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Best Mothers Day Gifts

luxurious mothers day gift guide

Since she has been with you through thick and thin, we are looking for the best gifts for Mother’s Day, according to the interior designers at Décor Aid, to inspire you and her for the coming year.

From an adorable Asprey future heirloom figure to luxurious bath towels that make her all the more glamorous every day, here are 12 of the most thoughtful and luxurious gifts your family doesn’t have on anyone else’s list.

Giusti urn

best mothers day gifts 2019 handwoven urn

‘Not only does the NYC decor shop Coming Soon have one of the best-looking Instagram accounts, everything in the shop and online is ultra-cool without being unduly expensive. A quick look at their webshop brought up this hand-formed volute krater vase that I would like to have for my home too. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Jenny K.

Michael Aram Anemone candle holder

best mothers day gifts 2019 Michael Aram candle holder

“I love the fact that these Michael Aram candlesticks are just stunning and look as great as sculptural add-ons without a candle in sight.” – Interior designer Alice O. from Décor Aid.

Cartier stationary

best mothers day gifts 2019 Cartier stationary

“My mom is proud of her old school and sophisticated, and I know she’d absolutely love sending correspondence handwritten on luxurious Cartier monogrammed stationery.” – Emma S., Décor Aid project manager.

Franca Sozzani: Chaos & Creation

best mothers day gifts 2019 Franca Sozzani fashion book

“I grew up watching international fashion glossies and Italian Vogue was always my favorite thing. And after her legendary fashion designer Franca Sozzani passed away last year, I gave my mother both a retrospective coffee table that celebrated her life’s work and the touching documentary that her son Franco Sozzani had made shortly before her death. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Michael L.

Edie Parker jewelry boxes

Best Mother's Day Gifts 2019 Edie Parker

“While I love the few Edie Parker acrylic box clutches that I could (barely) afford, I think my mom would enjoy using her oversized jewelry boxes with interesting patterns and hues every day.” – Décor Aid interior designer Sharon H.

Byredo room spray

best mother's day gifts 2019 byredo room spray

“I’ve been slowly trying to get my mother to use better candles and home fragrances, and nothing beats Byredo.” Maria A.

Louis Vuitton Damier bottle cage

best mothers day gifts 2019 louis vuitton bottle holder

“Since these are luxury Mother’s Day gifts and I know my mom doesn’t like open logos, I think this Louis Vuitton Damier printed bottle cage is something she would never have seen herself. And I love giving away the unexpected, no matter how much it costs! ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Marc D.

Asprey figures

best mothers day gifts 2019 asprey figure

“My mother was collecting animal figurines long before I was born, and I can’t imagine how delighted she would be to open one from Asprey.” – Décor Aid interior designer Rose B.

Di Martino Dolce & Gabbana Pasta & Apron Tin Box Set

best mothers day gifts 2019 pasta kit

“While it would be amazing to pamper them with one of the Smeg + Dolce & Gabbana collaborative devices that are full of life and hint at my mother’s Italian heritage, their five-digit price tags are ultimately prohibitive. Instead, this Di Martino D&G pasta and apron set should do the trick (and I can’t wait to eat it all!). – Interior designer Alyssa D. from Décor Aid.

Le Creuset Various coffee cups, set of 6

best mothers day gifts 2019 le cruset mug

“We grew up with a kitchen filled with Le Creuset cookware and I’m sure my mom would love to get her hands on her expanded range of kitchen appliances. And since she cooks a lot less these days after she retires, this cute and inexpensive set of six different mugs will bring a smile to your face every day. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Amanda B.

Hermes bath towels

best mother's day gifts 2019 Hermes bath towels

“My loved ones love all of Hermes, and I know that over the years she has resisted some of her more mundane things. That’s why I would like to treat her to a couple of plus towels from the legendary French lifestyle house. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Nina G.

Jay Strongwater Frames

best mothers day gifts 2019 Jay Strongwater Frames

“Sure, my mom has an iPhone, but today’s digital pace hasn’t wholly suppressed her obsession with framing, and I know she always wanted one of Jay Strongwater’s wonderfully intricate crystals, enamel, and gold plating.” – Décor Aid interior designer Ross H.

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