Gallery Wall Design

Gallery Wall Design

best ideas for gallery walls

There’s something to be said about the ornate Mix gallery walls that would suit any space – if done well we’ve seen some unfortunate ones. They are a lovely way to display your art, whether it’s paintings, photos, prints, or even sculptures on shelves. Even so, we have installed many fascinating gallery wall interior settings – contact Décor Aid interior designers to learn how to create the perfect gallery wall with ease.

If you’re unsure where to start, or have ideas for screen walls for your living room and don’t know what to do next, take notes on creating the perfect gallery wall in our guide. Unfortunately, although you would make this easy, there is no surefire way to create beautiful gallery wall – and that’s part of the joy that can be found. There are so many different ways you can turn gallery wall ideas into reality and there is no “right” way to do it.

Maybe you are starting with a piece of art that you love and want to display it as the focus? Maybe you will start with a framework you love and build on it? You could start with a topic and use it to spark ideas. Maybe you have no idea about your interior design for gallery walls? And remember, gallery walls are created in different ways and, just like interior design, never overnight. Either way, we want your art gallery wall to be stunning.

Choose your art …

When it comes to a beautifully realized and installed gallery wall for any space, it is best to use best practices and routes before attempting your plan of action before you begin. Somewhat more important than choosing a frame, sourcing artwork and photos to install can be more of a challenge than you imagined, as it doesn’t all come together in one fell swoop. It’s just impossible.

From size to themes to frames: Here’s everything our interior designers took note of before building this stunning picture wall in one of our youngest client homes.

do not hurry

Gallery wall design

Choosing art can be difficult. It’s a personal project, and most good works of art are either not for everyone or are difficult to obtain. It can take a long time to select the pieces to hang. So don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to put a collection together. Don’t hesitate to source works of art to fill your wall quickly. You’ll soon regret hanging up a piece that you don’t really like.

Make sure you have enough

Interior design of the gallery wall

When you have a piece of art that sparked your enthusiasm for gallery wall design, you will need more … it can feel like you have more art than you can fit, but often once it’s on the wall it doesn’t. Don’t fill up as much space as you thought it would. Put your art next to the wall you’d like to hang it on to make sure you fill in the space you want. If not, you need to keep collecting.

Think about topics

Gallery wall layout

You may already have a style or theme in mind, but if you don’t this is a good time to find out before you start creating a gallery wall. You might have something romantic in mind, something classy, ​​or something a little more fun. Whatever your idea, when you have a topic to pursue it will make it a lot easier for you.

Your theme could be your family, nature, fashion or even mismatch. With a subject in mind, it’s relatively easy to choose artwork, colors, and materials.

Narrow your direction

Gallery picture wall ideas 2019

When considering ideas for screen walls for each room, it is important to figure out what to work with and what you think looks good on your wall and is easy to get. From art to collages to sentimental black and white family photos, the sky’s the limit as long as you keep it visually consistent. Notice how the wall above connects a mix of framed photos anchored by a centrally located framed Hermés scarf for an unexpected and stunning effect.

Choosing your frames …

For a layered gallery wall that will stand the test of time, follow these necessary pointers to help you on your way in style by narrowing down and exploring the framing options.

Think about color

modern interior design of gallery wall

Think about whether you want all frames to be the same color, variations of one color, or side by side. This depends on the color of the wall you are hanging it on, the artwork being displayed, and the space where you need to display it. A white wall with black frames might be too severe for you, and a busy wall with noisy frames might be too much. Play around with different ideas and choose what works best for your art and space.

Look at materials

Gallery wall DIY tips

With the increase in eco-decor, there are now many frames made from natural materials such as bamboo to highlight the artwork on display. What about simple metal or plastic frames? Or something with a little more detail? You can mix and match textures for more interest – as some art works better for a simple frame, while others require something more ornate.

Size matters

simple ideas for gallery walls

The size of your frames is probably more important than you think. Make sure your frames aren’t too big or too small for the hanging parts and for the wall itself. You can mix and match frame sizes for a layer effect, and use smaller pieces to fill in gaps between larger ones.

You should also consider mats, especially those with unique proportions, contrasts, or colors. However, we also recommend identifying a central area that you want to focus on, with a large frame to keep the eye moving but not overwhelming it.

Be resourceful

Screen ideas 2019

When it comes to screen wall ideas, it always works best if you stick to a classic approach. However, when looking for some unexpected gallery wall decor, our interior designers were quick to point out that by creating a dynamic mix of photos and illustrations you could capture the decor trend that will be completely unique to you.

However, create a varied mix of vibrant wall elements that span illustrations, collectable posters and prints, and timeless photos – all perfectly layered on top of each other so that the eye can quickly sprint from one area to the next while absorbing the comforting warmth that it brings Space gives room.

Think about the unexpected

best ideas for gallery wall 2019

With wall decorations growing in popularity in the gallery, it’s important to create a visionary mix of surprising and breathtaking finds to make your home stand out from others without making the trend as unique as you and your home to constantly readjust everything with that you are not satisfied with. The best way to do this is to take your time and carefully update your gallery wall ideas every time you come across a piece that you think could work in your space.

To do this, consult local antique stores and search online for pieces that have an almost unique feel. These rare finds not only give your gallery wall an individual look, they also make it even more compelling and fascinating.

Before you hang …

Now that you have everything you need to turn your screen ideas into reality, it’s time to plan an installation zone and figure out where it all fits best. To get this right the first time, consider these best practices so that you can easily overcome this part of the design challenge.

Choose your layout

When it comes to installing wall art galleries, like any major feature in your home that needs to be highlighted, the real beauty lies in the execution and installation as they can make all the difference. Before you start building your gallery wall, here is everything you need to know for the final stage of your gallery wall project.

Bedroom gallery wall ideas

Once you have your artwork, it’s time to explore how it comes together. It is best to put it on the floor and move it around until you are satisfied. Do this next to the wall that you will be hanging on. If you don’t have space there, mark the size of your wall wherever you have space.

Finding a gallery wall layout that you don’t like is often easier than finding a gallery wall layout that you like. So don’t be afraid to postpone everything and try different approaches. Try linear approaches, grids, or something a little more asymmetrical.

Mock it

Gallery wall interior design

Once you’ve decided on an arrangement that you think will work, trace your frames on paper and glue it to the wall in the order you want. That way, you can decide if your layout will work without hanging up all of the frames too quickly. This way you can play around with the spacing, height and position on the wall.

You may need to increase the space on your gallery wall design to fill the wall, or shrink it to make it less imposing. Spend time in this process. It saves you the second and third tries of avoiding hanging your art and realizing it isn’t quite working, and prevents unwanted holes in your wall.

Take advantage of the freedom

Gallery wall design inspiration

At this point, it’s a lot easier to change your mind than if you’ve hammered your nails and hung your art. If you don’t like something, change it, you are free to go in any direction. If the spacing isn’t quite right, don’t hesitate to make adjustments too.

Even if you feel that you are a little too careful about this, it is natural to reconsider. If something is not quite right, adjust your gallery wall with ease. So don’t fret about the regrets about the gallery wall design.

Gallery wall on a budget

DIY gallery wall interior design guide

If you’re not resourceful the process can be costly, but there are ways to cut costs and increase a space with a beautiful gallery wall design. Flea markets and thrift stores are a great place to source frames and turn your gallery wall ideas into reality. You may need to take extra time to shop around, but it’s worth it, especially for one-of-a-kind finds. If you don’t like the color of some frames, you can easily paint them in any finish from gold leaf to enamel.

P. Hoto walls can also be much cheaper than buying printed or fine art. Here are some photo wall design ideas: use photos you already have (whether it’s a landscape, landscape, or your family) or buy and download photos online if you’re not a great photographer.

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