Saturday , 12 November 2022

Color Combinations

If you don’t have a preference for a completely tonal decor, different color combinations allow you to get the best of both or three worlds while completely transforming a room with ease. If you ask an interior designer, including our own at D├ęcor Aid, he is sure to stand by the energizing effect of well-assessed color combinations for any room.

As you know, color can instantly affect your mood and feeling in a room, so getting certain color combinations right instantly pays off. But what if you take a chance and want to go for a dramatically darker pairing? Or what if you’re looking for room lighting and defining color schemes but don’t have enough inspirational pointers?

To help you find the right interior color combinations for every room in your home, we look for endless color combinations that feel fresh and timeless for a long life.

Black and white

Black and white interior design color combinations

Sure, black and white color combinations sound like nothing new with classic color combinations. But the key to keeping it modern here lies in your approach.

When it comes to black wall paint ideas, our customers often think of white walls with black trimmings, but sometimes it pays to do the unexpected. Instead of going down this stylish but predictable route, go for the opposite effect and paint your walls a rich matte black that is easier to keep clean. However, if you don’t want to repaint walls at the moment, you can use the color combination as a starting point for decorating a room.

A mixture of neutrals

Shades of neutral color combinations for the interior

When it comes to permanent color combinations for interior design, you can’t go wrong with luscious vintage-inspired neutrals. Mix a selection of browns, beiges and whites for a pleasant eye and a relaxing feeling.

That said, make sure the area is livened up with a range of colorful accessories, works of art, and high-gloss elements like gold-plated frames and mirrors.

Black, blue and white

Black-blue-white interior design color combinations

One of the gender-neutral color combinations, black, blue and white combined, gives a room a sense of depth and strength and works well with almost any type of accent color.

Just be sure to choose a blue hue with a punchy hue to make the room feel really lively.

Turquoise and pink

Color combinations for turquoise and pink

Since it’s a more subtle and bland decoration, a muted turquoise goes well with just about any color, from white to indulgent black. But it looks even more workable when paired with a soothing pastel shade for candy – just one of them.

To keep the mood in a calming room, pair up a watery shade of turquoise with a soft, ethereal pink so the two don’t compete with each other.

Green and gold

Color combinations for interior design in green and gold

One of the more classic color combinations that we’ve been starting to notice lately is the timeless appeal of green and gold that you can’t go wrong with. That said, the pairing feels modern, using only matte gold finishes for a more relaxed approach.

Chartreuse and gray

Color combinations for chatreuse and gray interior design

Everyone knows that gray, one of the deepest neutrals of all, goes well with almost any color. But for a unique take on gray color combinations for your home, a regal, vintage-inspired combination of chartreuse and gray will add to the elegance factor.

And since you don’t see Chartreuse in many households, this color combination gives you a unique yet timeless appeal.

A bold blue and white

Color combinations for the interior in blue and white

When people think of blue and black color combinations, they often immediately think of navy and optic white. Instead of this more traditional route, go for a bolder and more saturated blue to really highlight this white pairing.

In this way, a room instantly becomes bigger, brighter, more unique and mood-enhancing.

black and red

Color combinations for interior design in black and red

Perhaps the most capricious and risky of all of our top color combinations to consider, it cannot be denied that the instantly painted red painted walls combined with high gloss black trimmings add to any space.

And while it’s an important color combination, our interior designers recommend using it in smaller spaces to avoid a brooding, stubborn feeling. That said, it’s the perfect color combination if you want to upgrade a powder room with a sense of everyday elegance or an entrance for all the glamor it needs.

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