Tuesday , 10 January 2023
How to grow indoor cyclamen

How to grow indoor cyclamen

Cyclamen are among the best winter bloomers. Over the years breeders have developed many new hybrids for us to enjoy. Some have ruffled flowers, and some varieties are small, but all retain a large, bright flower, usually in red, pink, maroon, and white. All cyclamen display green or variegated heart-shaped leaves.

One of the reasons our cyclamens grown in our greenhouses last so long is that we build up the base of the plant first, from the bulb to our soil mix. With the right selection, culture and nutrition of the variety, the plant can grow many leaves – and with cyclamen, leaves = flowers. If you gently push the leaves apart on one of our cyclamen, you will see many buds rising from the centre.

Take care of your cyclamen
In your home, cyclamen like to be a little cooler with temperatures around 18 °C
Keep them in direct light or bright indirect light.
Keep the root ball moist during flowering. Cyclamen should be kept moist by watering them in a bowl and allowing the roots to absorb the water rather than watering from above which can cause rot. Remove yellow leaves and faded flowers.
Fertilize the plant every two weeks. DO NOT overfeed. Less is more.
When cyclamen blooms, you can discard (compost) or save the bulb. After the foliage has died, the plant should be allowed to dry. The bulb should then be dug up and repotted in mid summer and placed in a warm spot to allow it to establish roots before being brought back to 55 – 60°F to encourage flowering.

You can also bring a cyclamen outside in April – the plant will suffer a frost, but you should take care to acclimate the plant so that the change is not too great, both in terms of temperature and insolation.

Tip: Easy-to-use soil moisture and light meters can help ensure your cyclamen and other houseplants are getting the right water and light. Mini flower cuts come in handy for trimming and shaping.