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Antique Chairs

Antique Chairs

How do you distinguish antique chairs from other furniture? Finding the right antique furniture requires some knowledge of periods and history. Antique chairs consist of important attributes and styles of chairs that were manufactured over a period of time. The design of these chairs is from the old period from almost 400 years ago, especially from Europe's regions. The legs of the chairs can also be used to identify and date antique chairs. This gives a great idea of ​​the age of the antique chairs. Some of the bone form is spindle legs, spiral legs and ribbed legs. They can be purchased from established antique furniture business families. Each period affects the follower's style. The big period can be broken into the colonial period and the federal period.

The important types of antique chairs:

  1. Hitchcock Chairs: Created by Labert Hitchcock, these antique chairs are small, light chairs that are usually painted in ebony. The back has worked out stenciled patterns. It also has a backrest on top. The seats are square and the legs are foot free.
  2. Chaise Longue: Developed in France at the beginning of 18th The figure consists of a daybed, an armchair with reinforced padded set. This allows the sitter to stretch out. It has six legs and a rounded back that shows the late Louis XV pieces.
  3. Savonarola chairs: This is also known as the x-chair where the legs cross each other and rise above to create the arms. It forms a wavy X-profile. It resembles a massive throne and therefore has less portability.