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Eco Friendly Designs

Eco Friendly Designs

Jinja textile design

Going green used to mean sacrificing style. In today’s homeware landscape, however, there are plenty of designers who create bold, fresh products that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you want to heal the world with your stylish home, check out our favorite eco-friendly designers.


Bottle top table settings made from recycled plastic

Whether you’re trying to decorate for the changing seasons or redesigning your dining area, table decorations are a great way to redecorate your kitchen table. Not only would you know it at a glance, but BottleCloth’s bright and modern table decorations are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their products are stain resistant and low maintenance just in case you spill a few drops of Merlot every now and then.

Image via BottleCloth.

Colorhouse Paint

Colorhouse paints non-toxic

An accent wall or a complete repaint is a great way to freshen up any room in the house. And if you want to skip the toxic chemicals and fumes found in most paints, check out Colorhouse Paints. The premium offering has a wide variety of colors so you can go green or choose any other color that suits your palette.

Image via Kelly’s Lucky You.


Coyuchi organic cotton

Organic cotton is a perfect example of how going green doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury. This natural and durable fiber is incredibly lush and soft. Take a look at Coyuchi to get your hands on bed linen and textiles made from sustainably grown organic cotton and see the difference for yourself.

Image via Coyuchi.

Environment wood

Environment Wood sustainably reclaimed furniture

If you decorate your home with beautiful wooden furniture, you don’t have to cut down the entire rainforest. With Environment Wood you can simply rest and be sure that your wooden furniture is made from reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested wood.

Image about natural children’s world.

O&G studio

O&G Studio American Windsor Wood

If you’re looking for traditional furniture with a bold, modern color palette, head to the O&G Studio in Rhode Island. The American Windsor-style furniture is all qualified for LEED points. Non-VOC inks are available upon request.

And if you want to see your chairs in action, our Greenwich Estate Renovation Project is the place for you.


obeetee hand-woven carpets

Obeetee has been making beautiful hand-woven rugs for over a hundred years and has recently been working to become a socially conscious and sustainable company. They were the world’s first handcrafted wool rugs company to receive the Social Accountability System certificate and continue their commitment to socially conscious production methods.

Image via Zio and Sons.

Heather pottery

Heather pottery

Heath Ceramics is known for its distinctive and colorful glazes that are wonderfully modern. The company has been producing environmentally friendly ceramics since 1948. By reusing clay waste, recycling water and using paper packaging materials instead of Styrofoam, Heath Ceramics makes all of their products with sustainability in mind.

Image via Alabama Chanin.

Jinja textiles

Jinja textiles handwoven Portugal

Jinja’s woven baskets are perfect for any room in the house that needs some organization. Their smaller baskets are great for kitchen storage, while their larger pieces can even be used as laundry baskets. Your housewares are hand woven in Portugal and are made from 100% recycled textile waste.

Image via Tom Allen.