Tuesday , 10 January 2023
Decorative Lanterns

Decorative Lanterns

black metal lanterns

Once you’ve installed the essentials of patio furniture like a dining set and lounge chairs, it’s time to have fun equipment and lighting. Namely lanterns. And if you think you just need to buy a couple of citronella candles for the season and call it a day, we urge you to reconsider. Good outdoor lighting is just as important as beautiful indoor lighting. In fact, we’d argue that it’s even more important because it gives you the ability to set the mood, whether it’s festive and ready for the party entertainingor warm and intimate for a quiet night at home. Lanterns are a great way to get the look you want and they will make your room look more polished. And lanterns are those items that look beautiful (and completely different) from day to night.

Gold wire Brielle Hurricane candle holder

Gold wire hurricane lantern

If your outdoor decorating style is more glamorous than rustic, then these hand-welded geometric gold wire lanterns are for you. During the day, the metallic hue gives your patio a sophisticated sheen, and at night it adds a lovely sheen to the surroundings.

World market from 20 US dollars

Newport teak lantern

Teak lantern

The clean lines and minimal design of this teak and stainless steel lantern make it a natural choice for beach houses and vacation homes with a contemporary sensibility. Panes of glass on the sides keep the flames bright and a drain hole in the bottom corner keeps them dry.

Frontgate, starting at $ 249

Calais lantern

slim brass lantern

Inspired by centuries-old French gas lanterns used by train engineers, designer Jonathan Browning created these elegant brass versions that are sophisticated enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Try grouping different sizes together for a more visually interesting effect.

RH Modern, starting at $ 200

Hyannis lantern

Bronze rope glass lantern

These blown glass beach lanterns have a sophisticated, rustic feel with a bronze finish and rope handles. They would look right at home on a backyard picnic table or on the patio of a lake house.

Pottery Barn, starting at $ 25

Pop! Candle lantern set

Yellow orange turquoise modern lantern set

Check out this architectural set of metal framed lanterns for a distinctly different take on the traditional look. The architectural design makes them a bit higher quality than typical lanterns, but the vibrant colors make the look fun and playful enough for a modern, family-friendly decor.

Dot & Bo, $ 104

Aria solar lantern

golden metal fretwork solar lantern

The best way to prevent lantern candles from blowing out on windy days? Skip them altogether and opt for a solar lantern. This gold metal lantern has an intricate fretwork and once the solar powered light bulb is charged during the day it will cast a beautiful pattern on your outdoor table.

Joss & Main, $ 28

Bogotá metal garden lantern

Black metal garden lantern

These sleek and sophisticated garden lanterns made of black metal belong on a chic urban roof terrace or a modern terrace by the pool. As soon as night falls, candlelight should cast an interesting glow through the thin metal rods.

Carlyle Avenue, from $ 28