Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas

simple home decor ideas

Lucky for you – and for all of us – there are endless home decor ideas that you can dismantle and find inspiration in decorating your home or any room. But if you are on a budget, how can you get the best bang for your buck since we all want our homes to be luxury while reflecting our personality?

And since reaching this goal can be a challenge when your budget is tight to say the least and quality furniture and decorative items can cost a lot if you don’t plan ahead, we turned to the designers at Décor Aid for cash save living ideas that allow you to make the most of your home regardless of your budget.

Here’s how you can decorate your home for less with smart solutions for budget-friendly, life-enhancing upgrades.

Explore vintage markets and antique bazaars

Budget friendly home decor ideas

Shopping at local bazaars and flea markets may take a little more effort, but these are great resources for finding cheap home decor and bringing your home to life. Plus, you’re sure to come across well-made furniture and handcrafted items for a quarter of their original price, while shopping for rare, almost unique finds like a cheap dining table, bookcases, picture frames and accessories galore.

Going vintage is one of the best home decor ideas for the living room for a reason, as you should always strive for a home layered with pieces that are unique to you to highlight your space with the unexpected. 

Work with what you have

inspiring home decor ideas

To give your home a new look, you should never just have to buy new pieces. For cheap home decor ideas, try working with what you have and reconsider the placement or a coat of paint or upholstery for an easy, inexpensive update. The same goes before you throw away or donate our old furniture and decorative items, as it is worth sorting them out and seeing if you can find something to save and recycle.

Our designers also suggest sanding down old wooden furniture for a new look. If you have ideas for the living room on a budget, paint your old coffee table with conversational paint to make it an important focal point of your living room. And use pre-mixed cans of paint in hardware stores, the price of which is often significantly reduced, to add quirky details to outdated pieces of furniture.

Use Hand Me Downs

clever home decor ideas

Reach out to generous friends and family members and see if they have any old but in good condition furniture and decorative accessories that they want to pass on that match your own home decor ideas. Sure, these items might not be as good as brand new and might be a little harder to decorate, but there are clever ways to get them working as they add a rich, varied, and layered look to your home.

Reupholstering your grandmother’s outdated sofa or renovating a traditional day bed is one of the many great, inventive living room ideas on a budget. While you may have to pay to have parts reupholstered (which itself can be an investment), it’s a much more cost-effective approach than buying new furniture for your living room. 

Decorate with throws + pillows

Try home decor ideas

One of the most popular living room ideas for a budget that is also easy to swap out is to decorate with throws and pillows, as they are also easy to source, inexpensive to find, and allow you to bring in inflammatory colors and prints in small doses. and will add warmth and comfort with ease.

Another effective living room home decor idea is to combine pillows of different patterns, colors, and textures for a rich, well-considered feel. Coordinate decorative extras such as pillows, blankets, figurines and art with the rest of the items in your living room to give an otherwise intoxicating mix of elements a sense of harmony.

A pair of decorative items need not match

Furniture home decor ideas

Frustratingly, one of the reasons most homeowners spend too much on home decor ideas is because they no longer focus on symmetry and prefer to decorate with strict coordination. This means buying two tables, lamps and bedside tables – all matching. But why?

Too much symmetry gives your home a cold, hotel-like feel that is anything but calming and unique. Hence, one of the most effective home decorating ideas on a budget is to avoid buying two things to avoid monotony and boredom. If you can only afford to buy a table, look for a cheaper alternative to mix and match. The thing to consider when pairing cheap home decorating ideas is scaling. The two elements should be of similar height and proportions so that they appear balanced.

Use ottomans or stools for extra seating

additional seating home decor ideas

Most homeowners would choose to purchase a side chair when they need more seating for their living room. But side chairs are usually expensive. For inexpensive living room ideas, our interior designers recommend buying stools and clever storage stools. These seating alternatives are not only practical, affordable and stylish, they also save space.

In fact, it’s one of the most effective home decor ideas for small homes as these options never break the bank while adding cool comfort to any space. 

Create your own wall art

Gallery wall home decor ideas

If you can’t afford to invest extensive art in your common spaces, get creative and come up with your own solutions. Just take a canvas and some paint and just experiment with it.

This is a great way to bring your personality into your home with ease (if you are confident). This can work for other areas in your home as well if you need a bedroom with home decor and your budget is tight. Again, consider making your own wall art. 

Treat bookshelves as decorative coats

smart bookshelf styling decor ideas

Bookcases are typically used for storage, but can also be used to highlight decorative pieces and personal collections. This is a budget living room idea that our designers and frankly every interior decorator swear by, as a bookcase takes up a lot of space on your wall so you don’t have to spend more on wall art.

It’s also a practical and visually appealing solution. However, in order for these home decor ideas to work, you will need to do a little bit of styling work. Instead of filling a shelf with tons of books, our designers suggest distributing your favorite readings into the mix by adding some decorative pieces like vases, picture frames, souvenir items, etc.

Design your coffee table

Coffee table home decor ideas

When it comes to living ideas for the living room, use your coffee table as the central focus. Design it, but don’t overdo it as there are clever ways to give your coffee table a whole new look.

It can be as simple as arranging a stack of books and placing a decorative element like a scented candle or vase on top. 

Update hardware

Lighting and hardware home decor ideas

Updating the hardware of furniture and cabinets can have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. For example, when it comes to home decor, most homeowners would spend on a new set of kitchen cabinets.

However, this is not necessary if you are on a tight budget. Instead, consider painting cabinet doors or swapping knobs and handles as these cost next to nothing compared to a full overhaul. Indeed, your local hardware store should have an extensive selection of affordable and stylish knobs and handles that go well with kitchen living ideas.

Get creative with plants

Plants home decor ideas

Decorating with plants is a great effective home decor ideas for living room. But if you don’t have the money to spend on big plants, or if you don’t have a green thumb, start small – look for small plants to care for and transfer to bigger pots when they get big. Just choose plants that complement your interior design.

For example, there are beautiful plants that are suitable for modern living ideas. There are also houseplants that produce brightly colored flowers that go well with bohemian decors. 

Be your own stylist

stylish home decor ideas

Of course, you can save some money by designing your own home. There are tons of amazing home decor ideas online and resources to get inspired by. First, create your own art collages on the wall and recycle your old furniture by painting them a new color.

Mix time periods

When it comes to multi-layered, temporary living ideas, sometimes an intoxicating mix of brilliant juxtapositions is all you need. Be exploratory and combine different eras and design styles as you wish and play with the endless possibilities.

Bring in texture

Since sometimes the most accomplished decorating ideas are also the most subtle, create a warm and exhilarating mix of textiles with tonal texture over throws, rugs, and pillows for added interest. Since they are inherently minimal, you won’t tire of their timeless appeal.

Wall coverings

One of the least referenced decorating ideas, innovative wallpaper and coverings may be an investment, but they are sure to add the resale value of your home while also ensuring that it remains truly unique to you. And having to repaint every few years is a great alternative.

Use your walls as a canvas

If wallpaper home decor ideas are not for you as they are very special, do your walls differently and think of them like an art gallery. By that we mean being creative with how you install works of art to create a memorable effect.

The effects of unique items

When it comes to unique living ideas, as is the case with any property, finding unique results not only works as a conversation starter, it also makes your home feel unique. Kind too.

Add classic

By adding a touch of the old world to your interior design mix, you can create a home that never feels dated and always feels inspiring. Classic rare and antique furniture often retains its value if well cared for. Hence, treat them for the investments that they are.

Contrasting colors

Be fearless when it comes to refreshing living ideas and create play of colors with intense color combinations that can be found everywhere from walls to kitchen furniture to furniture and accessories.

Mix old & new

When you challenge yourself with fascinating home decorating ideas, you will find that the freedom of choice can be both exhilarating and somewhat confusing. Leave unsure antics for beginners and be proud of clever mixes of older and modern references. This will help add plenty of personality and spirit to your home while avoiding buying everything from the same store at once.

Create a high / low mix

Just like getting dressed, create a varied mix of home decor ideas with found objects from different design styles, eras and movements for a house with an intoxicating mix of interestingly layered found objects.

Don’t sacrifice comfort

While modern living ideas require a fresh approach to interior design, you don’t have to go without comfortable furniture as this is your home after all – the place to come back to relax and kick back after a long day. Keep an eye out for seating with durable, easy-to-clean materials that are plush.

Re-cover antique furniture

Take a great silhouette and update it with modern fabric for unexpected and unique details throughout your home. Think a gold-plated, French-inspired chair paired with a bold geometric print for home decor ideas that will inspire and excite them.

Buy two great finds a year

When it comes to smart home decor ideas that are worth investing in, you should indulge yourself with first-class future heirlooms at least twice a year, because after just a few seasons you will be on your way to collecting an enviable array of cult objects that are certainly not to be lost their worth over time.

Invest smartly

Don’t spend your entire budget on just one quick decor retailer. When you shop and include a variety of established manufacturers at different prices, you can again create a diverse mix of finds, some of which will last longer than the others. Some pieces worth investing in? Well, the ones you use the most; like a sofa, a bed, a dresser and a dining table.

shopping spree

Remember, no room can come together overnight when thinking about clever decorating ideas. Take your time and make measured decisions to get the most out of your budget and create a home that is unique to you. Explore the local yard sales, subscribe to email newsletters (usually with an initial discount), and browse the antique markets as there are great finds, sometimes from the least likely places. Plus, you’ll have fun stories to tell when someone compliments the rare noguchi table you found.

Make any room feel bigger

Sometimes the best decorating ideas are the simplest. With white furniture in a white room, you are sure to feel bigger, brighter, and airier. However, our interior designers recommend avoiding white furniture in high-traffic areas such as your kitchen or foyer.

Change the table landscapes regularly

Do you need a simple room freshening up? Go from room to room through your home and move the exhibited objects and curiosities to give them a new home and generate new energy. You can also play around with this form of experimentation and see what works and what doesn’t. You might be surprised at how good this vase looks when moved from a console to your bedside table.

Skip trends

One of the best decorating ideas for any room is to ditch any obvious trends that only feel fresh for a few seasons or less. If you timely introduce trendy furniture, you will find that these living ideas are strenuous in the shortest time while your home a generic, already seen feeling lend . Instead, you should use proven decorating ideas to get the most out of your space and bring it back to life, because it is mostly worth finding inspiration in the classics.

Carpets for a bigger feeling

Expand a room with carpets of various shapes and scales, colors and patterns. Even better if you can source beautifully crafted vintage carpets as the quality is second to none. In contrast to bare floors, carpets also give a distinctive feeling for warm and soothing living ideas.

Paint half a wall

The second cheapest home decor idea we’re covering here, a quick coastline with an intriguing color on even a piece of wall can increase the cooling factor of a room exponentially with ease. Think of an accent wall here, a painted door there, a refreshed backsplash with an energetic tone. The decorating ideas are endless when it comes to restorative shades.

Display your passions

Since your home wouldn’t be complete without items that reflect your lifestyle and tastes, it’s best to personalize it with home decor ideas that highlight your passions and collectibles and also serve as mood-enhancing conversation starters.

Bring an accent color

Whether you’re going for a black and white scheme or looking for home decor ideas that are vibrant with riotous colors, an accent wall or color will pull it all together to create a more refined and less random feel.

Home furniture away from walls

Are you looking for simple furnishing ideas that make any room appear bigger? Go against common interior design practices and place furniture at least a couple of inches away from the walls to give the rooms an instantly bigger feel. This is a great way to use clever decorating ideas when you don’t want the luxury of making your home appear bigger without having to do some technical work.

Reorganize bookshelves

Moving bookshelves is one of the funniest of all invigorating living ideas and can be an exhilarating journey back in time. Create vignettes of books stacked from the side at will and add decorative extras to bring shelves to life while you can focus on fresh decorating ideas that you want to pick up on too.

Move elements from room to room

Easily move the furniture from room to room for free for quick, refreshing decorating ideas and fun experimental moments. Just because you bought this chair for your living room doesn’t mean it has to spend its entire life with you in this one place. Instead, move parts every 3-5 years to amaze guests and even yourself.

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