Budget Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas

Use what you already have

intelligent ways to reuse furniture

Just because you bought a chair that was meant for a room doesn’t mean he’ll have to spend his entire life in that room with you. Go from room to room and explore new options for chairs, accent tables, decorative items, and even tables and accessories. With a simple step, the room and object can feel new again. And you might be pleasantly surprised at how well the new internship went.

Update furniture

how to change furniture upholstery cheaply

Of all of the budget interior decorating tips on our list, this may be the greatest boon, but it may be worth it in the long run.

If you’ve been smart enough to have already invested in well-made, timeless furniture, a fresh coat of paint with professionally applied paint, paint, or a new upholstery update will add years to those investment pieces and completely revitalize your home with a second life.

Mark collectibles

modern bookshelf decoration ideas

As with any budget-friendly DIY home upgrade, walk through your home evaluating what’s left of value, what’s interesting, and what feels contemporary, and think about how you can use these extras to improve the aesthetics of your home . Move things around, experiment, and have fun mixing.

When you move around what is easily hidden and often forgotten, you are guaranteed to have guests inquiring where you got this new sculpture or decorative figure from. And when you run out of space on the table, floating shelves are a great and inexpensive way to display your memorabilia and collectibles.

Switch off lampshades + accessories

how to redesign living room interior design

Because mostly your lampshade should never be as old as the base itself, as it is the first to show signs of age. Since it can be easily replaced, you should use it and replace it at least every 3 years. 5 years.

We love the way the room shown above pops with simple, easy-to-find shades of black for a stable sense of elegance.

Add mirror

how to decorate with mirrors cheaply

We have said it before and we will say it again. Mirrors are the most universally appealing decorative item that you can buy to add magic to any room when you are thinking of budget-friendly decorating ideas. For starters, they come in every shape and size imaginable, are an add-on that you never really need, and they help you take full advantage of natural light as they can make a room appear more expansive.

We’ve seen our interior designers keep surprising us with clever ways to put at least a couple of mirrors in each room during a project, from leaning an oversized antique flea market find on the floor against a blank wall to simply hanging mirrors horizontally across Doors and windows to fool the eye that the ceiling is higher – magic as we said.

DIY artwork

how to add cheap art budget friendly decoration ideas

When the time comes, it pays to have valuable posters and prints of all kinds saved as they are an inexpensive art alternative for enhancing and connecting rooms. Note that the space above has a dramatic (and easy to copy) gallery wall that completes the space with a meaningful installation.

Go down a similar path with a similar plan to use framed works to give a room a placement that will serve to kick off the conversation starters of the parts and think boldly and unexpectedly.

Add new cabinet and drawer hardware

easy ways to update furniture

When it comes to budget-friendly interior design ideas that are easy to tackle, replacing hardware on items like chests of drawers, as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, is an incredibly inexpensive way to give older furniture a new life.

Easy to score, easy to install, no need to worry about choosing new equipment and hardware as they are relatively inexpensive to obtain. Since there are a variety of style options, you can easily swap them out when the time calls.