Best Houston Interior Designers

Best Houston Interior Designers

best Houston interior designers

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or want a complete renovation, we seek the best Houston interior designers from Memorial to Montrose to help you redefine your home with upscale style.

From the established old world style vendors to a new generation of top Houston Interior Designers, here is our survey of the best local interior designers in the business to consider for your home.

Cathy Echols

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Long considered one of the top H.ouston The interior designer and avant-garde of home decor, Cathy Echols, creates luxurious rooms that are reminiscent of the grandeur of the old world and the spirited everyday glamor.

Your interior decorating method is simple; Start with basic elements that are beautifully designed and layered with lush details and decadent extras. So it’s not surprising that she continues to be considered one of the best interior designers in H.Ouston in the industry.

Decor aid

Top Rated Houston Interior Designers

Décor Aid has enhanced the art of interior design across the Houston metropolitan area by taking a seamless approach to projects large and small. As one of the country’s leading interior designers, Décor Aid has changed the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

Starting with a free personal consultation, your interior designer will help you define your needs and offer you their wisdom on best practices to move forward with a detailed quote and no minimum purchase. Our world-class team of experienced interior designers have been selected from among the most respected firms in the country and bring an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to every project.

Houston area customers also have full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which can be as high as 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our flat design fees.

Décor Aid’s inspiring renovations have been hailed as life-enhancing works of art by the best interior designers and featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine and others.

Laura U.

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Celebrated for her mastery of gorgeous colors and everyday elegance, Laura U creates warm and welcoming spaces full of home decor that reflect the active lifestyle of her clients.

Her skillful hand in interior design and in clean, modern rooms makes her a supporting pillar when it comes to Top H.ouston Interior designers.


The best interior designers and contractors in Houston

On the hunt for Top H.ouston Interior designers are well worth studying their portfolios and seeing how their eye for style enriches your daily life with comfortable interior design.

Sweetlake is a full service interior design firm that specializes in both commercial and residential projects of all sizes. It equips its customers’ rooms with a home decor that conveys a feeling of pop and game and at the same time remains anchored in reality – an approach that only the best interior designers in H takeOuston can provide with authority.

Paloma Contreras

best local Houston interior designers

Paloma Contreras’ portfolio wonderfully displays the love of traditional old-world everyday elegance, coupled with layers of rich, luminous design punctuated by unexpected patterns and prints and ultra-saturated hues.

With an eye for timeless pieces, classic silhouettes, and a shrewd hand in creating a distinctive, enveloping home decor, Contreras is a powerful tool Option for those looking for timeless, polished and beautifully executed Houston interior design that celebrates the past with subtle updates to reflect today’s tastes.

Ginger hairdresser

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With a mantra dedicated to the beauty of simplicity, Ginger Barbers timeless interiors convey a sense of comfort and life-enhancing joy that she finds with her masterful hand in approaching home decor with a natural, organic flow that for herself speaks.


Find the best Houston interior designers

Specialized in high-end interior design H.ouston, Meg Lonergan’s portfolio is full of interior decorating projects that are classic in style yet bold thanks to their appreciation for charming elegance with a fresh, minimal look.

Her work is also a great resource for those looking to recreate the affordable interior design H look for themselvesouston doesn’t really come close to the upscale spirit of their designs.

Dodson Interiors

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Dodson is an award-winning interior design team dedicated to precisely enhancing the home of every customer in Houston and across the Southeast. It provides an enriching interior decoration with a decadent feeling of unexpected play and whimsy.

A quick rundown of their home decor quickly shows that Dodson is the best bet if you’re looking for Houston interior designers who have mastered Hollywood Regency home decor management.

BW necklace

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As Top H.ouston Interior designers, known for creating immaculately executed, livable spaces for their discerning clientele, are an excellent resource for those looking for bespoke furniture for their newly revitalized homes.

Gin Design Group

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Top H.ouston Interior designers create luxurious, clean and uncomplicated minimal spaces to represent today’s appreciation for beautifully realized simplicity that is sure to withstand short-lived trends of all kinds.

And that is the most valuable requirement for the best interior designers in Houston, because you want a home decor that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Global Interiors Group

Top Houston Decorators

As Top H.ouston Global Interiors Group is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to experiment and are in the market for no-nonsense, practical design.

Weidner Hasou & Co.

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As an established interior design firm that has long been considered the best interior designer in Houston, Weider Hasou is a wise choice if you’re looking for a simple, everyday home decor that’s peppered with subtle design nuances that grab attention.


Specialty Houston interior designers

While looking at the interior design scene in Houston, we were pleased to see that Eklektik’s portfolio includes specialty areas such as extraordinary closets and playrooms. And as the best interior designers in Houston who think outside the box, they receive our seal of approval.

The design company

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The Design Firm is known for creating sumptuous environments with charming home decor. It appreciates the charming beauty that only the best Houston interior designers can convey with a sense of pragmatic appeal.

Pamela Hope

best Houston interior designers

Pamela Hope is a great option for the traditional take on the time-honored Houston interior design, as her portfolio represents a commitment to classic living style that the best Houston interior designers could successfully implement.