Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling design ideas 2019

Referred to as the fifth wall, your ceiling may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to modernizing your home for added luxury, but ceiling design ideas can make a huge difference when it comes to making each home feel uniquely nice . From classic vaulted ceilings to modern minimally glazed ceilings with minimal tape, there is a style that will suit any home.

And as with any home update, it just takes a little research and intuition. To inspire you, Décor Aid renovation experts and interior designers have teamed up to explore 2019 top ceiling design ideas for you.

Herringbone ceiling

Design ideas for herringbone ceilings

How about an intricate wood-paneled herringbone ceiling for something other than your usual painted ceiling? Ceiling design ideas are often plain and neglected, but a striking wood design will make a huge difference in your space.

It will add elegant focal point to a room without being intrusive, and it will make a wonderfully cozy addition to ceiling ideas for your living room, den, and bedroom. A herringbone ceiling also adds value to your home as it is an expensive option.

Vaulted ceiling made of wooden beams

Design ideas for vaulted ceilings

A vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams gives any home a grand and traditional feel with ease. If you have the space for it in your home (or if you are lucky enough to be building a new home from scratch), ceiling design ideas like these are an incredible way to add meaningful character to your home.

To keep it from feeling too imposing, make sure there is plenty of natural light and that you have painted the walls and ceiling between the beams a light and light color. Your home will have a ecclesiastical feel to it, which certainly makes this one of the more dramatic ceiling design ideas in 2019.

Exposed brick

Design ideas for brick ceilings

Who doesn’t like the look and feel of exposed bricks in a room? Regardless of whether you leave them natural or cover them with fresh white paint, the design ideas for exposed brick ceilings are sure to immediately give a pleasant feeling of warmth and texture.

The key here is to make sure your exposed brick ceiling is coated so there is no residue falling off the top.

Brightly painted

bright color ceiling design ideas

Liven up a room with an unexpected lick of fresh paint that is a unique and meaningful color for added visual interest. From strong electro blues to saccharine pink, the sky is the limit here.

The other good thing about color when designing ceilings is how affordable and easy it is to find a solution. Just make sure you go for a color that isn’t too stimulating to keep the look easy on the eye.


Design ideas for paneled ceilings

If you’re looking for groundbreaking ceiling design ideas, there’s nothing like a dramatically paneled ceiling, especially when it’s curved. Adding panels to the top makes a room feel more luxurious and comfortable in one fell swoop.

To get the right look you need to bring in the best local mill worker so this will last over the years as symmetry and seamless quality construction are paramount here.


Shiplap blanket design ideas

Pre-cut shiplap panels are much cheaper than custom ceiling tile design ideas and are great for hiding uneven surfaces. They are relatively easy to install and inexpensive to boot.

Plus, Shiplap goes well with several popular design styles including modern farmhouse, rustic decor, and coastal decor.


Ideas for designing glossy ceilings

Just like a mirror, high-gloss ceiling paint gives a room a feeling of everyday glamor and makes it appear brighter, larger and more luxurious. That said, if there are any imperfections or blemishes on your ceiling, a shiny coat will add to them that will end up driving everyone crazy.

So make sure your ceiling is in great condition before updating it with a glossy coat of paint.

Striking contrast

Contrast ceiling design ideas

Channel the pragmatic spirit of 1940s interior design by painting moldings and shapes in a contrasting hue, like a dramatic gloss black for added effect. The best part? Ceiling design ideas such as contrast cladding are easy and inexpensive to implement and do not require much time or effort.

Paneled wood

Design ideas for wood-paneled ceilings

For a modern, mid-century-inspired feel, consider covering your ceiling with natural wood to absorb sound and give a room a sleek look.

Art deco

Art deco ceiling design ideas

Add a dramatic flair to your ceiling design ideas by basing yourself on the heady and endlessly elegant Art Deco era and achieving a rich and decadent look. This can be done through filigree ironwork, neoclassical moldings, and vibrant prints and patterns that feature only a handful of complementary colors.

Painted mural

Design ideas for wall ceilings

If you want your home to be more than just luxurious and unique, then ceiling design ideas with a painted mural are the ultimate go. We haven’t seen a lot of rooms that make this look stand out, but if they do they definitely do well.

High ceilings go best with this idea, otherwise your room will feel really small and claustrophobic. From lively scenes to idyllic landscapes to a complicated world map, the possibilities with painted ceiling paintings are unlimited. Combine a painted ceiling painting with plain walls in a complementary color.

Padded blanket

dark painted ceiling design ideas

We won’t blame you if you’ve gone through life without seeing an upholstered blanket. An upholstered ceiling provides unprecedented texture in your space that no other type of ceiling design idea can match.

We recommend a simple fabric that will add subtle richness to your room without being too vividly patterned and too intrusive. We believe this design will go best with ceiling ideas for your bedroom – you can even continue this design on your walls or use the same fabric to create a headboard – your room will be pure luxury. It also helps absorb noise so you can sleep better.

Glass roof  

Design ideas for glass ceilings

Our team of architects often suggests glass ceiling panels because they are modern and stable. Glass ceilings are great for letting in lots of light and bathing your home in a wonderful glow. Ceiling design ideas like this are perfect for a well-used space where everyone can enjoy the sky above, like in your living room.

This is also one of our favorite ideas for designing ceilings in a kitchen, as the whole family can bask in the warmth of the sun and dine outdoors in the evening.

Dark colour

dark color ceiling design ideas

Turn your room decoration upside down (literally) and choose a dark color on the ceiling and a light and light color for the walls. This is a simple update, but it is effectively dramatic and will have a huge impact on your room. It’s one of our favorite ceiling design ideas in 2019 because it’s within everyone’s reach.

All it takes is a simple paint job (no fancy textured ceilings here) and you can create a stunning space that feels unique to your home without having to spend a small fortune.

Barrel vaulted ceiling

Design ideas for barrel vault ceilings

A barrel vaulted ceiling creates smooth curves in a room and leaves an arch-shaped effect reminiscent of a church or even a subway tunnel. A barrel vaulted ceiling would look well tiled to really take advantage of the subway inspiration.

Paint your ceiling white to add height and open up your large space, or panel it in wood for something cozier. Whichever way you choose to implement your barrel vault ceiling design ideas, it will look nothing less than fabulous.

Faux rafters and beams

Design ideas for wood beam ceilings

Exposed rafters and joists add a lot of character to a room, but not every ceiling has exposed rafters or joists. Fortunately, you can add artificial rafters or beams to your ceiling design ideas without too much trouble.

This looks great in rooms with both high and low ceilings, adding size or coziness. Rafters would look wonderful in a converted loft space where you can play with different angles and dimensions, and they would look amazing in a room with flat ceilings for visual interest (one of our bedroom top ceiling design ideas to make it feel comfortable extra cozy). And they go well with all design styles too, especially if you are inspired by rustic decor.

Decorative geometry

geometric ceiling design ideas

Geometry is still going strong when it comes to interior design trends. So why not incorporate it into your ceiling design ideas for 2019? Combined with a simply designed room, it will add depth and interest to your space without being too loud and obvious.

The geometric shaping looks wonderful in any wood color, from deep and dark tones to something lighter and lighter. This is more suitable for a house with higher ceilings, as adding such a design to a room with lower ceilings will complete the house.

Tiled ceiling

Design ideas for tile ceilings

A tiled ceiling is not often used in home decor, but tiles are perfect ideas for ceiling design in the kitchen and bathroom. A tiled ceiling gives a room another dimension. The reflective properties of glossy tiles reflect light in a way that no paint can.

A tiled ceiling makes a completely different statement than light or strong colors and at the same time helps to make the room soundproof. Our interior designers recommend a neutral shade for a tiled ceiling as it will blend in well with the rest of your space and the focus will be on the tiles rather than the color. And for a bathroom, you can even use the same bathroom tiles for all surfaces for a comfortable feeling of continuity.

All white vaulted ceiling

Design ideas for vaulted white ceilings

If you’re looking to add height to a room in your home, a vaulted ceiling is sure to do the job while adding to the resale value of your home. Ceiling design ideas like this add physical height to your space, and painting your ceiling bright white (rather than exposing natural beams) will only add to that grandeur.

There is no better color to open up a room and make it feel spacious than white, and your ceiling is no exception to the rule. Sometimes classic designs are the best, and it certainly works for ceiling design ideas in 2019.


Design ideas for white vaulted ceilings

There is a lot to be said about the inspiring beauty of a skylight installation. Whether you want to change the look of your ceiling, add a focal point, or let in natural light, skylights are a great option. There are tons of different skylight designs you can use to let light into your home, from flat skylights to domed or domed versions. Each gives you a different look and feel.

Skylights can become a defining feature when it comes to ceiling design ideas as they are much more dramatic than a simple window.  Skylights are also great for livening up a dining room or hallway, or you can make them part of your living room ceiling design ideas.  

Striped blanket

Design ideas for striped ceilings

A striped ceiling offers something more unique and unexpected than a standard ceiling design and works with any ceiling height. Go for light and neutral stripes to open up your space, or go for something bolder with darker colors to add intriguing drama to a room while making it look bigger.

Regardless of how you bring in stripes to get the most out of your ceiling design ideas, your ceiling is sure to look one of a kind.


Design ideas for mirror ceilings

Gone are the days of mirrored ceilings reminiscent of a shabby roadside motel. Instead, just like wall mirrors, a chic mirrored ceiling makes any room appear larger, brighter and feel brighter than it is, and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to install.

Use them to your advantage in public areas such as a dining room, family room, or entryway to develop a sense of everyday glamor that will prove irresistible. Plus, they go well with just about any design style, from the traditional to the minimal.

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