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Home Styling Tricks

Smart home styling tricks

Are you looking for new home styling tricks to update your home? To inspire you, we’ve reached out to our decorators to share their wisdom about decorating and designing your home, and to help you make statements big and small.

“The details are not the details. You do the design. “- the perfect quote from legendary furniture designer Charles Eames on his view of the importance of paying attention to all the design notes that make a home rich, not just the most important ones.

Approach decor as a big statement

layered home styling tricks

Often enough, our interior designers find that the biggest mistake beginners make today is being overly subtle with their design statements. Be creative and think of clever ways how you can make an impact on home styling even with the smallest of gestures and tricks.

Think of your approach to decorating your home as a basic and life-enhancing starting point for how you want to live and feel throughout the space. And decorate consistently because when you see how each room works in balance with one another, you can create a welcome variety of design elements in your home.

Set the tone where it all starts

Foyer Home Styling Tricks

When it comes to styling tricks for your foyer or entrance area, think about how you can incorporate practical decorative elements that are not neglected.

Start with a slim console table and create a table landscape with catch trays for keys and change. Place a mirror with a unique silhouette over it as a decorative starting point. From there, depending on your space requirements, you can add other must-haves, from a required umbrella fountain to a side chair or bench to get you started.

Make layering a constant

Smart home styling tricks

One of the easiest, most budget-friendly, and classic home styling tricks is to layer pieces like you’re putting together an outfit. From proportion to manufacture, it’s all about a rich mix of found pieces working together to create a heady, harmonious feel.

For example, the space shown above works with just a handful of natural hues, a few prints, and a few textures that together make the space look consistent, but full of coordinating layers that don’t turn out to be too appropriate and ultimately boring.

Be exploratory with placement

unique interior design home styling tricks

We have said it before and we will say it again. Not all framed art has to spend its life lining your walls. Since some of the best home styling tricks require imaginative approaches, consider taking a fresh look at art placement – especially when you’re busy.

While the room shown above might have a little too many framed prints on the sofa, just keep in mind how lifeless the room would be without them. From cladding a floor to housing it over kitchen cabinets, there are many areas in a room to get creative with if you want to install artwork for extra personality.

Anchor a room with a classic

classic home styling tricks

Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with pre-existing furniture, get inspired by our professional interior designers and keep every room in your home anchored with a well-designed classic like the curved sofa or large table shown above.

That way, along with floor and wall treatments, you have a vital staple that you can work around while it does double duty and holds everything together. Even better if it has a timeless, pressureless finish and classic lines.

Mix up the + elements of the era

Transitional home styling tricks

Sure, a minimal space looks great if strictly adhered to the codes of the design style, as does a versatile space in and of itself. But what these two rooms have most in common is that they employ strict home styling tricks that limit your decor in scope and ultimately keep it flat.

And while it makes sense to go in a strong direction since there are fewer issues to be solved, we assume a one-note look will not be a hit in no time. Instead, bring a few opposing pieces that, while not in line with your direction, certainly add a space of intriguing layers while keeping the eye curious.

Never opt for a single look

mixed design styles home styling tricks

Sometimes you will find that some of the best home styling tricks don’t just dictate a set design style or strict route, as a rich mix can work wonders while you can run with inspiration as you ditch.

Note that the space above may have a cool, calming palette of colors between the furniture, but each piece subtly tells its own story. Create your own rich visual mix by finding a simple commonality like a print or palette, and scaling it and manipulating it to your advantage to bring in as many unique pieces as possible without being persistent.

Have fun, be experimental

Children's room home styling tricks

Again, buying an unexpected piece can often pay off when it comes to creating a home that is unique to you, your lifestyle, and your tastes. And as an iconic interior designer, Dorothy Draper is often quoted as saying, “I always put in a point of controversy. It makes people talk. “Follow the example.

This can mean anything that acts as a focal point full of personality, from an oversized ficus tree to a life-size bronze sculpture to complete a room. Be brave and adventurous as you browse local art galleries, antique markets, and property sales for surprises ranging from subtle to exaggerated. And let the guests run away with an extraordinary find that will leave a lasting impression on them long after they leave.

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