Monday , 26 February 2024
Brooklyn Furniture Artisans

Brooklyn Furniture Artisans

Sculptural wall lamp

Across the bridge is a gold mine of raw (or rather living) furniture that creates talent. Since the dawn of brewing (at the start of Bklyn Designs’ annual exhibition), design-focused stores like The Future Perfect and STEWART / STAND® have opened to showcase the abundance of homewares from local artisans. In the last few years, the talk about design has moved more and more outside of Manhattan to see Brooklyn as a real breeding ground for doers. Check out a roundup of 14 manufacturers our designers love to work with and need to know about.

Uhuru Tree Trunk Table

black wooden trunk stool

Uhuru uses a blend of recycled and purpose-built woods and metals (with sustainability as the brand’s core message) to create unique pieces such as laser-cut, powder-coated steel chaise longues and the hand-charred Hono stool using an ancient Japanese torch technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

Lindsay Adelman Bubble Chandelier

hand-blown glass ball chandelier

In close collaboration with the glass artist Michiko Sakano and local metal engineers, Adelman creates airy and structurally solid pieces of light, namely the Branching Bubble, the first breakthrough piece in her studio.

Workstead chandelier

minimalist living room design with black chandelier

Workstead’s offerings include leather armchairs, minimalist Mouille-inspired lighting and metal chain jewelry. The real magic, however, lies in the public spaces they design in big cities and in the installation for big brands.

Asher Israelow brass and wooden tables

inlaid round wooden table made of brass

Inlaid brass, local materials, and a self-proclaimed “whiff of the imagination” are the tell-tale pieces of the Brooklyn-based Israelov.

Device wall lamp

sculptural wall lamp made of metal and hair

Stylized sculptural lighting fits in with a high fashion editorial. The implementation of modern concepts from luxurious materials and a preference for collaboration make the studio ripe for future success.

Roll and Hill Excel chandelier

round drum chandelier

With a roster from Paul Loebach, Lindsey Adelman, and Rich Brilliant Willing, this on-demand production studio has a deep hand in the Brooklyn lighting scene. In the picture the Excel chandelier for Rich Brilliant Willing.

Sentient furniture

Live Edge dining table gold base

With its robust Live Edge collection, Sentient fears not to incorporate unexpected materials into the design. Just check out their long wool sofa that combines long Icelandic lambswool and reclaimed oak.

Sentient secretary

Light oak secretary

Clear lines and light oak characterize this manufacturer. A strong Asian influence is also extremely evident.

Token table

cleanly lined sheet metal table

TOKEN uses standard materials like pressed sheet metal and steel to create Art Deco inspired, handcrafted pieces.

Samko furniture

Dining table Eisenbock base

With an eye for the unusual and a boarding house for the surreal, Palo Samko’s line offers carved clocks, dining tables with hidden compartments, as well as expert carpentry technology and leather-covered seating.

Egg Collective Console

modern console in black and marble

Sharp yet feminine design with brightly polished brass stamps make Egg Collective something special. Each piece is simple with graphic details which, depending on the location, ensure contemporary furniture of heirloom quality.

Become a UK LED Chandelier

LED tube and brass chandelier

Bec Britain is a charming take on industrial lighting and makes modular chandeliers out of LED tubes and brushed brass. Their products, which incorporate hand-blown glass, mirrors and marble to create visual delight and balance, continue to surprise.

Aaron Poritz wooden coffee table

Book storage wood coffee table

Aaron Poritz’s passion for furniture making is rooted in hurricane-felled forests and Nicaraguan plantation trees and creates transparency in his geometrically driven pieces.

Jason Miller Furniture Designs

blue accent wall red dining room chairs

Jason Miller, perhaps the most wooded of the crew, was able to set up Snow White’s cabin hideaway with ease. If the fact that his mirrors are already heavily reflecting wooden scenes and he has a line of illumination called Antlers (based on the antler shape) isn’t enough to prove it, this is: once when asked for someone else (to Frankfurt ) to look for art exhibition), he chose a gnome.