Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Le Creuset's best Valentine's Day gifts

Reduce the fear of gifts this February with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas to cheer up your loved ones daily life with a range of unexpected finds sourced from the interior designers at Décor Aid – to make it even easier for you.

From an adorable heart-shaped Dutch oven to an anti-aging, anti-sleep wrinkle and anti-bed pillowcase made from silk satin, there is sure to be a find on this list that inspires everyday life and brings a sense of joy.

A Meyer lemon tree by Williams Sonoma

Lemon Tree Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Although more demanding to care for than other potted plants, a lemon tree is a festive, affordable, and memorable Valentine’s Day gift that will last much longer than your average long-stemmed rose.

That said, since a lemon tree can typically grow up to 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, it’s not that most Consider a dwarf Meyer lemon tree as a showy alternative. Just think of all the delicious fresh lemonade that needs to be made. the martini twists; and the bowls for homemade cakes. And since it blooms in spring and autumn and bears fruit in winter, its fresh scent will please all year round. When diamonds are forever, a healthy and gorgeous lemon tree is forever and a day.

Loewe Throw Blanket

Loewe best blankets 2019

Conveniently wrap them up in a luxurious, luscious future heirloom blanket that offers something unexpected, like this thickly woven, sturdy Loewe blanket.

Île Blanche candle by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton candles Valentine's Day gift ideas

Louis Vuitton’s first series of desirable candles is in a trendy, matt white porcelain vessel and is sure to delight almost everyone on your Valentine’s Day gift list.

La DoubleJ Housewives Libellula Plates

la double j desert plate valentine's day gift ideas

For the hostess in your life, these vintage-inspired desert plates offer maximum patterns and hand-painted gold decorations, making this set of six vibrant porcelain dessert plates a must have.

Classic monogrammed collecting compartment

monogrammed catchall Valentine's Day gift ideas

Who doesn’t like a very practical gift with a personal touch? And at just under $ 30, it doesn’t get any better than Mark and Graham’s playful striped porcelain catchall with a bold monogram.

Slipsilk Pure Silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcase Valentine's Day gift ideas

One of the most thoughtful gifts on our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Slipsilk’s pillowcase makes every morning a little easier as it features an innovative anti-aging, anti-sleep wrinkle and anti-bed head design for restful sleep every night.

Hermes playing card set

Hermes playing cards Valentine's Day gift ideas

Elevate any deck of cards with these lively Hermes playing cards that can also double as a decorative accent and make everyone jealous.

Mother & Child by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Mother and child book valentines day gift ideas

A celebration of modern 21st century motherhood through the lens of 70 famous families, photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank explores the bond between mother and child in this delightful coffee table book.

Perfect for the mothers or mothers in your life, this personal book features personalities like Carolina Herrera, Aerin Lauder, Patty Jansen and their children.

Le Crueset cast iron heart-shaped Dutch oven

Le Creuset Valentine's Day gift ideas

Leave it to Le Creuset to design a charming variant of the sturdy cooking utensils with a heart-shaped silhouette. Best of all, it can do a wide variety of tasks any other Dutch oven can, and you will enjoy pulling it out for any use.

Couples massage

Couples massage valentines day gift ideas

Treat yourself to a day together by getting a special package deal at a local spa where you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of recharging side by side.

Bath and meditation set at ABC Carpet & Home

Wiping set Valentine's Day gift ideas

Made in small quantities in Philadelphia, this organic wipe set contains cleansing soap and incense to encourage positive energy and deep reflection. The Insense Set contains sacred Palo Santo wood from the Bursera graveolens tree, which releases an aromatic, healing hypoallergenic resin while simultaneously purifying and charging the air and energy around you.

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