Tuesday , 12 September 2023
Decorate With Layer

Decorate With Layer

layered shelf design

The term “layering” is ubiquitous in fashion magazines and catalogs, from advice on how to best layer different knitwear to tips on introducing pattern and texture into your spring wardrobe. However, fashion isn’t the only place where layers can be helpful. Although it may run counter to the immediate impulses, “it’s okay to layer objects and objects,” says our designer Frances.

The next time you are redecorating a room or adding accessories, try to think of your space as a total work of art with objects that act as compositional elements. Place vertical elements such as lamps or vases in front of works of art, place works of art on stacks of books or even have the branches of a large fig-leaf fig stretched across your gallery wall. “They create depth and mystery,” continues Frances, “and the results may surprise you!”

Monochrome object styling

white art objects

A collection of layered objects adds depth to a monochrome room. Photo by Romain Ricard. About Coco & Kelley and Elle Decoration.

Brass and marble objects

Marble and brass decor side table

Antique dresser styling

antique wood end table artwork

Gold and brass accessories

Gold and brass accessories

Easy styling of the work area

Minimal desk accessories

Coat styling

Art styling classic mantelpiece

Bedside table styling

white bedside table with floral graphics

Layered decor

layered objects on the shelf

Stacked accessories

blue wall framed art

Versatile decor

large format works of art ephemera

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