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Black And White Stripes Decor

Black And White Stripes Decor

Black and white striped stair runner

Black and white stripes are a classic, timeless look that has been used from carpets to window awnings to (um) old prison uniforms. But even though this combination has been around since the very beginning of design, it somehow always looks fresh and modern. Perhaps that’s because designers keep reinventing the look and presenting it in unexpected places. You may be used to seeing striped walls, but what about a striped ceiling?

If you are not so sure about stripes, just wait until you check out these mind-boggling ways to decorate with this pattern. These looks are not for the faint of heart, but whether you’re ready to make a strong statement or just starting to test your limits, you need to smile and get inspired by these bold looks.

Black and white striped shower tile

black and white striped shower tile

The thinner the stripes, the bigger the message. Hence, it is a good idea to confine busier patterns to a smaller space like this shower. The glass doors show the pattern, and by keeping the walls white the striped tiles pop even more. And if you extend the strips to the ceiling, it will emphasize the height of the walls.

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Black and white striped stairs

black and white striped stairs

A vivid pattern of thin and wide strips creates an almost optical illusion on these stairs, and it becomes even more noticeable where the two directions of the strips meet diagonally in the stairwell. The black and white works of art hanging on the walls have more free-form forms that prevent the space from appearing too strict.

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Black and white striped blanket

black and white striped dining room ceiling

Minimalistic or maximalistic, stripes work in any room. And in this eclectic dining room it is sometimes just right to do everything with patterns and designs. In a room full of visual interest, one’s gaze is drawn to the ceiling, which has wide black and white stripes. But the room’s other strong design elements, like the dramatic gold chandelier and graphic wallpaper, balance the look without competing with one another.

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Black and white striped backsplash

black and white striped kitchen tile backsplash

White subway tile has been a standby for kitchen design lately. However, if you’re torn between wanting to keep things simple and dreading a dull kitchen, this tiered striped pattern might be for you. Wood accents add warmth to the room, and yellow accents – including modern stools – add a touch of color to the room.

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Black & White Striped Powder Room

black and white striped walls powder room

Bold striped wallpaper, especially in a small space like a powder room, might not be a unique idea, but changing the direction of the strips and covering the ceiling is a crucial game changer. The whimsical mirror and the drum pendant light make the room look even more fantastic.

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Black and white striped planters

black white striped planter trees

A row of striped flower pots is cute, but a path lined with trees on each side in oversized black and white striped planters? That’s the next level. This isn’t exactly a look most people could pull off in their courtyards, but for the right space, it’s magical.

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Black and white striped pool

black and white striped tile pool

For the ultimate stripe lover, we offer you this incredible black and white tile pool. Stripes might not be an incredibly novel look in pools (and they serve a function – just ask anyone who swims laps), but black tile is definitely outside the norm. And if you have the budget to create a pool design that no one else has, why not?

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