Dining Room Chandelier

Dining Room Chandelier

Venetian glass chandelier

This is all part of our multi-layer lighting strategy. When shopping for lighting, our designers recommend “thinking beyond the dining room when purchasing a chandelier”. Use a chandelier anywhere you want to create a little drama. This can be above a bed, in a child’s room or even in a closet. Below are unusual places to hang a chandelier. And if you need help choosing a light fixture, check out our favorite lighting designers.

Pictured: Chandelier above Lonny Magazine

Bathroom chandelier

Murano chandelier bathroom decor

As if the claw-foot tub and fireplace weren’t enough, this neo-baroque chandelier from Abigail Ahern turns this bathroom into a show stopper. Image via Abigail Ahern

Living room chandelier

Beaded chandelier living room

Cabinet chandelier

Chandelier accessible in the white closet

Outdoor chandelier

Chandelier outdoor dining area wicker chairs

Children’s room chandelier

Chandelier girls bedroom ideas

Bedroom chandelier

Murano chandelier black and white bedroom

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