Wednesday , 29 November 2023
Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design

modern tropical home decor

With classic, Cuban-inspired tropical decor that characterizes the summer season, we are looking for simple solutions to bring the tropics into your living environment and create your own oasis in retro style. Sure, we’ve all seen vintage embrace the trend that is very weird and barely inspiring, but we’re not talking about a glaring throwback to the tropical 80s vibe.

We think light, bright and lush without a flamingo in sight! For inspiration, we considered some tried and true methods to bring tropical interior design into your home with ease.

Tropical pattern

modern tropical living room wallpaper

You can find beautiful tropical prints everywhere – ready and waiting to brighten up your living space. Paradise is possible by investing in some beautifully patterned pieces for a modern tropical interior design. Use upholstered furniture that is saturated with rich colors to add a lively touch to your home, as you can find seditious upholstery with palm frond patterns and exotic flora and fauna.

Oversized tropical patterned wallpapers are sure to create a sense of drama and elevate a room with a summery and sultry atmosphere reminiscent of sensational retreats on the beach. Encourage yourself with a heavier pattern with dense foliage and deep colors to really invite the tropics into your home, or something lighter with more negative space and lighter hues. Keep in mind that colorfully patterned wallpaper can be a bit overwhelming in many areas. Stick to an accent wall to be safe in smaller, heavily decorated rooms.

Vivid color

vibrant tropical interior

If you’re not a fan of bold tropical patterns and still want to bring a fresh tropical feel to your home, focus on color rather than prints. Blue, yellow, and green work well when it comes to adding tropical interior design to your home.

Give your home a tropical color palette with bold furniture upholstery – how about a turquoise sofa or a bold yellow reading chair? If bold colors are too strong for your tastes, introduce those colors with a muted palette – it doesn’t have to be all lime green and sour yellow. Equip with colorful souvenirs and furniture and don’t be afraid to combine colors. The tropics are vibrant and colorful, and your interior design ideas should be based on them.


Interior decoration for tropical plants

Bringing tropical plants into your home is the easiest way to add a tropical feel to your space. You don’t have to spend a lot of time renovating or spending money adding new furniture or upholstery. Adding flora to your home is an easy (not to mention inexpensive) way to bring tropical home design into your environment.

If you are looking for plants with a touch of color, consider exotic anthuriums or birds of paradise as these are also easy to obtain. The bright colors of the anthuriums add vibrancy while stunning birds of paradise add an exquisite focal point to your room. For a subdued color scheme, consider a peace lily, as the soft white of the flowers nicely disrupts the green tones. You can also introduce luxurious shades of green over banana trees and palm trees.

Tropical texture

tropical-inspired interior

Adding texture to your interior decor is another approach to creating a modern tropical decor. It’s not just about bringing plants in and wallpapering walls with palm-print wallpaper. By introducing textures, you get the luxurious tropical home design that you are looking for. Textured carpets and light upholstered furniture give your room a bright atmosphere.

When you introduce textures like willow through furniture and natural products like wooden bowls and handcrafted baskets, your home feels like home with a touch of the tropics. The more natural the texture you can bring to your space the better – how about lampshades made from dried woven palm fronds?


tropical interior design

If you don’t want the decor of your room to be a tropical theme, introduce tropical notes in a small way. like art. Entertaining prints of pineapples and flamingos light up the walls – why not easy on the eyes.

Tropical leaves are great works of art too, and you can mix and match photos, paintings, and drawings.

Wood features

Indoor furniture made of tropical wood

Dark wood plays a prominent role when looking at modern tropical interior decorating ideas. Deep luxurious browns can be seen in floors and statement furniture. A dark wood four poster bed looks exquisite in a tropical interior design for a bedroom.

More natural, lighter woods are also appearing in tropical interiors. Combine it with a beautiful wallpaper with palm frond print and a light but luxurious bedspread.

Monochrome tropics

tonal tropical minimal interior design

If you don’t want to incorporate bold colors and vibrant color palettes into your interior design, go for monochrome instead. Your living environment can still be a masterpiece of tropical interior design without the stark greens, blues, yellows, and vibrant pinks and oranges generally associated with a tropical color palette.

If you want to capture the essence of the tropics but without color, consider introducing patterns, prints and art, but with a clay palette. There is beautiful artwork in gray, black, and white, and there’s no reason you can’t bring in natural pieces of wood in muted tones. Gray wood furniture and floors are a popular choice and work well if you don’t prefer a darker brown wood color in your space – this freedom is the essence of modern tropical interior design.

Furnish tropical

Inspiration for tropical decor accessories

No living space design is complete without a stunning selection of accessories. You have a lot of leeway when it comes to tropical interior design. They can convey the personality of your room in many ways.

With cute pineapple ornaments made of rose gold or flamingo fairy lights you can give your modern tropical interior design a carefree and fun feeling. How about bowls made from dried palm leaves for an authentic atmosphere? Or handmade flower pots for a homely feeling?

Embrace nature

modern tropical interior design

Don’t forget that nature is at the heart of the tropical interior. If you can embrace nature, you will soon find the tropics invade your home. Look for natural and handcrafted products – look for things that are ethically and sustainably made to give your home that authentic tropical feel when you enter.

The tropical look can be used in any room in your home, be it plants in the bathroom, wallpaper in the bedroom or upholstered furniture in the living room. There is a tropical look for every corner of your home.

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