Wednesday , 13 September 2023
Home Bars

Home Bars

Home bar ideas

Since our customers often request inspirational home bars for their homes, we look for affordable and achievable ways that you can create your own without breaking the bank or taking up too much valuable space in your home. If getting into expensive custom bar designs is beyond your reach, then these 12 DIY home bar ideas handpicked by our decorators will delight you.

Get creative with your approach and have fun with these pointers the next time you chat at home.

A petite bar

small house bars

If you love the idea of ​​having your own bar at home but don’t have a lot of room to borrow, there is still a way for your space. A small shelf can and will help keep kids out of reach while taking up little space compared to other home bar ideas.

Granted, you won’t be able to have a huge amount of cash, but a shelf is perfect for storing essentials.

Piano bar

minimal house bars

Do you have a piano at home that you don’t use? If so, why not turn it into a home bar? It’s surprising how many people have a piano at home that they don’t use, whether it’s because the kids are out of class or have given up playing.

Instead of leaving it sitting there collecting dust, take advantage of it and turn it into a bar. Invest in neat trays to display your bottles and turn the piano into a beautiful cocktail station.

Suitcase bar

DIY home bars

Lack of space? Or little DIY skills? Don’t worry, you can still creatively realize your own home bar. Browse thrift stores or search for a vintage-style suitcase online. Fill your suitcase with your favorite brandies and drinking vessels to make a super easy and fun DIY bar with no hassle.

And to top it off, you can pack up your bar and take it with you wherever you go …

Decanter lights

modern house bars

Do you need a realistic use for old decanters lying around? Use them to create stylish pendant lights that go with your home bar designs. Get some vintage style pendant lights and turn your old bottles or decanters into lights.

You’ll need to cut off the bottom of the decanters to keep the light out, replace the lightbulb, and keep the bottle from getting too hot. If you’re not sure whether to do this yourself (or if you don’t have the tools), take your bottles or decanters to your local glassworks so they can help you further.

Champagne chandelier

House bars

Whether it’s champagne, wine or beer, hold on to these bottles and turn them into a stunning chandelier. The glass of the bottles lets the light through in such a beautiful way. If you want a really soft light, choose brown beer bottles; For something a little more eclectic, stick with traditional green bottles.

If you want a bright and sparkling light, choose clear bottles. Hold the labels to block out some of the light. A chandelier like this one looks fantastic in a basement bar and adds to the cozy atmosphere.

Wine bottle candles

stylish house bar

Wine bottle candles are the perfect addition to home bars. Gone are the days of having to find a candle to slip into the top of the bottle and keep an eye on the candle wax that was oozing out. You can buy wicks made specifically for wine bottles for an easy way to make a totally hassle-free wine bottle candle.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, get a pack of slim candles to stick in the top of your bottles. If the wax runs on the outside, your bar will soon resemble a traditional French wine bar. This is also a very economical way to take your home bar designs to the next level.

Trolley bar

inspiring house bars

Don’t limit yourself to having your bar stuck in one room. Forget the static wet bar ideas of the past. If you have a lot of fun with entertainment and you want to keep your guests entertained in every room in the house, having a bar to move around is a great option.

Imagine a classic tea cart with drinks and glasses ready to serve your friends from your seat. Not only is this practical and practical, but it also looks stylishly vintage without the bulk and imposition of standard house bars.

Bookshelf bar

sustainable recycled house bars

An old bookcase is the perfect piece of furniture for creating a wet bar at home. You can display various glasses and cocktail books on the shelves. There’s plenty of room for trays, unusually shaped bottles, and cocktail accessories.

If you have a bookcase with doors down, this is where you can store unattractive items (such as cans or plastic bottles). This is also a great way to keep your bar in sync with the rest of your furniture.

And now for some smart upcycling DIY ideas:

Front door fun

Transform an old front door into a stylish outdoor bar perfect for parties. Add shelves so you can store glasses, bottles, and a wine cooler, and you’re ready for summer parties. Make sure you paint the door with some heavy-duty paint so it can withstand the elements and your bar can serve you year round.

Other home bar ideas pale in comparison, and this idea encompasses the feeling of being at home.

Keg bar stool

If you’re a real home bar lover and beer is your vice, how about making comfortable bar stools out of barrels? This is the perfect idea for a stable retreat in the basement bar.

They add to a fun and industrial vibe of a home bar, and it’s not too difficult to make on your own. You can even get kits to turn empty barrels into bar stools.

Bottle cap coasters

Making your own coasters out of bottle caps is a sustainable way to use up all of the bottle caps you normally throw away. An effective way to do this is to put your bottle caps in resin squares, creating a safe and durable coaster for your home bar.

If you have a large enough collection of bottle caps, you can even put them on the bar counter for a stimulating take on the ideas behind the bar tops.

Recycled can lights

Take advantage of empty cans by processing them into cool, unique lighting. It’s eco-friendly in that you make something out of an item that you would normally throw away, and you have the added bonus of creating something that no one else will have in their house.

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