How To Hang Artwork

Art gallery wall

It doesn’t mind unlocking the secrets of dark matter or deciphering the human genome – figuring out how to properly hang works of art seems to be one of the greatest unsolved puzzles humanity faces. A question that confuses many of our customers. It’s funny to think that something so simple on paper can be so confusing in real life. If you’ve found yourself hanging frames only to find that something just doesn’t feel good, you are not alone. While solving this tricky decoration problem isn’t a matter of science, there are certainly rules one can follow to make the process easier.

“When it comes to hanging works of art,” say our designers, “a good rule of thumb is to look at the center and hang it at eye level.” On average, that’s about 57 inches from the ground. When assembling a gallery wall, find the center of the entire array and expand outward from there. Secret revealed!

Feature image via Elle Decor.

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