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Best Interior Design Photographers

Best Interior Design Photographers

The best lifestyle photographers from Slim Aarons

Since inspiration for decorating your home can be found everywhere, but is most often ignored in art history references, we’ve compiled a list of the best interior designers of the past century to consider when designing your space that will photograph well.

From Julius Shulman’s mid-century miracles to Arnold Newman’s sincere portraits, using your home as a backdrop for capturing moments in your life can be more colorful and expressive than you might have thought when studying masters of the craft .

Slim Aarons

Top photographers for home and interior design

A recent exhibition of Slim Aaron’s oversized, hyper-colored images of celebrities, jet-setters, and celebrities captured on their vacation trips and summer party houses has given us endless design inspiration.

There is not only a feeling of joy in each of his photos, but the lush surroundings of each indoor and outdoor area embodied his summary of his work as “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places”. with a superior ability to bring architectural photography to life in bold technicolor tones.

Image via 1st Dibs

Cecil Beaton

Interior style photography by Cecil Beaton

Beaton’s privileged upbringing and serious talent as an English photographer, diary writer, painter, interior designer and Oscar winner also made him a darling of aristocratic society, in which Beaton, unlike Aaron, brought predominantly notable personalities into their old family estates.

Known for his rich fashion photographs and portraits of intimate society, his most famous and enduring images illustrate the way old money once lived. Amid gilded halls and sheer opulence, it was one of the first times in history for the ultra-rich to publicly display their flashy consumption as they blended into the mix – cementing his position as one of the finest interior designers in search of the old – Inspiration for school or for adding vintage decadence to your home.

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Tim Walker

Tim Walker interior design fashion photography

Although Tim Walker is primarily an accomplished fashion and still life photographer, his haunting but decadent editorial contributions often use sumptuous, dreamy interiors as a backdrop that goes beyond the glossy pages in search of inspiration.

As a one-time assistant to the legendary photographer Richard Avedon, Walker channels the photographer’s maximalist approach with romantic interiors that give his images a childlike feel with a serious portion of imagination and strength.

Image via Vogue Italia

Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman Truman Capote home portrait

Arnold Newman, known for his interesting portraits of celebrities, artists, and politicians, found inspiration in exaggerating the personality of subjects and their spaces together to create environmental portraits – a genre he routinely describes as perfected.

By capturing people in their spaces between elements that represented those of themselves, Newman was able to carefully highlight their life and work with engaging humor and an understanding of what made the individual a unique, unique subject.

Image via photoprenuer

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore interior design portraits

Stephen Shore was a genius at manipulating mundane, everyday scenes with an amusing, unusual, yet natural approach. He was one of the youngest photographers to add work to the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection at the age of 17.

Shore is considered a pioneer in the use of color in fine art photography and is also known for his often humorous imagery depicting neglected scenes of small town life during multiple road trips.

Image via another Mag

Thomas Struth

Inspirational interior design photos

Thomas Struth is known for his symmetrical documentation of museum and gallery owners looking through exhibitions. To this day, he is one of the best interior designers with simple, unstaged compositions that illustrate people’s relationship with their surroundings in an open and often captivating way.

By using gray or ultra-bright daylight in the early morning, he manages that both the people and the buildings they inhabit have a distinct, parallel exchange that feels unexpectedly harmonious.

Image above ISO 1200

Julius Shulman

Best interior decor and design photographer

Julius Shulman has been hailed for capturing the brilliant simplicity of the buildings created by famous architects Charles Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra. With his timeless photographs, Julius Shulman is credited with the recognition of modern Mid-Century California around the world. The brilliant simplicity of iconic structures like Los Angeles’ Case Study House # 22 was first brought to light by Shulman, who had a personal affinity for the style.

The slight attraction of his pictures forever changed people’s perception of the importance of architectural photography as a medium in itself, highlighting buildings and their surroundings as well as the lifestyle aspirations of the era – even if the residents are not seen in his pictures.

Image via Arquitecturay Empresa

Lucien Hervé

Le Corbusier architectural photography

Lucien Hervé was not only one of the best indoor photographers of his generation, he was also described as one of the unique talents for combining a human touch with an architect’s eye through his minimal compositions with an abstract inclination. Early in his career, his forward-thinking approach to bringing the strong architecture of his time to life caught the attention of pioneering architect Le Crobusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture.

Dedicated to improving the living conditions of residents in crowded urban areas around the world, Corbusier hired Hervé as one of his main photographers to highlight the architect’s masculine creations with a humanistic approach that often creates an inimitable marriage of form, function and play feel up to date to this day.

Image via Pinterest

Lead Image via 1st Dibs