Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding copper tub

Basically, it is common for a luxurious bathroom to need a freestanding bathtub. Even if you don’t bathe regularly, the presence of a bathtub suggests indulgence – the extravagance of being able to spend an afternoon in a relaxing bath.

Massive shower rooms may be a trend right now, but tubs don’t go anywhere. According to a 2015 report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, “more than two-thirds of designers named a freestanding bathtub for main bathrooms in the past year.”

Freestanding tubs also have aesthetic value as they are essentially sculptural works of art. So if you’re designing a new master bathroom or just saving ideas for the future, consider adding one of these dreamy tubs to your new space. And then fill up with the bubble bath because you will have a new favorite way to relax.

Rockwell bath with feet

white freestanding bathtub with orange ball feet

This playful tub design brings to mind the best memories of childhood bath time, and it’s next to impossible not to smile while looking at it. Made in England by Vitrite, the Rockwell Bath, the tub’s ball-like feet are available in orange, lilac and green, adding a fun (yet subtle) touch of personality to your bathroom.

The water monopoly

Drop the bathtub

sculptural white freestanding tub

The unusual design of this sculptural tub is not just about being different. Instead, the design is the result of an effort to create a bathtub that can be used by more than one person at the same time. Not exactly an easy task, the end result is a variation on an oval shape. Whether or not they achieved their design goal is something you (and a partner) have to try for yourself. The tub itself is made of Cristalplant, an ecologically sustainable solid surface.


AKDY bathtub

black and white rectangular freestanding bathtub

If you want a freestanding tub but one that is exactly the opposite of anything you’ve seen before, this is the style for you. The tub’s black exterior and white interior make it a stunning high-contrast choice that will especially stand out in an all-white bathroom with black or metallic accents. The angles and edges deviate from the smooth curves of traditional bathtub designs, but the modern silhouette doesn’t affect comfort. The ergonomic design will make your bathing experience just as satisfying.


Rosalind acrylic hammered copper rock tub

freestanding tub made of hammered copper

If you’re craving a sophisticated rustic master bath, consider copper. Specifically this hammered copper tub that has a vintage-inspired shape and modern lightness of a smooth acrylic interior. This bathtub would look great in traditional or industrial bathrooms too. Each is handcrafted so saying you have a unique sculpture in your home isn’t a lie if you say you have a unique sculpture.

Signature hardware

Birthday bath

white freestanding claw foot tub

When you think of gorgeous antique claw foot tubs, this is probably the vision you have on your mind. The wonderfully named birthday bath has a classic design and a sturdy cast iron construction. The beautiful brass claw feet, which are available in different designs, point to the modern origins of the tub.

Charcoal burner

Margaux freestanding oval cast iron bathtub

oval freestanding cast iron bathtub

Do you want glamor? The glossy finish of this sleek freestanding tub could just be the definition of the word. The larger silhouette and curved design make long soaking in the tub even more luxurious.

Waterworks over Decor Pad

Sleek, black, and sculptural, this is one of the most sexy bathtubs we’ve seen. The extra deep tub can comfortably accommodate two people and is cBuilding on a material called AquaStone, which is known for its superior heat retention.