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Home Decor Shops Miami

Home Decor Shops Miami

opulent article sectional sofa

Long a staple of the American art world, Miami is home to a variety of home decor designers combining traditional and modern elements and catering to a discerning clientele. Miami’s vibrant design community is a coastal city with a vibrant nightlife and eschews the typical modern motifs for bright, bold twists and turns of contemporary design. The city’s design district is home to some of the most highly curated furniture stores in the country, but there are also a number of new and fresher options in Dade County that have popped up in recent years and are well worth checking out.

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Anima Domus

Anima Domus Aquabett Miami FL

For modern high-end Italian furniture, go to Anima Domus. They source all of their designs direct from Italy and are known for contemporary and modern pieces that are never boring. Your choice of bed frames is particularly inventive.

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Arango geometric modern white chair Miami FL

Specializing in housewares and furniture, Arango is one of the many design stores in Miami that deviates from the established Design District. Above all, their products emphasize seamless functionality and are designed for durability. They fit into any modern home.

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Alhambra antiques

Alhambra Antiques Miami FL

Visit the Alhambra Antiques for a taste of the eclectic and eccentric. They specialize in antique French furniture – especially lights – from the 18th to 20th centuries. These pieces have been around for hundreds of years, but they never feel out of date.

Image via Alhambra Antiques

Plant the future

Plants Design Miami FL

Plants are an easy way to add natural vibrancy to any room, but any aspiring botanist knows that finding the perfect cactus or succulent can be difficult. By combining art, design and botany, Plant the Future makes it easy to incorporate some greenery into the house.

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CA Modern home

eames modern design chairs Miami FL

For classic modern pieces from Eames, Knoll, and Vitra, visit CA Modern Home. The lighting, furniture and accessories collection is always well stocked and offers plenty of inspiration for every taste.

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Addison House Kids

modern kids home decor Miami FL

It’s hard enough to buy stylish furniture for adults, and it just doesn’t get any easier to buy furniture for the little ones. If you want to outfit a Youngin ‘room with pieces to match the rest of the house, head over to Addison House Kids and you might even find the miniature versions of that Eames chair you’ve always wanted.

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Victoria’s closet

Antique Shabby Chic Miami FL

If you’re looking to add a vintage-inspired statement to your home, Victoria’s Armoire should be one of your first stops. This shop is always stocked with shabby chic pieces that balance out more contemporary design. Since 1991 he has offered Miami individual elegance.

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Jalan Jalan

Jalan Design District modern Miami FL

If you’re in Miami’s design district, Jalan Jalan is a breeze. Long known for its coast-inspired modern pieces, this design center is the perfect place to outfit a modern beach house or vacation home.

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Opulent items

Sectional sofa modern Miami FL

Sectional sofas used to be a staple for man caves. Thanks to Opulent Items, you can now find a comfortable area that blends seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Just be careful not to buy the poster depicting dogs playing poker.

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Design District Modern Furniture Miami FL

NIBA Home is a long-time establishment of the Miami Design District and offers a select collection of bold and eclectic designs. The store is curated by Nisi Berryman, whose selection never shrinks from bright colors and vivid patterns.

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