How To Refresh Bedroom

How To Refresh Bedroom

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There is no place in the house that you spend more time than in your bedroom. Even if you’re not awake while there, waking up in a well-designed bedroom is the best way to start the morning. And beautifying your room doesn’t mean you have to do a complete colon cleanse. With just a few simple adjustments, you can dramatically change the look of your bedroom. If you want to wake up in the space of your dreams, follow our guide for a quick bedroom freshen up.


symmetrical bed styling

When freshening up your bedroom, try to create an orderly layout before adding any accents. If you want your bedroom to feel a little more organized and serene, consider adding some symmetrical elements. In this Four Seasons San Francisco Luxury Apartment, we installed matching bedside consoles and then adorned each console with a matching lampshade.


how to hang art in the bedroom

If you’re trying to freshen up your bedroom quickly, then get creative with wall decor. If the wall area above your bed is empty, consider adding a piece of art to match the existing colors in your bedroom. On this Upper East Side apartment conversion, we hung a monochrome print over the bed to add a subdued complement to this neutral bedroom.

A plush headboard

Plush tufted headboard

We are all for productivity. But who doesn’t want to spend the day in bed during the winter months? And when a snow storm is going on outside, you want a bed that is as comfortable as possible. If you don’t want to spend the day in bed every now and then, a plush headboard makes sitting in bed exponentially more comfortable. We installed this tufted headboard from RH Modern in this luxury apartment in the Upper East Side for a comfortable yet luxurious touch.

Decorate with a neutral palette

Decorate with a neutral palette

We love to incorporate bright pops of color into your home. But in the bedroom, it’s best to stick to a gray, neutral palette. If you want to give your bedroom some calm refreshment, consider swapping out all the bright colors for gray, muted pieces. For a little inspiration, take a look at our stylish redesign of this TriBeCa investment property.

New bed frame

Canopy bed frame

Your bed is the heart of your bedroom. So if you want to quickly freshen up your bedroom, go for a new bed frame. In this Battery Park City Home, we upholstered a brushed metal sky frame that creates a dramatic contrast and accentuates the high ceilings of the apartment.

Plush new bedding

Duvet pillow plush

Get a second duvet. Make it a dozen baker’s pillows. One of the most satisfying ways to quickly freshen up your bedroom is by purchasing more beds. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to what you already have, you’ll add convenience. We love the amount of pillows and soft bedspread that style the master bedroom in this New Canaan makeover.

Darken your bedroom

dark gloomy bedroom horse photo

If there’s one room in the house that you want to darken, it’s the bedroom. A gloomy atmosphere is the perfect way to end the day and can help you sleep better. In the master bedroom of this SoHo duplex, we installed gray wallpaper and a monochrome print to create a subdued atmosphere.