers have these tips to help make your space look bigger.

Low profile furniture

Space look bigger flat furniture

Flat furniture is one of the easiest ways to make a room look more expansive. But don’t get furniture that lies directly on the floor. Use swelling pieces with long, narrow legs instead. A flat piece with slim, contoured legs will make your space look much larger.

Image via West Elm

Don’t block the windows

Room see bigger windows

Be careful not to block your windows when trying to make your space appear larger than it actually is. Windows are not only important for natural light, they also draw the view upwards. Arrange your furniture to highlight your windows like we did in this chic loft on Union Square.

Reflective materials

Room look bigger reflective furniture

Whenever you are trying to make a small room more expansive, consider using as many reflective pieces as possible. Mirrors are a great way to open up your space, but you should also use chrome or platinum furniture instead of pieces with a matte finish.

Lighter colors

Room look bigger lighter colors

Dark lacquer colors create a gloomy, calming and sensual atmosphere. But dark colors can also make a small room feel claustrophobic and cave-like. If you’re trying to make your space look bigger, consider getting a paint job. Lighter neutral colors will make your space feel airy and expansive. And a neutral palette is always ideal for decorating and styling.

Image via pom pom at home


Room look bigger

Clutter never looks good. And if you’re trying to make your small space more expansive, then interference suppression is imperative. Whether you keep it, throw it away, donate it or give it away, just let it go.

Image via Insight Interiors

Built-in memory

Space look bigger built-in storage

Built-in inch by inch is exponentially more efficient than free-standing units. In this luxury apartment on the Upper East Side, we added a built-in storage unit to one of the bedroom’s windowless walls. The drawers can be used for clothes, while the open shelves frame the TV and are perfect for books.

Move your couch away from the wall

Room look bigger floating couch

It may seem counter-intuitive, but moving your couch a few inches away from the wall can make your space feel more expansive. Just make sure you move your carpet accordingly.

Image via Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Expandable furniture

Space look bigger expandable furniture

If you want your dining room to feel bigger, consider opting for an expandable dining table. You can store it carefully when not in use and expand it when you have guests.

Image via Brit & Co.

Lucite furniture

Room look bigger Lucite furniture

If you’re trying to make your space look bigger, see-through furniture is a breeze. We love Lucite. Especially in small living spaces, a Lucite coffee table offers the same functionality as an opaque coffee table, without the visual weight of a solid material. These Lucite coffee tables from CB2 are hardly recognizable in this living room.

Image via CB2.