Tuesday , 13 September 2022
Decorative Objects

Decorative Objects

Mix and match decorative objects

Decorative objects are one of the best ways to show your personal style. Whether you want to show off your love of the outdoors, your fantasy art collection, or your all-round design sensibility, decorative objects are a great way to complete a home’s interior. And since furniture stores have a liberal return policy on decorative items, don’t be afraid to experiment. Pick some unlikely combinations and see what sticks. Our skilled designers have these tips for choosing the perfect decorative objects.

Go for some color

color decorative objects

Decorative objects are a great way to add pops of color to an otherwise neutral design scheme. In this Central Park West penthouse, we used the client’s existing artwork as inspiration for the rest of the house’s palette. Check out the acrylic amoeba sculpture we sourced from Jonathan Adler.

Rules of three

Decorative items rules of three

When choosing decorative items, remember to group them into three groups. It creates a natural symmetry on your table and makes it easy to mix and match objects of different shapes and sizes. To give this Gramercy cooperative an elegant, modern touch, we sourced a triplet reflective glaze vase from West Elm.


decorative items trays

Our skilled designers love to use trays to connect objects together. It makes a room look cohesive and can add an extra layer of depth or color to your coffee table. In this formal space on the Upper West Side, we sourced a round lacquer tray from West Elm to add a pop of color and to compliment a triplet of round coffee tables.

Mix and match decorative objects

Mix and match decorative objects

When choosing decorative objects, do not be afraid to combine styles. In this Four Seasons luxury apartment, we selected a triplet of table objects with contrasting shapes and materials, including a ceramic chain link from The Future Perfect. Remember, when mixing and matching decorative objects, group them into three or correct them with a tablet. It will keep your table versatile without looking random.


decorative items books

Books can also be decorative objects. Whether or not you actually got the chance to read them, a well-curated selection of art books is a great way to set up a table. It gives your guests something to read when you are busy in the kitchen and shows you your individual artistic taste. We love searching for art and design books on the MoMA Online Design Store.


decorative objects geodes

One way to create a compelling table design is to contrast natural and synthetic materials. If you want to incorporate a few natural elements into your home, consider some geodes for your coffee table. They are a great way to add natural elements while maintaining a sleek, contemporary look. We got some geodes from Z Gallerie Style the coffee table in this mid-century home.