Blank Wall Designing Tips

Blank Wall Designing Tips

formal room of the radiant townhouse

A large, blank wall is the perfect place to showcase your design sensitivity and personal interests. So don’t let an empty wall go unadorned. Our senior designers have these suggestions for decorating a blank wall.

Living plant wall

blank wall living plant wall

When you have a blank wall at home, it’s showing a side of your personality that can’t be seen anywhere else. And if you want to show your love for mother nature then consider a living plant wall. A vertical wall of plants requires less water than a normal houseplant and takes up less floor space. Check out the living plant wall we hung in the foyer of this penthouse overlooking Central Park West.


blank wall art

If you are decorating a large blank wall, consider adding to your art collection. “Art goes on the walls” isn’t the most revolutionary piece of advice for design, but think about how to display your excavation. A collection of four prints by the same artist hangs in the mud room of this Westchester family home for bold access to this dynamic home.


blank wall wallpaper

When looking for ways to embellish a blank wall, consider wallpaper. We especially like geometric patterns as they have a textured look without being overwhelming. In the foyer of this Upper East Side apartment, we lined the walls with gold wallpaper to create a great entrance to this luxurious home.

mirror Mirror on the wall

empty wall mirror

If you are decorating a wall in a confined space, we strongly recommend a mirror. This makes your room look more expansive and you can equip your empty wall with accessories. We have procured an opulent full-length mirror to match the Art Deco lights in this townhouse on the Upper East Side.

Turn a blank wall into open storage

empty wall open storage

If you’re looking for more places to display your decorative merchandise, consider turning your blank wall into open storage. Books, decorative items, firewood and knickknacks fit perfectly on these black shelves. Just make sure your shelves are neatly organized so your open storage shelves look curated rather than random.

Accent walls

blank wall paint

If you’re looking for a way to spice up a blank wall, consider a new color. You don’t even have to paint the whole wall. When Signpost asked us to redesign their office space, we gave each of their meeting rooms a bright, bold color. Not only has this upgraded their office space, but it also helped them designate each room for different types of meetings.

Decorative objects

blank wall decoration items

And if you have an awkward wall area to decorate, consider decorative objects. This is exactly the challenge we faced in this Hamptons home office. To reference the beachfront locale of this home office, we picked a collection of rustic wooden oars and hung them up as wall art.