Wednesday , 6 December 2023
How To Decorate Your Terrace

How To Decorate Your Terrace

How to create an oasis in the open air

Outside balconies and patios are groundbreaking amenities that we all love but often take for granted and neglected. Big enough to relax and small enough to bother you little or no. There is something to be said about a beautifully realized outdoor space that reflects the design direction of your home. When planning our clients’ homes, our interior designers are often tasked with the best practices for creating enviable patios, balconies, and even backyards. For those of you who are not taking full advantage of the joys of your outdoors, we’ve put together a short list of simple, effective, and budget-friendly ways to decorate your patio.

Limited color palette

Terrace decoration guide

When we approach urban renewal or interior design with outdoor areas, we always work on the view from inside the house first. And since city apartments often offer breathtaking views, we prefer sparse layouts and a color scheme that spans no more than three hues. This keeps the eye undisturbed and ready to look at the horizon.

Geometric shapes

Hamptons interior-exterior design renovation

For this family’s weekend getaway in Manhattan, we took advantage of the ocean and expansive lawn views by mirroring the symmetry of the homes with a row of chairs and outdoor lounges in pretty shades of gray, complemented with graphic cushions and classic black and white throws -Motifs were added.

If you are gifted with a large yard, we recommend sourcing additional products that you can easily store away when the weather becomes a challenge. They usually add personality to minimalist outdoor furniture and are an easy finish to bring out the character of your home.

Focus on data protection

Backyard furniture provides inspiration

While this was a challenging intestinal remediation, we made sure that this Upper East Side Brownstone’s mesmerizing garden is used with a sense of privacy in an otherwise cramped building-to-building zone.

When considering the best routes to decorate your patio or garden, simple wood frame structures are inexpensive, easy to build, and allow you to get the most out of your outdoor space all year round. While we’re not suggesting DIY production as the structure is meant to be permanent, a local general contractor could get similar results in less than a day on a renovation project that is simply money well spent.

Rules of simplicity

How do I create a beautiful private garden?

A quick look into a patio furniture retailer’s selection quickly reveals that the best patio furniture options are often minimal and elegant.

When considering how to decorate your patio or outdoor space, it is important to keep the furnishings simple and focus on bringing out the decorative direction of your home through functional extras that still add personality. By keeping the appearance of your outdoor space symmetrical, you will always feel a sense of calm harmony when you look outside as clean lines and linear features never go out of style or disappoint.

Keep it consistent

Upper East Side Gut House Renovation

Another view from one of our UES projects is that symmetry is key and that a thoughtful approach on the same level that we took care of the interior has upgraded this home with a back yard that is meaningful and memorable.

Notice how the staggered stone walkway and easy-to-replicate wooden walls work together to create a pragmatic balance that echoes our modern update of this otherwise classic New York structure. Like inside, think of instructions to make your space unique in easy to replicate approaches for exceptional results.