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Best Toronto Shopping Districts

mjork store toronto interior design stores

Toronto offers some of the best decor shopping in the country. Just ask a Décor Aid interior designer – if you know where to look. It’s true what they say, Toronto is a city of neighborhoods, and that includes those devoted to decor shopping. Each shopping district in Toronto has a different specialty. Depending on your needs, you should be in a different area for the best results.

To help you find your way, our friends at Zoocasa have compiled a list of four of the best Toronto furniture, lighting and accessories shopping areas, including the best places to go.

Castlefield Design District

Castlefield Toronto's best shopping district

In this area in the northwest of the city near Caledonia, north of Eglinton Avenue, there are many furniture, design, lighting and hardware stores with huge showrooms to cover all price ranges. In addition, there is always parking! Here is a small selection of the shops on offer:


eld best Toronto shopping district

This high-end furniture store always offers beautiful pieces with a unique feel. And it’s a great place to get inspiration.


Protect Toronto's best shopping district

This medium-sized store offers more contemporary pieces with lots of apartment and condo size furniture to choose from.

Union lighting and furniture

best toronto shopping area union lighting

All of your lighting needs are met here and you can work with dedicated specialists to answer any questions.

Bathurst and Queen

Best Toronto shopping area for furniture

Bathurst and Queen is the old textile and fashion district, and the neighborhood is still home to a cluster of furniture stores that go back to their roots. The shops here have great apartment-size pieces, often with a quirky, modern twist. You can stroll around and in and out of stores as they are all so densely packed. Here is a small selection of the shops on offer:

Urban fashion

Urban fashion best Toronto shopping district

Fun, affordable pieces showcasing Canadian designers. It is still owned by the duo Myrlene Sundberg and John Palchinski, who founded it in 1977.

Design republic

Design Republic's best Toronto shopping district

Design Republic specializes in unique, edgy designs that would look perfect in a tough loft. The company specializes in industrial looking tables and sofas in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They also have a huge collection of carpets tossed over their railings for easy viewing.

Condo-sized furniture and blinds

best toronto shopping area for apartment and apartment

They are another independent business, making small, elegant, and functional pieces that are perfect for small spaces.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village's best Toronto shopping district

This new neighborhood in Toronto popped up just a decade ago and now sells the most condominiums from anywhere in the city. The area is home to established American and Canadian furniture chains, whose flirty and contemporary design is hugely popular with the thousands of residents of the neighboring Liberty Village apartments. Here is a small selection of the shops on offer:

West Elm

affordable Toronto interior design shops

The furniture you have to assemble yourself may be a bit expensive, but still stunning and timeless. You can easily spend hours browsing and dreaming in their silk pillowcases and adorable bedroom sets.


eq3 best toronto shopping district

EQ3 is a Winnipeg based company, offering clean and simple designs that you can customize with fabric, leather, and a variety of finishes to make them your own.


Structure best Toronto shopping district

This Montreal-based chain has exploded in recent years after cleverly slashing its prices. They now offer functional furniture that is far more beautiful than anything you’ll ever find at Ikea. It’s so popular that it’s easy to discover entire downtown Toronto condos furnished exclusively by Structube.

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